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Would you be interested in a pedigree database?

Discussion in 'Feedback & Suggestions' started by Shon, Oct 13, 2008.

  1. Yes

    168 vote(s)
  2. No

    10 vote(s)
  3. Undecided

    14 vote(s)
  1. Shon

    Shon Little Dog

    Would you be interested in a fully featured pedigree database, allowing you to browse, search, comment to and submit pedigrees?
  2. XXX

    XXX Good Dog


  3. Big_Ant

    Big_Ant Little Dog

    I had brought this one up before, offered to design and deploy it, but didn't find much interest at the time.

    I would like it though. With a solid structure, it would make drilling down a dog's ped 1000x easier.
  4. SMGriffin

    SMGriffin Puppy

    Having a mystery mutt myself - thought we're pretty sure we've figured out his mix, now - I wouldn't have too much use for it at present, but that doesn't mean it wouldn't be ridiculously interesting!

    Big yes from me!
  5. Rai_77

    Rai_77 Good Dog

    Since the yellow banner has summoned me...

    I voted undecided.

    I personally wouldn't have much use for it, but if others would, I'm all for it!
  6. redsub91

    redsub91 Puppy

    yes i would like it
  7. sd_dogger

    sd_dogger Little Dog

    Yes most definently I believe it would be a valuable tool for the members of this forum that are wanting to learn more about this breed, and also just enjoyable to have for those of us that would use it. I dont see how it could hurt.
  8. bahamutt99

    bahamutt99 Stealth ninja

    I would love to have a pedigree database with good features that didn't require paying for. I was going to enter my dogs into APBT online peds next year sometime, and was figuring on getting the membership myself rather than asking someone else to do it. If this is anything like that but free (or at least substantially cheaper), I'd be all for it. I'd be all for it either way, even if I didn't myself get use out of it. :)
  9. Wootness

    Wootness Good Dog

    Yes Yesy Yes
  10. gonloco

    gonloco Little Dog

    Let's boogie!!
  11. Michele

    Michele Chi Super Dog Staff Member Administrator

  12. Phantom

    Phantom Little Dog


    That would be cool and very interresting. YES!
  13. Pennsooner

    Pennsooner Little Dog

    Yeah, I would like that.
  14. apbtmom76

    apbtmom76 Good Dog

    I think this is a fabulous idea. I voted yes!!
  15. XXX

    XXX Good Dog

    It'll be a great tool for all the newcomers to do their own research as well.
  16. Chris_NC

    Chris_NC Puppy

    It would be very helpful
  17. Mollie's Nana

    Mollie's Nana Krypto Super Dog Staff Member Super Moderator

    I voted "yes". Although I don't think I would personally use it, because I'm planning to only rescue from here on out, but I know a lot of members would really benefit from it! ;)
  18. Chiapit

    Chiapit Big Dog

    I think it would be a valuable tool, for the existing members, and I think it would bring in new members as well.
  19. BrazilianPitbulls

    BrazilianPitbulls Little Dog

    yes yes yes yes!
  20. cher_bear

    cher_bear Good Dog

    i love reading about bloodlines.even though my dog is just a rescue mutt lol

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