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Wow ots been a while!


Little Dog
It's been a minute since I've posted in here. Lemmy is 8 now, I can't believe it! He is starting to get a few white hairs under his chin and it makes me kinda sad. He has turned into an amazing dog. Goofy, friendly, energetic amd very smart. He is great with kids, he loves our 6 year old neice and whenever we are at the beach with her, he always has to be standing right next to ger in the water making sure she is ok. He makes me laugh every single day.

In other news, we unfortunately lost our lab mix Molly last month. She was 14 and had been steadily declining. Having a hard time standing up on her own, was mostly deaf, had cataracts, and was starting to act confused esp at night. Finally she stopped being able to hold down water and we suspect she had an obstruction. We know she didn't get into anything since we've both been home watching her since the pandemic. Vet suspected lymphoma. Her quality of life was so poor we elected to euthanize her. It was so sad but thankfully they did allow at least 1 person to be with her. She was my heart and soul and I still get a little teared up even now. Lemmy was EXTREMELY attached to her and has been acting a little sullen ever since. Hes lost a little pep in his step. I am taking him to be checked by the vet to make sure there is no medical cause but I suspect he is mourning. The house isnt the same with only 1 dog so we placed a deposit on a pup from Real Deal Chocolates in FL. They produced Lemmys mom and the sire of this litter is a direct sibling (not same litter though) of Lemmys mom. So this pup will be related to him. I would just like a female that is like Lemmy. So it'll be a few mos bit we are excited. 2020 jas really been a kick in tje teeth lol. At least DH and I have been able to telework and keep our jobs.