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Why this breed?

Discussion in 'Breeder Discussion' started by DivineOblivion19, Nov 7, 2007.

  1. DivineOblivion19

    DivineOblivion19 Good Dog

    I always wonder why people pick the type of dog that they own. Most people have a specific breed (or breed type) that they love and stick with. Since this is a Pit Bull forum most of you have Pits. So tell me, why is this the breed for you?

    Most of you know I don't have a Pittie. I would take one in a heartbeat; I absolutely love the breed and just about all bullies. :grin:

    I currently own a Boston, and I would certainly get another. I got her because she was about to be euth'd because she was deaf and I couldn't let that happen. So here I am with a Boston. Wow, do I love this breed. Big dog in a little body. Hard headed bull dog type with lots of terrier energy. I love the bull terrier type dogs! I like the energy and I like the challenge or working with a stubborn dog (I try to stick with females because they are bitchier.) :lol:

    I also have a Cardigan Welsh Corgi. She was gonna be my dad's dog cuz he HAD to have a Cardi. She's a rescue and I did all her socialization and training and she has become my dog. So that's how I got her. This dog is SMART and is the most responsive dog I've ever had. I can definitely see why people like herding breeds.
    She got her first 2 agility titles at her first trial after only 4 classes!!! Training this dog is almost effortless. Would I have another one? Yes. Would I go out in search for one? Probably not.

    My real passion is the Rottweiler. They are powerful and beautiful and smart. I love working breeds the most. I love the challenge of handling a powerful dog. But I love snuggling a big bear of a dog. When I got Divina I had a Rotti, Sady the Shady Lady. She was totally amazing. I want another one so badly. I just can't afford to feed one at this time in my life. I also can't afford the Schutzhund training I plan on doing with her. And I want to make sure she's totally healthy so I'll be doing all OFA certifications on her (even though I won't be breeding her). And that's pricey stuff. So I'll continue to wait patiently to get my big dog...
  2. Michele

    Michele Chi Super Dog Administrator

    My breed is the chihuahua. If I had a yard and more room, I would have a pit bull. Pit bulls are one of the most loyal, loving breeds out there. They excel at whatever they do. I don't know when I fell in love with them, but I did.
  3. Miakoda

    Miakoda GRCH Dog

    Honestly, I got into the APBT because of their athleticism. I didn't care about looks, I didn't care about reputation....nothing like that. At the time I was a freshman in college and a collegiate soccer player (I played for over 20 years!). I had been researching the dogs for about 2 years and after finding a mentor and gowing to some local ADBA shows when I could, I just dove in head first.

    I got my Rottweiler because I also love that breed and wanted a guardian dog for my people loving would-go-home-with-the-UPS-guy APBTs.:no2:

    I got Wrigley (Shar Pei/Cane Corso mix) because he was cute and was going to be PTS'd as a 7 week old pup.

    I got Butch the Dogo Argentino because he severely injured a leg in a hunting outing with his original owner and when we told the guy the leg had to be amputated (there was no circulation/blood flow), he ordered us to euthanize him. I talked him out of it and he signed him over to me at the clinic.

    But I will always love my APBTs. :)
  4. Alan

    Alan Banned

    Many years ago (Here we go again lol) I was looking at the adds in a hunting magazine about the APBT. The add was saying how it was the most courageous dog alive. It became interested. A couple months latter, a new employee came to my job. We instantly became good friends and still are. He had 5 pits and was in a situation that he had to get rid of three of them. I met them and took one and Ive been hooked every sence.

    What has dedicated me is their loyality, courage, never give up attitude, sense of humor, intelligence and athleticism. I like to rough house with my dogs and these dogs can take it as well as dish it out. The dogs have been vicious enough to make me feel safe in a bad environment; but, loving enough to not have to be locked in the bathroom when friends and family come to visit. If I had to choose one trait it would be loyality. I know my dogs would face the devil himself to protect me.

    When I came home from the hospital after having open heart surgery, they watched me like a hawk. My chest bone was broken (as they do that in the surgery) and it hurt bad when I had to cough. The hospital gave me a pillow to hold to my chest when I coughed. Edge was kept away from me a lot for fear of rebreaking my chest bone while it was healing. He thinks he is a lap dog. I had water on my lungs and I would have coughing fits that would nearly bring me to my knees. If he was in a crate he would raise cain until someone came to check on me. If he was outside, in the fence, he could watch me through the door and he would go to the window and get help. Pebbles got up several times in the middle of the night, when I slept on the couch. She would place her nose an inch away from mine to make sure I was breathing and then she would go back to bed. My dogs really impressed me durring that time.
  5. maryellen

    maryellen Good Dog

    i have no clue how i got into apbts. it was a fluke honestly.

    my gsd i got because i live in the woods and when hubby is on police towing i hate being alone.. having the bears around makes it easier to be in the woods, but they dont bark if someone comes to the house..

    my rottx i got only because my gsd has severe separation anxiety.. he was a birthday present to her when she turned 6 months old..

    rufus, well he was a babysitting job, i wanted a 3rd dog, but didnt know what kind.. tried an adult presa mix, but that didnt work. then figured i would try a pup.. then my friend asked if i could babysit rufus for 2 weeks , while she went to NOLA on business, and that was it, he never left.. i had alot of research to cram into my brain once we decided he wouldnt leave...
  6. Debbie

    Debbie Good Dog

    Growing up we had a variety of dogs through the years....
    Duke a LabX that was so intently loyal and protective of us kids...that when we were out in a rowboat he would swim behind that boat till we came in-land...my Mom never wondered where we were in the neighborhood...all she had to do was look to see where Duke was ....
    As kids we weren't to on top of things and one of our neighbors took us to a gas station across a busy area with her and Duke followed and got hit......:(

    Then my parents got our first Boston Terrier ...Boots.
    They've had 3 now....their last one died a few years ago and my Mom although she loves them won't get another...she said it wouldn't be fair to the dog because she's too old now.

    I got a GSHX when I was a young pre-teen (Hildegarde)

    When I met my husband...he had two Borzoi's....they are his passion.
    When his last one died of cancer...I came home with Nakita (Akita/Pitbull) and that's because she was going to be shot if I didn't take her....

    Researched Jack Russell's after Nakita's death...wanted something smaller, but with a feisty spirit !!! I didn't want a foo-foo dog.
    So...along came Sassy and Maisy.....

    Gretchen was an impulse....and as it turns out she was a cross (Lab/Rott)

    I will always have a JRT now......they are MY breed.;)
  7. I grew up raising and showing (AKC) Dalmatians, It was odd I had to exact opposite problem with them then most have with a pitty. People would send there children over to hug my dog when I had them out in public. (this was around one of the releases of 101 Dalmatians). Well two of my females were not fond of strangers which is VERY common among Dals. I would always have to keep and eye out for people running up to me and my dogs. They hardly never asked before they put their face down to my dog. One female I stopped taking out in public because she would have been a fear biter if I had not be VERY careful with her.

    My first "on my own" dog is Jake he was my B-day present 8 yrs ago from my husband . He is a Standard Poodle/ Lab mix (before the craze). I still have the old guy who I love sooo much.

    Sandi (my pit) picked me, almost a year ago. She has got away from her previous owner (which I found out months later) and just showed up. I was getting ready for work one morning when I noticed I has two dogs in the house instead of one. My four yr. old daughter opened the door and let her in. My first thought was there's a pit bull in my house sitting in my 4yr. old daughters lap, hope she's friendly. Luckly I have been around lots of dogs and some of them pits so I have never had a fear of a dog just because of its breed. Well she has picked her forever home and we love her.

    When the time comes for another furry family memeber I am going to look at some of the rescues around me. I want to offer a home to a dog who might otherwise not be given the chance for a family just because of his or her breed. This will probably not be for several years I hope (I am at my limit with the two I have) I would have more but DH keeps me in line.

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