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Your dogs weight

Discussion in 'American Bully' started by Pink, Feb 9, 2010.

  1. Patch O' Pits

    Patch O' Pits Good Dog

    If that is her on your avatar picture, I'd say it is time to get a new vet LOL. What was he basing that on.... her age and the fact that she is an Ambully because he certainly must not have been looking at her as an individual dog.
    You don't look at the actual weight # without taking into consideration the individual dog's height and overall proportions.
  2. IzzysDad

    IzzysDad Good Dog

    Izzy will be 8 months old this coming Thursday. Today she weighed in at 55 lbs and is 18 inches at the withers.
  3. DarkKnight

    DarkKnight Little Dog

    Ours are as follows.

    Kratos at 7 months was 67 pounds, at nearly a year...on the 28th we are looking at about 90 pounds, give or take 5 pounds. Whats really scary is I weigh 103, you should see the looks on people's faces out here when I walk him. Out here they are only used to Labs, Retrievers and the occasional English Bulldog. So to see this little thing walking this beast, people tend to cross the street. But everyone who knows my dogs welcomes them with open arms. :)

    Eris is currently 9 months and 60 pounds.

    Ski'a at 12 weeks was 24.9 pounds *vet visit* at 17 weeks shes pushing 35 pounds.
  4. Pink

    Pink GRCH Dog

    Just weighed Cleo on the home scale.... she is 54lbs at 8 months!
  5. Bradley

    Bradley Puppy

    97 lbs

    97 lbs at 1.5 yo
    25" tall
    24" head

    not over weight . still showing some rib
  6. Sagebrush

    Sagebrush Good Dog

    Vets don't know much about any breed characteristics, period. And I don't expect them to.

    Count on your vet for MEDICAL advice, not BREED advice.

  7. snakeshack

    snakeshack Little Dog

    Daisy just turned 7 months and Sunday she weighed in at 52 lbs and is 19 inches at the withers. She hasn't come into her first heat yet. Do the long bones pretty much stop growing after their first heat?
  8. jaymoody

    jaymoody Puppy

    Nico will be 10 months on July 23 but he weighs 75 lbs.
  9. I need to weigh Titan and my new boy Ace. Also need some new pics
  10. cayden514

    cayden514 Puppy

    my boy is 6 months and weighs 51 lbs
  11. Pink

    Pink GRCH Dog

    Dang, thats a big boy!
  12. chipmunk

    chipmunk Little Dog

    Drake is 7 1/2 months and 45 pounds. Doesn't look like he's going to be the 85 pound dog like his pappy :) Im glad that he didn't become huge.
  13. phbullies

    phbullies Big Dog

    Bonne was 57 lbs at vet last week. She'll be 10 months at end of the month.
  14. carl

    carl Puppy

    drago's growth chart 3mo 32# 15in , 4mo 48# 18in , 5mo 58# 22in , 6mo 71# 24in
    7mo 82# 24 1/2in , 8mo 87# 25in , 9mo 93# 25 1/2in , 10mo 98# 26in , 11mo dog in heat in yard 91# 26in , 12mo 102# 26 1/2in
    dagger dog male

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