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Would you pay this much for a pup?

Discussion in 'Breeder Discussion' started by keepinitreal2008, May 15, 2008.

  1. sorry pedigree didnt display like i intended.The pups would be out of garners dynomite and garners muy malos.
  2. bulldogs

    bulldogs Little Dog

    Do you plan on visiting his yard & meeting him personally?
    Do you have any references or friends that have gotten something of T.G?
    Why do you want something off of T.G.'s yard?
    Why "Dynomite"? Is it the pretty picture? He does look good in that picture.
    Do you have other dogs currently?
    Is this pup gonna be house dog or out on the chain?

    These are just a few questions i would be asking myself....before shipping 900-1000 to somebody.

    Some food for thought.... a quote from a friend, that is in signature area
    If you advertise multiple breedings and sell to anyone with $, you are a puppy peddler regardless of your name!
  3. I figured i would get this type of answer because everyone that is a new registry to this forum seems to be treated as a new APBT owner and i understand your point of trying to educate people and make sure one way or another they are informed so dont take this comment the wrong way.

    to answer your questions.

    Yes i plan to visit personally i would never buy something this important from a picture alone.

    The second question is no, but i love the chinamen and frisco lines. this answers the next question also. and if your wanting to know why, my answer is because i believe that is what an APBT should look like and i will inspect temperments and other qualities when i get there but from what i can understand the line is a game bred very active line.

    The next question has pretty much the same answer as the last two only with this one im going to say i will be inspecting the sire also as long as im allowed and if not i wont be purchasing a pup.

    Yes, i have a 3 year old APBT female and a 9month old male both from different lines.The young male will never be used as a breeder dog and IF i got another male my 9month old would be nuetered.

    house dog, i wouldnt put a dog out on a chain unless there were some specific reasoning behind it and even then it would be for a limited time. Say for a my 9mo old male that needed to be isolated from the female while in heat,or vice versa. and trust me if the animal was on a chain that animal would be one pampered chain dog on my property for the 1 week i needed to keep them seperated.

    Ofcourse, i could always pay to have him nuetered,but in the case that i bought a new male, that as already stated ,was going to happen anyway.
  4. EDOGZ818

    EDOGZ818 Big Dog

    I've paid more money for a cold dog , sight unseen just because of how it was bred & the fact that it had produced a Champion and other winners.

    Photos & puppy temperments had no bearing on me.

    Find out the answers to these questions & they may help you decide.

    1) What is the purpose of this breeding?

    2) What have the parents done to show you that they are worthy to be bred?

    3) Have the parents { Sire / Damn } produced any dogs that are worthy of being bred ?

    4) If so , what have those dogs done to show you that they are worthy of being bred?

    5) Have any other dogs in the Sire's / Dam's litter proved to be worthy of being bred?

    6) How did the parents' of the Sire / Dam prove they were dogs that were worthy of being bred?

    7) Have the parents' of the Sire / Dam produced any dogs that proved they were worthy to bred?
    8) If so , what did those dogs do to prove they were worthy of being bred?

    9) What do you feel makes a "QUALITY" APBT?

    10) What are you trying to re-create with this breeding?

    11) Why do you think this breeding will create that?

    12) How will this breeding produce better "QUALITY" APBT's than ehe one's being bred?

    13) Has this breeding been done before?

    14) Is this an experimental breeding?

    15) What health testing have you done on the Sire and Dam?

    16) If the Sire and Dam have been bred before, did their previous pups pass their health tests?

    17) Are the Sire and Dam's parents health tested?

    18) Are the pups being sold on contract?

    19) Do you offer any kind of health guarantee on the pups you produce?

    20) Do you screen all buyers before placing pups with them?

    21) What are the traits of this line?

    22) Do these dogs produce true to thier line?

    23) What do you breed for?
  5. Pennsooner

    Pennsooner Little Dog

    I've been to TG yard and if I was going to buy a dog that would be one source I would strongly consider. I really liked his dogs and he seemed to have quite an impressive depth of understanding of the breed. Very nice too, towards me at least.

    If you get to know enough people and are serious about the breed often you can get a well bred dog for a lot less, or even free. But that takes a lot of time.
  6. EDOGZ818

    EDOGZ818 Big Dog

    Nothing wrong with TG's breeding program. IMO

    Very knowledgable DOGMAN & well respected. IMO

    He is the type that I would let chose my pick. If asked by him , what I am looking for , I would respond :

    " Something that you would feel proud to have associated with your name , because it will be." :)
  7. bulldogs

    bulldogs Little Dog

    If he cared about his name that much, would he really wanna sell to just anyone.

    I am not knocking the guy, however i think a lot of people are drawn to TG because of the name.

    Does he produce some fine bulldogs. Of course. But when you have that many dogs, i hope so.

    I would much rather be in the circle when purchasing a pup. I wanna have a relationship with the breeder, and i am not just talking about meeting someone to pick up the pup....or a phone call. IMO this should be someone you trust, someone you could call up anytime. I am sure some have this type of relationship with T.G. However, IMHO not many.....most people are just another person who sent him 1k.
  8. Pennsooner

    Pennsooner Little Dog

    That is his rep in some circles. However, when Susan and I visited his yard he could not have been nicer to us. Talked with us at length about his ideas and views on breeding, let us meet all his dogs. Spent 5 hours just showing us his yard and talking with us. And we made it clear we would not be buying a dog then.

    It might have just been salesmanship, but it was quite an effort for a maybe sale in the future.

    I mean, this is a guy who is a professional in a field where he can get $100+ an hour to talk to people and he was very generous with his time with no immediate payoff in sight. I was quite impressed.

    By the way, from what you can tell just meeting a dog, Dynomite was a very nice and impressive looking dog.

    I'd agree he breeds too many dogs. Oh, and he carries quite a few different "lines", some I liked more, some less.
  9. EDOGZ818

    EDOGZ818 Big Dog

    IMO , it depends on how you talk to him. If you trust him enough to buy a pup , you should trust him enough to pick one. ( Unless "LOOKS" or pedigree matter. )

    I would take a TG pick'em pup over one of today's " BEST BLUE BLOOD" advertised on many of the newer kennels.

    I don't see how his reputation for quality ( or quality itself ) is affected by who he sells too.

    Enlighten me.
  10. Galadriel

    Galadriel Good Dog

    I'm more concerned over wanting to keep a game bred dog in the house with 2 other bull dogs, fixed or not. I didn't read the whole thread, but I get the impression you're going to breed to your bitch? I'd like to know what motivates you to do this as well, since there are so many breeders already. Hell, TG could just about keep us all in bull dogs single handedly! I'm curious because you said you were going to have your current male fixed, but then mentioned heat cycles.
    You need to think VERY seriously about keeping a game bred dog as a house dog with 2 others. Sounds like a recipe for disaster.
  11. bulldogs

    bulldogs Little Dog

    Yup your right. I guess i was trying to convey that selling to just anyone affects the quality of his reputation. Not so much the quality of his dogs. This is just my preference though. I would rather someone be interested in why i want a dog from them, and my plans with the dog. I can not say i consider him a peddler, but as you know...quite a few do.
  12. bahamutt99

    bahamutt99 Stealth ninja

    IMO, one of the things that measures quality in a breeder is that they're not going to sell to someone just because they've got the money. They're going to act like they give a damn, and only place their dogs with people who will use them to better the breed. So in a manner of speaking, yes, who a person places their dogs with is a reflection of their quality.
  13. I can only suggest your read the entire thread.:D

    If you have the idea in your head that a dog and a bitch will fight, its a slim to none chance and very,very seldomly happens. And it would be especially hard for it to happen anyway being i ALWAYS keep my dogs seperated if im not there to supervise.

    And what i mentioned about getting the male "fixed" was IF i brought another male home he would be the one getting the snip not the new pup.

    And there was no mention at all of breeding my current bitch to any dog, please read the entire thread.:D
  14. kiaransimba

    kiaransimba Good Dog

    LOL I have never even heard of him:D
  15. EDOGZ818

    EDOGZ818 Big Dog

    @ Bulldogs :

    Everyone who knows him , considers him a peddler , it's just that some / many? consider him to be a peddler with the best dogs. ( Not the best breeder , but best breeder , when it comes to the class of mass internet peddlers.)

    He's probably the only peddler , who peddles gamedogs.
    ( Ok, WS Kennels , but thier stuff is great 2 , and they are TG's Neighbors.)

    Many people wouldn't have any chance of getting one , had it not been for him.

    I don't see nothing wrong will trying to & selling the best product , as opposed to googling "PITBULL PUPS for SALE" , and selecting anything on the first 200 pages.

    Selling to "just anyone ?" , Who's not , nor ever wasn't "Just Anyone ? " , Who's to say who "Just anyone is?"

    My only knock is , with all those dogs , $$$ spent on upkeep , advertising , are they just selling pups from dogs bred down from proven worthy stock , or are the dogs actually proven dogs that they are breeding?

    500 dogs , or 23 litters on the ground @ one time , appears just a tad bit much for me , I bet that wouldn't leave a lotta time to post hereon PBCF!:D

    If I had no other alternative , connections , to get a game dog , I would go to TG , or WS. In fact I have no problem reaching out to them when I am ready to outcross my line. They are just not my first choice , but in today's climate , they may be my only.

    If I had to chose between $1K for a TG pup ( TG's PICK or not ) and a $2,500 pup from Mr. Fly by Nite , best blue blood in the world , standard pitbull logo on the website , having no clue what the heck he's doing besides selling pups ,1st time breeding his 9mnth old male , as long as they are registered type of breeder ....I'll pay TG $1K.

    He11 , I'll pay him $5k.
    Last edited by a moderator: May 22, 2008
  16. bulldogs

    bulldogs Little Dog

  17. yep, i think that about sums up how i feel.
  18. Maddie's Mom

    Maddie's Mom Big Dog

    Great post!
  19. MinorThreat

    MinorThreat Banned

    lol at people bashing Toms program seeing the junk bred dogs they personally have, truely amazing and getting 3 dogs for the price of one Dynomite dog is a perfect example in this case of getting what you pay for.
    Last edited by a moderator: May 23, 2008
  20. bulldogs

    bulldogs Little Dog

    Where was someone bashing T.G.'s program? I can not speak for all but in my case i simply stated my opinions. I hope its still OK to have one, most of my posts were regarding the buyer & breeder relationship.

    If i have come across as bashing T.G. .....well then i apologize. I simply never intended too.

    Which junk bred dogs are you referring too? So a dog not bred as good as Dynomite(in your opinion) can never be better or as good? I respectively disagree.

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