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Yarrakin's Champion CurrStopper

Discussion in 'History Pictures & Reports' started by XXX, Apr 21, 2010.

  1. XXX

    XXX Good Dog


    Home (americantimesproject)

    His first match was into Rocky's Bossman being Males at 43 1/2 pounds. CurStopper won this in 48 minutes.

    His second was into Sprayman's Atlas at 47, CurStopper is a one time winner bred down from the Max bloodline, conditioned and handled by Yarrakin Kennels, who thought the dog did fine his last time out......

    CurStopper weighed first and came in alittle over 46 pounds, looking a little bulky. Sprayman called the weight and would go no lower than 47, although Yarrakin was looking for a 46 tops. With this in mind it was surprising to see Atlas weigh in at 44 1/2. This was after a long delay between Yarrakin Kennels going to the scale and then Sprayman, he conditioned and handled Atlas and the dog was in super shape, being a black dog sired by Sankey& Hall's Champion Swamper bred to an alligator/Bullyson bitch.

    At release CurStopper explodes out of his corner and nails Atlas full in the throat. Atlas takes him out by an ear hold and there follows a few minutes of alternating holds till they both settle down; one on the ear with the other trying to get in on the front end, then change around. CurStopper starts to heat up early and as soon as 12 minutes is beginning to blow hard and slow down. Atlas meanwhile is showing some smart moves; not having too much success getting in the front due to CurStopper's evasion, but working well from the ear.

    An early call for a CurStopper turn was not allowed but another at 18mins was. Some good quick handling and both dogs have run hard scratches by 24. Curstopper has now blown up and Atlas is starting to get on top through superior fitness. Neither one looks to be putting too much serious hurt on the other but, as it goes past the half-hour, the edge appears to be going to Atlas. After a rocky 10 minute spell, toward 40 CurStopper gets his second wind and switches from strange-acting defensive tactics to a very effective offense. Aggressively working out ear holds, then switching to the chest and shoulders, he hauls back on the lead Atlas was establishing. Intelligently fighting the front end in bursts and taking a breather on the ear, CurStopper is in full control at 50 mins.

    Atlas, although not having yet breathed hard, is no longer trying for holds as CurStopper shakes his own out with increasing intensity - almost as if he senses it is the time to step up the pace. Whilst CurStopper appears to be getting stronger as the match progresses, Atlas looks to have given it up. Always in hold, CurStopper is making it hard to get a handle. Sprayman appears almost desperate to get one; perhaps because its Atlas to go next and he needs to get it done before too much damage is done. With applause from pitside as it goes past the hour, Atlas starts to sing along. At one hour and ten minutes Sprayman concedes and when put up to courtesy, Atlas stands in his corner for the full ten count, making no attempt to scratch although he's scarcely breathing hard. By startling contrast....CurStopper's courtesy is amazing as he runs a "wall of death" around the pitsides in attempt to get to Atlas as the dog is lifted out of the way of a wide open scratch.

    Winner: Yarrakin Kennels CurStopper - 1:10

    (I have the other match reports to come)
    Last edited: May 17, 2010
  2. mr.clueless

    mr.clueless Good Dog

    just to point out.....curstopper was actually bred down from reids skipper who was down from stubblefields buddy/kingfish.
    he did have wise max blood in him but not very much ;)
  3. XXX

    XXX Good Dog

    Match #3: Sprayman's Chavez (males 47lbs)

    Currstopper is handled and conditioned again by Yarrakin. This match was made following the defeat of Spayman's Atlas dog, with Sprayman holding Yarrakin to his promise of a rematch with another dog at the same weight. Sprayman came back with Chavez, another supposedly "well-bred" dog off of Hall's Swamper, but this time out of Suicide, a CH Chinaman x CH Bolero Bitch. Again, Sprayman's dog showed in first-class condition.

    Currstopper, although a little "harder" than last time out, again appeared to be heavy. Chavez weighed in just under the limit whilst Currstopper came in at exactly 46lbs. Both dogs are fast out on release and Chavez gets straight on the ear as Currstopper hits him high in the chest. Both appear to favor the head but, early on, Chavez shows that he will also work the stifle.

    It is when he is here that he causes Currstopper the most problems but Currstopper's ability get him out before too much heavy damage is done. A turn is called, and allowed, on Currstopper at 15 minutes but it is close to the hour mark before a handle can be made.

    Chavez is showing very clever, riding around Currstopper's head whilst Currstopper favors the throat when he can get in. The match goes back and forth early on but Currstopper again blows up and has a bad spell around the half hour allowing Chavez to get on top a little.

    As the hour passes the action slows, Currstopper comes on a little, and everything is even with it all to go for! It was obvious from early on that these fellas were evenly matched and were in for a long night. Coming to 1:30, Currstopper is starting to get holds more often; still looking for the throat. Chavez is still in it though, mainly working the ear and head, having seemingly forgotten the back end and the success he had there. Both taking frequent breathers but Currstopper is taking his when he's in hold.

    Both scratch again hard and sure, although Currstopper is making it difficult to handle managing to stay in hold on the bottom. Flurries from both near the 2 hour mark, with neither yet showing signs of calling it a day. Currstopper has slowly but surely been working his holds out more often as time has gone on and is beginning to noticable be top dog. Chavez is mainly on the bottom out of hold with Currstopper coming to his feet to drag him about.

    Chavez fades badly at 2:30 and; unable to get a handle, Sprayman sportively concedes as Chavez begins to go downhill. Currstopper courtesy's hard and sure whilst Chavez hesitates, looks around, the slowly but steadily comes across to cheers and applause from pit side.

    Winner: Yarrakin Kennels Champion Currstopper

    (more to come)
  4. brannigan

    brannigan Puppy

    good old dog was the curstopper

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