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why he hates the harness ?

Discussion in 'Bull Terrier Training' started by Nutty, Mar 27, 2010.

  1. Nutty

    Nutty Little Dog

    billy boy pulls me on the bike and scooter.
    as in this picture.

    he does it well. it makes it much fun. But he pulls only on the collar. If I put on him a harness, he will not. I've tried five different harnesses. all fit perfect. when he notices the weight depends on the harness, he stops to pull.
    I can not understand.:no2:
  2. Glo-Bo

    Glo-Bo Puppy

    Maybe he feels more restrained with the harness.
  3. Nutty

    Nutty Little Dog

    yes. i think so.... but i cant let him pull on the collar :mad:
    thats not good for his health :no2:
  4. Glo-Bo

    Glo-Bo Puppy

    How does he react when he wears the harness? It could also be that hes not used to how it feels since he normally wears a collar.
  5. Diesels Mommy

    Diesels Mommy Little Dog

    It does sound like he feels to restrained in it. Are the harnesses you have specifically for pulling? If not I would suggest getting a pull harness, put it on him and just let him walk around in it for a while. After he gets used to that add weight little by little. I know someone else that had this problem and this is how they solved it.
  6. Nutty

    Nutty Little Dog

    he goes with harness, but when weight is off, he stops.
    hernesse he is accustomed to, but he will not pull it.
    usually he is wear collar, but also knows the harness. with his weight pull harness works better.

    ---------- Post added at 12:59 PM ---------- Previous post was at 12:54 PM ----------

    i try some harnesses
    this one
    this one
    this one
  7. Rogue Bullies

    Rogue Bullies Good Dog

    Hes just not use to it. Try putting it on him a few times a day and leave it on him for a little while. Keep doing it until he gets use to the feel of it and is comfortable in it.

    Then try to do some bike riding with him. Good luck :)
  8. Nutty

    Nutty Little Dog

    thank you :)

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