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Would really love some advice to help me get Kisses the best possible home.

Discussion in 'Rescue & Adoption' started by RowanVT, Jul 11, 2013.

  1. RowanVT

    RowanVT Puppy

    Hello there fine folks of the pit bull forum!

    I, being a vet tech and subsequently having "SUCKER!" written across my forehead, have found myself currently in possession of a nearly 10 week old pit bull puppy that I have named Kisses.

    The less said about how he came into my care, the better... for my blood pressure. Suffice it to say that young folk living at home should not impulse buy puppies off of craigslist without their parents' knowledge. And as a result I ended up with a then-8-weeks-old parvo positive pibble who clearly had no idea that he had parvo. He was too busy licking everyone and wiggling.

    We've been doing what socializing we can, considering he's still possibly shedding virus and he's boarding at the hospital I work at, and have been working on proper manners. We have sit and paw going reliably, and are working on 'down'. One lovely aspect of his behaviour is that if you ignore his first moments of excitement jumping when he's let out of his cage he will sit down in front of you and stare at you enraptured and waiting for love/food, whichever you choose to provide.

    He's still not too sure about these 'toys' and 'kongs' we've provided, but I'm hoping he figures it out soon as it could lessen the separation anxiety he seems to have. He will cry and howl for hours unless there are people with him or he is asleep. I've also seen him chewing the cage bars while doing this.

    Advice-wise, I'd really like to know exactly what sort of questions I should be asking folk who are interested in him, and what sort of answers should set off warning flags. I already got a 'doozy' in the form of someone who is supposedly moving to Beverly Hills soon, but can't afford an adoption fee. That is definitely a no-go.

    I'd also be indebted for help dealing with his anxiety as that will help his rehoming prospects.

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  2. Jamielvsaustin

    Jamielvsaustin Good Dog

    I love the picture of his play bow! Too cute.

    If it were me in your shoes. I'd look around at local rescues and see if they have any contracts available that you could borrow from. I would want him fixed before going into a new home. I would absolutely charge an adoption fee (or at least advertise that way, and then make a decision later). I would drill it into who ever adopts him that if for any reason at all, they decide they no longer want him-he comes back to you. And then of course try to stay in contact with them. I don't know what it takes to make a contract official, but maybe look into that, so in it you can say those things and they're "legally" responsible for upholding their end. I would suggest doing a home check. I'd want a family/person to have a yard or a decent plan for exercising/pottying. I would want them to have a little bit of knowledge on the breed. Most important to me would be the knowledge of the opportunity for DA or AA (along with multiple dog homes) and being against going to dog parks. I'd be happier with someone who owns their own home, rather than renting (but wouldn't be totally opposed to a renter). I'd want to know that if they do rent the landlord is not only okay with an animal-but specifically this breed. I'd like a vet reference-if they have other pets. And I'd just want to know that they use the vet regularly. Personally, most everyone that was interested in my foster, I looked up on my county's clerk of courts website. We had a child molester interested in her prior to us originally doing that and ended up finding out by accident...so ever since that-I look people up. The only things that would bother me would be violence...and maybe some sort of-I didn't pay this-kind of thing. And lastly I'd suggest a trial run. Both for you and who ever is interested.

    There will be people who say all of this ^^^ is nutso crazy dog lady stuff. And there will be people who say it's not enough. You're going to have to determine what makes you most comfortable, but at least you have some ideas :)

    Good luck!

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