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Would you turn them in?

Discussion in 'Dog Debates' started by Rai_77, Aug 20, 2008.

  1. Yes, I would report the crime

    43 vote(s)
  2. No, I would not report the crime

    15 vote(s)
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  1. Trista

    Trista Puppy

    And not all pits are bred to fight. That is wrong.
    It's people like you that give the breed a bad name, saying that the only purpose for their existence is to be fought...
    I know about it's historical purpose, and it wasn't initially to be fought. Maybe you are the one who should do some reading.
  2. Trista

    Trista Puppy

    Yes, actually I DO know what I am talking about.
    But there is no way - not in THIS LIFETIME OF MINE - that I would ever need to have any experience with a gamedog.
    Have you owned a "bonefide gamedog" - if so, what was the purpose of having it do what it did?
  3. Trista

    Trista Puppy

    This is exactly what I mean. What is right about putting two dogs together and making them fight each other?? What is the purpose? What is this teaching?

    It is wrong. plain.and.simple.
    If you fight your dog you must not love it too much because I don't know how you could watch it get injured and not want to jump in and end it. :nono:
  4. buddysmom

    buddysmom Good Dog

    Well Trista, I agree with you that it is wrong, plain and simple ... however I also think it is dangerous to ignore the history of the APBT, whether you have one for showing, sports such as weight pulling, and/or as a pet, etc.

    First of all the APBT as we know it today WAS created by dogmen/dogwomen who fought dogs to test their gameness and bred accordingly. It is historical fact. Some people look up to them for it; I personally do not have a shred of respect or regard for them ... but that is how this wonderful breed has been shaped and that can not be denied.

    Also gemeness is a beautiful thing, and it should be carried on by any legal means possible (carrying on game lines, testing via performance sports, what have you). Yes there has been debate as to whether this is possible but if no one is willing to try it in a legal/non cruel way then the breed will become extinct.

    To say you would not have a "gamebred" dog I am afraid does reveal some ignorance. Unless you meant you wouldn't buy one from a breeder known to game test (in the illegal way); that I can understand.
  5. Rai_77

    Rai_77 Good Dog

    The American PIT Bull Terrier was bred to fight in the PIT. Where else do you think the 'pit' part of the name came from?

    Denying this fact ends up in dead dogs.

    Never trust a pit bull not to fight.

    Perhaps you are confusing "bred for" with "used for"? Just because they've been bred to fight in the pit, doesn't mean that is all you can do with a pit bull dog.

    Retrievers were bred to retrieve, pit bulls were bred to fight in the pit.

    You can't argue that, because it is a proven fact, and not an opinion.
  6. Trista

    Trista Puppy

  7. Trista

    Trista Puppy

    Yes, I know that is where the name comes from. I get that. But I am also seeing a lot of people here saying that the Pit Bull is and should only be for fighting. That's a bad opinion
  8. buddysmom

    buddysmom Good Dog

    OK Trista I just mean if you were going to own an APBT, (or pit bull if you prefer) you need to know and understand its history. You deny that the breed was intended for fighting and that would frankly be laughable, if it weren't so troublesome.

    If you accepted the breed's history you would know why they should not be taken to dog parks and you should not leave them alone with other dogs. NOT as you say because "any dog can be DA or HA." In fact HA is very rare in the pit bull.

    I'm sure no one wants to rail on you but you keep saying things that make it apparent that you really don't understand the unique aspects of this breed. I hope you stay around and learn. :)
  9. Rai_77

    Rai_77 Good Dog

    From experience, I will say it is in your best interest to choose your words and wording very carefully around here :cool:

    I do agree that the thought that the pit bull is and should only be used fighting is not only outdated, but is detrimental to the breed's survival.

    But at the same time, even if you don't condone dogfighting, it's necessary to accept that DA (dog aggression) is very common and expected in these breeds, and that is what most people on this board mean when they say the pit bull was bred to fight.
  10. Trista

    Trista Puppy

    My words were not that it was NEVER intended for fighting, I said that initially it was bred for other reasons.
    And yes, HA is very rare in APBT - I know that.
  11. Trista

    Trista Puppy

    What words have I spoken that I shouldn't have?

    And yeah, when people talk like that is IS detrimental to the breed's survival.

    So what if the Pit was bred to fight way back a hundred years ago, it doesn't mean it has to now, and if people don't STOP doing that there wont be a Pit Bull left.
  12. Rai_77

    Rai_77 Good Dog

    A hundred years ago?

    I believe the magic year was 1976 (that's a little over 30 years, hardly 100) when dogfighting became illegal on the federal level in the US. And you know what else? It's not even illegal worldwide, afaik.

    And, believe it or not, but there ARE STILL people breeding game dogs.

    BTW....it's not breeding for the pit that is hurting the breed so much as the huge amount of misinformation and ignorance that surrounds the pit bull, and responsible dog ownership in general.
  13. buddysmom

    buddysmom Good Dog

    Trista you are right about one thing, the history the "original pit bull" is debated but all sources I have read say dog fighting came later after bull baiting, boar hunting etc. However the most intense period of breeding, through countless generations over the past -- what, 100 years or so? (someone correct me if I am wrong) -- has been for this purpose.

    It does not justify anything though ... I also agree with you about that.
  14. buddysmom

    buddysmom Good Dog

    Yes, mainly the irresponsible owners, BYBs, and all the misinformation surrounding the breed; BSL, and groups like PETA and their extermination campaigns ...

    But I think those who refuse to let go of the old ways are also leading the breed down the path to extinction.
  15. Trista

    Trista Puppy

    I said nothing about when fighting became illegal. I was referring to when this breed was developed, which was in the 1800's.
  16. Trista

    Trista Puppy

  17. Trista

    Trista Puppy

    exactly again. :D
  18. Miakoda

    Miakoda GRCH Dog

    And your words are wrong. The bulldog was bred for other reasons (bullbaiting, farm work, guardian-type work). The terrier was bred for other reasons (ratting, vermin hunting/catching). The American Pit Bull Terrier was bred specifically to be the "perfect" pit dog....fighting dog. End of story. Everything in history, words and pictures both, explain it very simply and in detail.

    The fact that you choose to ignore what is known and make up your own stories does worry me, especially if you are out trying to "educate" others on these dogs.:no2:
  19. Miakoda

    Miakoda GRCH Dog

    And many of those would rather see the APBT become extinct that have the breed be changed. It's torture to many to see the APBT become some oversized, unsound dog that has the temperament of a Nile Crocodile.

    It's sad to watch the breed be changed so drastically that it barely resembles the great dog that it was before.

    And me, personally, I'd also rather the APBT become extinct than to start calling 100 lb mutts "APBTs" all because many think the APBT needs to be changed to "fit into today's society."

    Once you change a breed by breeding for characteristics outside of the set standard, then you've created a new breed. Don't disgrace the name of the best breed in history.
  20. Trista

    Trista Puppy

    I've yet to see where it says that APBT were bred only for this purpose. In any breed profile I have read it has stated that in the 19th century the English crossed the bulldog with the terrier and then this dog was brought to the U.S. It was developed (I'll repeat myself as I have already said this in previous posts) as a guard dog, a cattle catcher, a livestock driver, and a COMPANION. Is is, however, most notorious for pit fighting. This breed was not first developed for this reason though. It was a bit of an unnamed breed until it started the pit fighting, which gave it it's name. :eek:
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