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your thoughts about your American bully

Discussion in 'American Bully' started by Amir, Jan 24, 2012.

  1. Amir

    Amir Puppy

    i would like to hear about your thoughts and experiences with your own American bully if you do not mind sharing them with me.
    sorry i am new to the breed and to this great site and hoping i could learn more about them from actual breed owners.
    for example, how long do they usually live and what are the major ailments they are prone to , do they have any protective tendencies(would they bark at a stranger on your property, would they protect your spouse or child from harm)? do you consider your American Bully a smart dog and why? would they do well in obedience? would they be a good dog to take camping or hiking on a leash of coarse ?
    i know there are breed descriptions i can refer to, but i also would like to hear your thoughts on the breed based on your own experiences.
    thank you in advance for taking the time to reply:thankUsmiley:
  2. Kamdon

    Kamdon GRCH Dog

    Oh god. I can go on and on. My last pup was awesome. So are my current 2, but I have had a lot of experiances with him.

    He was as loyal as they come. Training was a breeze and actually was in competitive obidience. He had his cgc and loved to swim. As far as being a gaurd dog, he would bark to alert that someone was there but wouldnt do shit but lick them after seeing them.

    So how do I feel about the breed? After him I got 2 more......lol

    For my speed its the perfect dog.
  3. Amir

    Amir Puppy

    Hi Kamdon and thank you for sharing, that is the kind of information that i was after when i started the thread, my puppy is 13 weeks today and so far i love his personalty, he is learning fast and seems to be very calm. i am hoping as he matures that he would at least bark if a stranger comes around his home.
    looking forward to hearing more about the breed.
    thank you.
  4. CelticKarma

    CelticKarma Good Dog

    I own 8 and each is different in personality, all are very smart, I am not sure if they would protect me or not and hope I never have to find out. I am sure a few would run and hide but Poppa and Fergus maybe, none of my dogs have health issues, I know there are some blue dogs that have skin issues with allergies and such but none of mine do. All of my Ambullies would do great at camping trips and such. They all love to swim and in the summer time we keep a few pools on the yard for them to play in, they also love mud...lol
  5. Bubblz Calhoun

    Bubblz Calhoun Good Dog

    I Love'em,.. including my BiLs bobble head Gucci
  6. Pink

    Pink GRCH Dog

    Mine have no health issues, whatsoever. They bark when anyone is on the property. Just to let whoever is here know that they are there. I don't know if they would protect me.. I can tell my male "get 'em", and he'll bark. After that, he just wants to play with whoever I make him "get", lol. They are very smart, and easily trained. They live to please. Mine love camping, going to the creek in the summer, and just romping around outdoors. They can be trusted on or off leash. All around, they are just fantastic dogs. I have two for a reason!
  7. Amir

    Amir Puppy

    thank you celticKarma, bubblz calhoun and pink for the information. my house sits on 20 acres in a safe area and although i do not depend on a dog for protection, it was nice when i had my American bulldog inside my house knowing that he would not allow a stranger in. i guess American bullies are not that way and i should have done more research on the breed before getting my new puppy, oh well i still love him just the same:)
  8. Maui

    Maui Puppy

    Got an 9 week old pup and he is so charismatic but ever so lazy ha! He is smart though because he picked up feeding time schedules and he now gives me a signal for when he has to go potty. Taking him to the vet today for a health check... The damn dog can eat though. Love Him!
  9. Hello,

    Holley is 2 years old now, and I would say one of the best dogs i've ever had, although it has been an uphill battle with trying to get her to socialize with other dogs. From what I know of the Breed and she is 100% proof they are extremely bubbly and will make any person they encounter love them in about 5-10 mins. But some of them can be very k-9 aggressive and need to be watched.

    as for home defense, I would agree with every one else, Holley will Bark to alert me but then either keep barking or run over to lick the intruder.

    I think they are extremely smart dogs and very obedient, she is not the best trained but we are working on it and she just loves to be with me so she is soaking it up.

    I have no doubt you will soon become vary attached to your pup, the best thing I could say is you live on a 20 acre lot and you will never feel alone with one of these dogs around. IMO it seems like they need your company and compassion more than any other breed. it feels like they live to be your cuddle buddy, your movie watching partner, your feet warmer in bed.. ect

    again as Kamdon said i could talk all day about this.

  10. davidfitness83

    davidfitness83 Good Dog

    I don't know if I am a minority here but my Bully is pretty dumb lol My chihuahua outsmarts him every time, maybe he is not an ass like my chi but the chi is always a step ahead and always getting what it wants before him. He is very docile and calm though, I think he reserves his energy for when necessary. He is not dog aggressive or animal aggressive within our pack but he his very curious about our yard squirrels and rabbits. I have also had him play with different known intact males in his own backyard and he is super confident and has never displayed any aggression at all.

    I will say that he is very loyal and obedient, our bond overrides his instincts and he'd rather listen to me that to follow an impulse which is rare since most dogs want to do what they want or they turn on and forget obedience but he is the total opposite. I know when his impulse turns on but I can easily turn it off and he lets me which is awesome. He is a very controlled dog and will do things for me willingly, I think he is an awesome dog and just an ambassador for dogs in general.
  11. Amir

    Amir Puppy

    a big hello and thank you all for the information about your bullies, i really appreciate and enjoy reading other people's experience with their own pets. i know dogs/puppies are all individuals and even siblings from the same litter may have different personalities and temperaments, but it helps to know the general demeanor of a certain breed from knowledgeable people. mine is a little different from what you described so far, he tends to be very independent and although i spend a lot of time with him he seems to really care less if i am around or not, for example we will be sitting in the living room watching TV and he sometimes gets up and go into another room and sits by himself, i have not had any puppy in the past that does that. i am still trying to decide if i am going to leave his ears alone or have my vet crop them, my vet is very good in that department and actually not against ear cropping, he believes that dogs with erect ears have less ear problems, any recommendations on this matter will be appreciated.
    best regards to all..
  12. phbullies

    phbullies Big Dog

    I'm a crop advocate. Purely for looks, my preference. Some dogs pull off the natural ear look, Pinks Cleo is one as well as two from my last litter PHP's Helios and Penny (both have pics in American bully picture section). One thing they all have in common is a good rose ear set. When dogs ears are prick (standing straight up) its harder to appreciate. No offense I know there are dogs on this forum with prick ears (some are cute, Bear ;) ). Like I said in the beginning my preference. Oh yeah worse than prick ears is a battle crop. I prefer short to a show crop. As long as the shorts not too short and the show is not too long. Check into the different crops maybe your vet can hook you up with a shorter show crop lol. Btw I have two bullies one male and his daughter and another daughter of his that comes and goes with my daughter. I love them. Good all around hounds! I show mine and they have always been easy to train and eager to please.
  13. Amir

    Amir Puppy

    Hi phbullies, i have two American bulldogs that stay outside and both of them have cropped ears. i was planning to leave his ears natural, but the last few days they started standing and are looking goofy so i made him an appointment on this coming Monday to get the short crop.
    thank you for your input, by the way i love the looks of your dog in your avatar.
  14. Maui

    Maui Puppy

    It might be just me but their ears just don't fit when they get older

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