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Discussion in 'American Bully' started by Team Peanut, Sep 17, 2008.

  1. I dont understand why bully owners take issue with the fact that they're dog's are not American Pitbull terriers. i've never seen people trying to call their dogs APBT's when they are not. If they are proud of the breed than be proud to call them what they are American Bully's
  2. bullylover4ever

    bullylover4ever Big Dog

    I honestly and unfortunatly think they do this because they like the "bad ass" and "vicious dog" reputation that the TRUE APBT owners are fighting everyday, and even more unfortunate, is that the guardian breeds some breeders are mixing to get the look the want is only helping fuel bsl.
  3. honestly I dont understand why youd want that, they try to ban them they critisize you say theyll kill your dog probably say alot worse when they are not in front of you but if you look at it this way when they go to ban pitbulls they may think our APBT's arent pitbulls at all since they look nothing like these other dogs they call pits just step asde and say no those are pitbulls mine are _____ insert other name here
  4. If i wanted a gaurd dog I'd have gotten a german shepard or rottweiller a dog known for that kind of thing not a 50 lb APBT with a bark like a pomeranian
  5. MR.Bonez

    MR.Bonez Little Dog

    thats the thing, when you say there short little legs supporting huge bodies is not proportioned, these dogs bone structure are way thicker and can (i wont say all bullies b/c trust me i have seen some bred wrong that cant support themselves but i am speaking of the "clean" ones) handle their own body structure and the heads are not over sized so long the chest is not to small or too large compared to body frame, and if they stay true to the ABKC standard the back is not supposed to be longer/shorter than the height of the dog, and the muzzle is still supposed to be of meduim length. and yes even my bully jumps on a sping pole like a freak, lol and has great drive and guess what he can handle his structure. :)
  6. MR.Bonez

    MR.Bonez Little Dog

    i know of both of those kennels, and yes both have some very nice dogs, and even royal does not overprice their pups, just once again proving EVERY breeder out there of these dogs is not out to make a quick buck, but on the other hand suarez does have SOME (not all) nice dogs and his are WAYYY overpriced especially since i have heard a lot of people saying that his main stud (not gonna use names b.c i am not slandering anyone) has thrown a lot of pups with genetic faults such as sway backs and kink tails. i am pleased to see you are thinking of giving the breed a chance especailly being a APBT person first, (i am the same way, grew up on game bred dogs but i have grown a fondness for both breeds) they really are great dogs and i will tell you all a little secret, if you get a AM bully and you already own a APBT it makes it all the more fun b.c it really does bring out that work drive in the bullies when they see your other dog doing its thing. i dunno if my bully would have even picked up on the spring pole or any kinda "work" if it was not for seeing my APBT do it first, but now thanks to him, my bully is one little high drive muscle man. :D

  7. Team Peanut

    Team Peanut GRCH Dog

    there is now a forum for American Bullies on the main forum just to let everyone know :)
  8. Teal

    Teal Krypto Super Dog Premium Member

    That's the thing, though... how many breeders breed true to ANY standard? A LOT of Am Bully breeders are breeding for short, wide, thick dogs.. that is their standard.


    That dog isn't the type I am talking about.. his body looks like it can support himself and it sort of proportioned.

    But then you have dogs like this poor thing...


    or this...


    And you have to wonder WHAT standard they are breeding to!
  9. MR.Bonez

    MR.Bonez Little Dog

    trust me i know there are A LOT of breeders out there that are not sticking to the real standard of the breed, but its sad to say thats with EVERY breed out there, i have seen people breeding "labradors" that fit nothing of the desrciption, and the same with the true APBT. :(

    and yes a lot are breeding for the short wide and thick, but there is nothing wrong with it so long as they are healthy and proportioned, not like those 2 dogs you posted on the bottom. again height and length should not be more than the other and their leg gaits are not supposed to be that wide as those 2 dogs posted. Again nothing wrong with a short, thick dog like a, English bulldog (which i think are cute but overall are a Fashon statement b/c i have heard they cant even breed w/o having AI's completed and on top of that c-sections for the pups to be born, so to me thats just a human creation that wouldnt even last if we stopped making them) So IMO these Am Bullies are like the alternative to the English Bulldog, if bred correctly you dont have as many health issues and they have a better chance of "survival" w/o human intervention and they can go for long walks (again if bred right) and play in the park w/o falling over, but i dont agree they should share the same price range as a Eng Bulldog either, no point if you dont have to pay for the AI or c-section.
  10. MR.Bonez

    MR.Bonez Little Dog

    also if you want to check out the TRUE standard to the breed, go to the breeds official registry website, the ABKC

  11. I say if a dog is panting constantly just from standing up that is an unhealty dog not neccessarily because of breeding but possibly from lack of excersize..My APBT Riley can fetch for 45 minutes hauling ass and not be panting or a 2 mile jog and not pant so i dont know for sure if bullies are bred unhealty or alot of them are just not properly excersized it irratates me that they are called APBT's but some of them are good looking dogs anyway but 90% I've seen are panting just standing there so it makes me question their overall health
  12. megschristina

    megschristina Moderator

    I want some pics of smaller bullys, less bulky. They can be pretty but those that Teal posted, I don't like any of them.
  13. MR.Bonez

    MR.Bonez Little Dog

    I own both a APBT and a AM bully, and i have also attended a lot of ABKC shows, not every bully out there has a problem breathing and cant go for long walks. My bully can keep right up with my APBT, but that may be b/c he had my APBT to watch as he was growing up, so it could have motivated him to do things that my APBT does. My bully is even a great spring pole dog and even enjoys pulling weight, although he may not ever have the endurance as my APBT i wouldnt say he is lacking to much of it, he is a very well toned, fit, helathy dog. I have always told people who want to own a bully, that they should own a APBT as well, it really brings out the drive and "want to" in the bully.

    I would agree that a lot of the people that own bullies may not excersize them as much b/c unlike APBT's they dont need as much, everyone here knows if you own a true APBT you better be a active person b/c if you dont excersize that dog he is gonna go nuts and tear things up, but with a bully, they will be a couch potatoe in a minute if you let them, b/c they love it! Although once you get them outside, get them motivated, they also enjoy regular exercize, and can become nice toned dogs as well.

    I do think thats not the case for all bullies though and its sad to admit it but yeah there are some breeders out there that have bred these dogs with too short of muzzles, too much body mass for the size and those are the ones that are unhealthy and cant handle the heat or the exercize and IMO those kind dont need to be bred. i have heard of way to many of those dying this year at and around shows just from the heat. :(
  14. MR.Bonez

    MR.Bonez Little Dog

    posted these few in earlier posts in this thread, they IMO look to better represent the TRUE ABKC standard of the Am Bully.

  15. megschristina

    megschristina Moderator

    I agree- those dogs are MUCH better! :)
  16. MR.Bonez

    MR.Bonez Little Dog

    again i will try to find some more, but you say less bullky? that is part of their standard, they are supposed to have a lot of muscle tone and have the more bulky appereance when compared to the APBT, hence the reason they are a seperate breed and why people want to make sure that everyone knows the difference. i will try to find some pics of some AKBC CH for you which that last female is but i will try to find more.
  17. megschristina

    megschristina Moderator

    I like the last female. That is what I meant by less bulky lol. I know they are supposed to be bulky, but I still feel that they should look like a dog.
  18. MR.Bonez

    MR.Bonez Little Dog

    LOL i know what you mean, the ones that have been badly bred look like some sort of freak creation. here are a few more i found that are on the "pocket" size of the bullies which the ABKC has another standard for these guys and they are a little bit less bulky. :) the first male is also a ABKC CH
    this last female i doubt can fit into pocket size but i just thought her structure and coloring were beautiful. :)

  19. Teal

    Teal Krypto Super Dog Premium Member

    I also agree... those dogs look much better.

    And I definitely agree that every breed has breeders not breeding to standard... that's why I didn't say "Am bully breeders" in my post - I just said breeders.

    I have been all over the American Bully registry site... researching breeds is what I do in my past time, especially breeds I don't think I like - because you can't really decide if you like something or not unless you know about it.

    It's not that I don't like Am bullys.. it's that I don't like extreme, grotesque dogs like I posted and I don't like people breeding for even stronger mutations. If you want to breed a bulky, bully compact, athletic little dog - have at it! And I will probably like it!

    Bottom line, for me - I like a dog that can DO things, other than stand there and look like someone's definition of cool.
  20. Tattooz

    Tattooz Little Dog

    Lets remember hate the breeder not the dog......
    There are "NO" bad dogs just bad people behind them..!!!

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