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Discussion in 'American Bully' started by Team Peanut, Sep 17, 2008.

  1. MR.Bonez

    MR.Bonez Little Dog

    i agree 100% and thank you for being such an open minded person!:)
    i too want a dog thats gonna surprise me by its abilities not just sit there and look cool, LOL one reason i will ALWAYS have a large space in my heart for the true APBTS they are just AMAZING in their atheletic abilities!:D

  2. Team Peanut

    Team Peanut GRCH Dog

    The dogs didnt ask to get bred and the puppies didnt ask to be born....
  3. MichelleD

    MichelleD Big Dog

    I went through the same thing with Boston. He is 75% Old English Bulldogge, and 25% Alapaha Blueblood. I tried to join a forum for Olds and the moderator kicked me off because he wasn't a pure bred. Hello, none of them are pure breds. They are all just mutts, and in a bunch more years, maybe they will be considered pure breds, but right now they are just mutts. Like the American Bullies that are just a combo of a bunch of different dogs. Pit bulls yes, APBT no.
  4. Miakoda

    Miakoda GRCH Dog

    Geez. I don't have a problem with American Bullies, although I will not refer to them as ABs because that abbreviation refers to American Bulldogs and I won't disgrace them.

    I have no problem with people coming up with a standard and sticking to it. The problem is that too many people are still out there mixing and matching and creating whatever the hell they want to in order to have the newest, rarest, and most extreme dog in the 'hood. Bully owners need to stop with the F1s and start concentrating on defining the dogs. There are more than enough F1s out there. So when is it going to happen?

    I own an OEB and there's a lot of flak about those dogs as well. But I didn't go to someone selling an oversized [English] Bulldog with genes just as bad. I went to a family outside of N.O. that has a farm and actually uses the dogs as farm dogs. They help with the bulls, guard the place, and are overall utility dogs. I didn't just opt for a 28 inch head because my own "head' was less than an inch in diameter and only 3 inches long when hard.
  5. CoolHandJean

    CoolHandJean Krypto Super Dog

    Good post, Mia.
  6. dr gonzo

    dr gonzo Puppy

    i would say that most of them are ibls ex all the gottilines are pretty much just come from gotti and yes if they keep ibling with no out crossing your going to bring up alot of genetic defects since itll bring out the ressisive traits

    now what these breeders need to do is stop worrying abou t who the dog came from if you want good bullies you need to take an apbt and cross it to what ever it is that makes it a bully and creat a few seperate lines then you can start mixing them and then eventually call them a pure bread but this takes along time

    i have a blue heeler and just recentally it became a pure bread dog my dog comes form dingo terrier shepard dalmation and i think some others now is he a mutt no

    all dogs come from foxes and wolves originally anyway so all dogs really are mix breedes the only landrace strains are fox wolf coyote

    also why are you apbt so stuck up your strait dissing another breed there all dogs and imho eliteists suck dogs are ment to be loved no matter the breed

    im getting a bully and i wont call it an apbt cuz its not but it does have some apbt in it

    why cant we just all love dogs and stop being stuck up ass holes do you all drive hybrids and sniff your farts too get over it...

    sincerly a dog lover

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