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would like to still help out

Discussion in 'Rescue & Adoption' started by paballoonlady, Feb 16, 2008.

  1. We miss lexus very much but I saw her new family last nite in town and they said she is doing well they love having her, its the best pit they ever had. she is good with the kids, and has put her on a diet so she can lose a little, he walks her long walks, (we werent home much with having a store and an extra job). but I miss her snuggling with me under the covers. our rottie is doing well her cast is finally off, she can go up and down stairs now so she is home with us. (she doesnt snuggle like the pit).

    I am willing to transport any pits to a rescue or forever/foster homes in my area. I live in northeast pa. If anyone needs it please let me know. I cannot foster cause my rottie I wish I could. but you know what trouble I had with the pit and rot and I am still trying to recoup all the $$ the fight cost me. I purchased rescue pitbull calendar but I want to be able to help more. If any one has ideas please let me know. d.

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