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Your thoughts on rough play/wrestling with your dog.

Discussion in 'Dog Debates' started by Poisoned, Feb 16, 2013.

  1. caseyK

    caseyK Puppy

    [​IMG]I play rough with baby Sanibell all the time.. but she knows when it comes to children cats or other small friends it is not aloud at all!!! An she knows that pretty well!! The pic is her in between the couch an Ottoman playing with her daddy

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    Last edited by a moderator: May 18, 2014
  2. 2bestbuds

    2bestbuds Puppy

    I think rough play is good but you just need to stop if it goes too far :)
  3. thejenius77

    thejenius77 Puppy

    I think that is a great idea! How did you teach her to have her bone in her mouth while playing?
  4. Buca

    Buca Little Dog

    Every single day after we work on obedience and after treats, if he's willing, I will rough house with him. Never biting, but mouthing and jumping and pushing are all common (with me) and it's only after we "work".

    Buca being 7 months and in his jumpy phase is the only problems I'm having with him. And this is just when he gets excited(a family member comes home or we are about to leave for our walk, or meeting new people).

    He has mouthed on other family members but that's usually when they try and invade our play session after a work out. He will also sometimes set his head on a knee or mouth a hand resting in you're lap, but because he wants to be petted.

    But most importantly, anyone in my house can tell him no.. And play time is over. Immediately.
  5. capri2009

    capri2009 Puppy

    I don't wrestle with them. I'd much rather play tug-o-war, or chase, or hide and seek. But I wouldn't let the dog put it's teeth on me, bite me, or nip me. To me that would be disrespect. I am a firm believer that the dog must respect its owner and obey.
  6. ForestRottie

    ForestRottie Puppy

    I usually just play rough almost wrestling tug-o-war instead. I will once in awhile try a regular wrestling about but I always have to stop once he gets too into it and loses his bite inhibition.
  7. i think rough play is perfectly fine, but if Blazzo gets to bity i just walk away from him.
  8. bsand

    bsand Good Dog

    I wrestle with my 5 month old all the time he's learned bite inhibition and just ever so lightly nibbles more mouthing than nipping
  9. danaa0824

    danaa0824 Puppy

    I think you should definitely play with your dog. Any breed. Pit bulls go for that pulling motion. They are strong but Chihuahuas inside lol. As long as you dont provoke the aggression its all fun...but a work out!!

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  10. danaa0824

    danaa0824 Puppy

    I taught my pit as a puppy easy...mouth..in spanish BOCA...she totally gets it. She doesnt grab bite ...she knows to be easy and nice...UNLESS ITS A ROBBER

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  11. durock

    durock Puppy

    I never let mine paw me or knaw on me.they get bigger&stronger i dont.
  12. In my opinion it all depends on your bond you have and if they want to play rough as well. My female before she passed wouldn't want to play rough at all. As hard as I'd try she wouldn't. Play with her toys she'll have a ball all day long or fetch. Now; I rough play with my boy to the point he'll snarl & bark making others around us if there is any start to worry that he isn't playing no more and wants to attack instead. That's how he is the moment I say enough or
    "c'est tout fini" Cajun French for (that's it or its all over) he'll sit way his tale and wait till I give him a treat or give him one of his toys to play with. I put alot of trust in him since he doesn't harm me in any way nor use his teeth when grabbing for me. Also doesn't go as rough as he does with me when others play with him kids, women, or other men hell be gentle & not rough house with them just tug-o-war with his ropes
  13. PITPAL

    PITPAL Puppy

    I would avoid if possible allowing your dog to bite, even gently any part of you. Use tug toys, spring poles, bite bags tied to tires etc... let him chew until his jaws are sor and his hearts content. And wrestling with your dog is fine as well, but never give up your dominant position. Usually that isn’t a problem but my son was curling up into a ball and Styx was over the top of him softly mouthing the back of his neck and ears. That’s exactly what u should avoid. Too many mixed signals and inconsistencies for your dog to properly learn

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