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In the late 70's early 80's Mr Fletcher Chavis bred some dogs that any fancier would be proud to own.Much of his original stock came from that old dog CH Yellow John ROM and for years Mr Chavis campaignedwith those inbred redboy dogs that he got from RT Bass. He was considered one of the best. In the mid 70's an outstanding discovery was made. Vernon Jackson had a dog that he purchased from Don Mayfield that he called Hank. He was inbred Mayfield Lightning II blood. Hank didn't
start till he was 3 years old, but when he did; he not only turned out to be a phenomenal performer but an exceptional producer as well. He was bred to a bitch of B. Rasts called Queenie and from that litter came Ch.Jocko, Ch.Argo, Pearl(Apple) and a few other good ones. Mr Chavis ended up with Jocko and that was the beginning of the famous Redboy/Jocko line.r. Chavis campaigned with Jocko and he looked to be unbeatable due to the inherited trait of Hanks back end style. Jocko became a CH and was retired for stud. He was bred to his sister Apple(Pearl) to get two good producing bitches named Green's Sandy and Green's Coffee. These two bitches were bred into a winning hard mouthed triple bred Bass' Tramp Redboy dog named Ch.Yellowjohn (ROM).

Out of Coffee's litter came Super Gnats boots who won one in 4:52. Out of Sandy's litter came GR.CH.John Boy, S.T.P.'s CH.Toro, S.T.P.'s Ch.Tyson, Chavis Cleopatra, Chavis Deadly, and Greens Hitman. Chavis Also had a bitch named Ch.Lady Sassy Mead (4X)(half Redboy and half Lonzos breeding.) She was also bred to Ch.Jocko. Out of that litter came Chavis Dangerous Dan,Thor, Margaret and Lady Rose. Dangerous Dan was bred to a bitch named Steen's Delilah (who was out of the above Margaret when she was bred to a 2Xwinner named Bucky (Jocko X Redboy-bitch)to get Carolina Kennel's Ch.Termite (ROM). Ch.Termite when bred to a Medlin's Outlaw bitch made
Gr.Ch. Sirus. Chavis Lady Rose was bred back to Jocko to get Chavis Flipper, Chavis Susie, and a 2Xwinning bitch named Miss Jocko. Susie was bred straight to Bass Tramp Red Boy to get Chavis Red Lady.Red Lady was bred back to Flipper to get Chavis Ch.ROHO. Miss Jocko was also bred to CH.YellowJohn.Out of that breeding came S.T.P.'s CH.Sassy, Gainys GR.CH.Jr, and Tants GR CH Yellow ROM. There have been so many breedings done with Redboy-Jocko that it gets a bit confusing.
I think that the most INFLUENTIAL dog of all the redboy-jocko dogs has to be Gr.Ch.Yellow because of all the champions he produced with bitches of ALL other bloodlines and his own. Gr.Ch.Yellow alsoproduced bitches that produced as well as he did. Special mention....Gr.Ch.Yellow was bred to hislittermate sister Ch.Sassy to produce Tant's AAA who is producing males and females of the utmost performance quality.

After Gr.Ch.Yellow won his first match ,Carl Crews took an interest in him, when he talked to his partner about he said "I don't like the dog he scratches to slow "But after Carl put a bug in his ear for a while Tant gave in and EACH MAN GAVE $400.00 A PIECE!!!! So Gr.Ch.Yellow was bought for$800.00 dollars Yellow stayed in Tant's yard most of the time because Carl carried a little more attention than Tant. Yellow won his first at 14 months old which would make his D.O.B. approximately Sept.
of '83. He became a Ch. at the age of two and a Gr.Ch. at three. Yellow was placed on the ROM list in '93 with 5 ROM points. The following came from the SDJ Book of Champions, vol.2."A six time winner, many dog men thought Yellow would be easy to whip, since he only puts out enough energy to win. Whatever the other
dog had to put out, Yellow just stayed out in front. He's won in the short time of 30 minutes and the marathon time of two hours and 37 minutes. Always just enough to win."

Gr.Ch.Yellow RECORD
11/84 Sineth's Tojo M51 0:54
05/85 Kitten's Roscoe M52 0:50
09/85 Pact's Kung Fu M52 0:30
01/86 Pact's Bo M52 2:37
05/86 Groves Rufus Jr. M52 0:53
09/86 Pact's Pop M50 1:15

Gr Ch Yellow is not a shy name by all means. He has started a great strain of bulldogs down from Redboy crossed lines. He has several littermates that were as fortunate as he to prove
themselves. Gainey's JR 5x, S.T.P.'s Ch Sassy, Tant's Ch Rocko, and others. Yellow produced Ch Big John, HOE's Scooter Pie POR, Crew's Ch Outlaw, Gena Boy's Ch Magic, Burn's Stumpy 2x, and much more.

A couple of Redboy-Jocko bitches worthy of mentioning are :

Gr.Ch. Yellow was bred to a triple bred Ch.Jocko bitch named Glady's .
Out of this litter came Tant's Gladys D, Tant's Lulu , Tant's D.C. Powerhouse Kennel's Sandman, Chavis Big John,
and Havannah Boy's Gr.Ch.Rodney. Gr.Ch. Rodney was then bred to a pure Bass Tramp Red Boy bitch named Marlowe's Penny. Out of this litter came Marlowe's Grumpy
and Tant's Reddy. Tant's Reddy was bred back to Chavis Ch.ROHO from above to get Tant's Goldy. Goldy was bred back to Gr.Ch.Yellow to getSCK's Awesome Baby ROM. Awesome Baby was bred to a winning pure Bolio-Tombstone dog named S.T.P.'s Gr.Ch.Buck(7X)(ROM) to start the beginning of
another PHENOMENAL CROSS. This cross made Gr.Ch.Yellowbuck, and Ch.Piggy. Awesome Baby also siredGr.Ch.Lugar when bred to a Fargo dog. When bred to S.T.P.'s Jedi, (Gr.Ch.Buck X S.T.P.'s Ch.Sassy) she whelped SCK's Ch.Nico(4X), and Dixie(2x)(1XL2:40) Mr.Mark bred an old Loposay bitch named Red Lady to a double-bred Ch.Jocko male
named Chris Groucho. Out of this breeding came a gyp named Mark's Newland who was bred to a producing double-bred Bass Tramp Red Boy named Miller's Red man. Out of this breeding came a bitch named Collin's Red Alert. Red Alert was bred to the above S.T.P.'s Ch.Toro to get Onello's Sherman the Tank and Onello's Twisted Sister. These two dogs were then bred together to get Goodson's Little Man, Onello's Spook, and Ratliff's Daisy Mae was bred to Gr.Ch.Buck(ROM) to get Ratliff's Ch.Butkus(4XW)(1XLGame), and Undertaker Kennel's Miss Leaky(ROM). This was a phenomenal cross.. Ch.Butkus was used off the chain as a substitute dog in his loss. . He was bred to Miss Leaky(ROM) to Get
Super Kennel's Ch.357. Daisy Mae was also bred to a Scatterbred Jeep/Patrick/Zebo dog named Bobby Jack to get Ch.Thunder and Ch.Terry.


Good Dog


John from STP is one of the all time greats in my eyes. He was always professional and could take a mediocore dog and whip most veterans CH's. He just had an eye for great dogs. He would set one down to look at them and within 5 minutes know what he had. I had some great dogs out of the Ch. Nigel bred to a 1xw off his Clean Mary bitch, that was the littermate sister to the hardest biting dog I've personally ever seen, CH Bad Rosemary. Unfortunately, a guy with to much money than sense, ruined a true phenom in Rosemary. The male I had (Archie aka Flyn's Paris 2xw) off Ch. Nigel and the daughter is Clean Mary one two in extremely quick order. Neither one going over 13 minutes. I bred him to a granddaughter of Gr. Ch. Yellowbuck, Wild Eyed Crazy Mary and the first litter they produced resulted in a litter of 7. I separated them at 8 weeks because 3 of the pups had went through the other 4 and I had to bury them. Unbelievable, the quality of dogs those two produced. Crazy Mary was extremely skittish around anyone other than me. I set her down with a fairly rough female I had off Dylan and Meanie from St. Benedict's. In less than 9 minutes Crazy Mary had her right lower leg snapped and severed. Unfortunately, I had to go work for the State and was unable to keep all these I had acquired from some of the Greats.
Thanks for providing such a great place to talk about the dogs. It's a passion in me that will forever burn. Keep up the great work.