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Would you?


Good Dog
Nope. I wouldn't offer an explanation.

My next door neighbors are cool as shit and we get along great. They have a genuine interest in what I do with the dogs, and I have shared a lot with them. They're not dog savvy but are fascinated by it all.

Aside from that, my parents and husband are really the only ones I explain stuff to, because they're genuinely interested as well.


Cow Dog
lol i can just imagin the looks you got cutting up all that meat in ur driveway lol but i agree if they ask explane away if not dont worry so much

It was pretty funny actually. One of the new neighbors walked his dog back and forth down the block trying to figure it out. Not once did he stop to say hi or ask what I was doing. I saw him do it; he literally walked by like 6 times in an hour.

One of my neighbors on the other hand did. When I told her, she asked more questions and was interested/intrigued by it.


People are gonna have there own opinions no madder what you tell them....I have a 4month old bridle blue and heavens for bid my old fashion father thinks she's gonna murder me an eat me..he's never even met my dog!!!! So ppl that think Pitts are protective or man eaters ether way she your dog and you know she's a good girl so that all that should madder!

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