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Why do you own an APBT?

Discussion in 'General Dog Discussions' started by ConMan, Nov 12, 2011.

  1. MJJean

    MJJean GRCH Dog

    When I saw "people focused" while researching the breed I assumed it meant the dogs would pay attention and learn fast. What I wasn't counting on was that they would learn they can't live unless physically touching someone. Or that they would have no idea about private time and personal bubbles. Its sweet/creepy when you are in the shower and feel eyes on you or a tongue "helping" you shave your legs..."Aww, it's nice that you want to be with me, but can you do it from a foot or two away, please?" :lol:

    Sadly, it's gotten to the point where if I don't feel a wet nose on my leg or a warm, furry, body pressed against me I feel out of whack or I get scared wondering what the hell they are getting into!
  2. ConMan

    ConMan <b><font color="green">Premium Member aka king_leo

    Amen to that! Since getting Diesel, any showers I've had, I've opened the curtain to get out, and he has been sitting in the door way just watching the shower with the most intense look. SO CREEPY. I always peek out to see if he sits there the WHOLE time... and sure enough he does. Just watching...waiting.
  3. MeAki

    MeAki Puppy

    I got Bugsy years ago by mistake ... I didn't knew what a pitbull was ... After I found out I was scared that I won't be able to handle a dog like that ... He saved my nephews life twice ....that's how I got hooked up with pitbulls ... There is no other breed for me for the past 14 years !!! Overall they are the best dogs ever !! It's like having 70 punds of clown/bodyguard/best friend !! Idk they made me a better person ! I've learned from my dog a lot of things ! I know it might sound crazy but that's how it is !!! Anyway ... That's why I own a pitbull !!
  4. embellina

    embellina Puppy

    I wanted a small breed puppy for years--and my boyfriend was always planning on buying me one. He was great friends with a Pitbull breeder and his friend had always promised him a pit. After visiting his house many times over the course of 2 years I fell in love with the puppy pitbulls (and also had raised my friends pitbull from the time he opened his eyes until about 14 weeks). I changed my mind that I wanted a pitbull puppy instead. I had my heart set on one but he got sold. His friend said that we should instead get this dog a friend of his had. She was a year old and he said we should get her pregnant, sell the puppies (except one so I can have my own) and then decide if we would keep the dog or not. At first I thought it was a bad idea, to go meet this dog that we know nothing about, haven't seen, etc. It really is a bad idea. But we got lucky, we went and picked her up and she was perfect. Listened, extremely well trained, gentle, friendly, etc. I've fallen in love with her and I no longer care about having a baby puppy or any puppy at all because she's my baby.

    Now things are different because she was stolen for 2 months. She has a lot of different tendencies and has anxiety. It's going to take a lot of training to get her back to the way she was but she's 85% still the way she was.

    Now that I've experienced the wrongful discrimination against this breed, as difficult as it is owning an APBT, I don't want any other breed. I have read a lot, talked to many people, and I want to help promote responsible dog ownership and hopefully one day get rid of or adjust some of the current laws with them. I don't know everything but I enjoy learning new things about the breed constantly. I'm pretty obsessed with it, and with my dog.

    Also my boyfriend wants to have a kid with me and I told him I'm not ready yet, we should get a dog first... so he did.
  5. Sincityapbt

    Sincityapbt Puppy

    Because the ones I've been lucky enough to own have been the best companions and most intelligent dogs I've ever come across.
  6. momtosadie

    momtosadie Big Dog

    I didn't have any intention of getting an apbt at all. But fate had other ideas. A friend found Sadie, running down a country road, dirty, very skinny, dull coated from poor nutrition and knew we had lost our beloved boxer four months earlier. She got her in the car and brought her to see us and well, everyone here knows the rest of the story. Several baths and regular meals and fuzzy pillow beds to sleep on and toys to play with and we have Sadie the crazy lady a very beautiful, shiny, well fed girl. She certainly looks like many of the apbt whose pictures I see on this forum, so we don't know what if anything she is mixed with. But, she is a joy, very intelligent and learns so fast, we're really astonished at how far along she is for her age. She is a little bit fearful around some people and we are still working on that with her, but of course we don't know what she experienced the first four months of her life either, but it's not bad. I could see having another of these wonderful dogs in my life.
  7. Sabrina

    Sabrina Moderator

    You are not alone! :lol:
  8. cezcal20

    cezcal20 Little Dog

    You know i always Hated Pit Bulls. I grew up with Labs, Goldens, Irish setters and Greater Swiss MOuntain dogs. I used to bring them to the dog park alot. On the week ends i would see all the Bully Breeds show up and i would get annoyed on the inside because they would bring Pit Bulls and Bully types that have been storing energy all week and only come on the weekends. I used to think that it was the Breed that was so nasty and terrible and i thought they were nothing special and all looked and acted the same. I was very prejudices against Pits/pit types because i didn't grow up with them and that all you heard when i was younger, first it was the Rottweiler in the 90's as the BAD DOG then the Media hypes up on the Pit bulls in the 2000's til now. I saw my Bree being hit and yelled at on the street my a family , she was only 4 months then. I asked if she was for sale and they said yes. They werent going to give her away, i was in a bad neighborhood that day so didnt want to start any sh**. I payed the money and brought my dog home. Every since then we have been inseparable. I moved back home with my parents and there BIG Greater Swiss Mountain Dog and thet get along fine, i do still monitor them when they play but the Bullsh** about them as MEAN , nasty dog gets me So PISSED OFF!!!! IT the owners fault the dog is that way genius. I socialized my dog around, people parks, stores, cars, loud noises, dog parkes ( rare ) , swimming, weight pulling, other dogs, working on socializing around children she is some what hyper hahha. I never chose my to get a Pit Bull, she just came to me at the right time in my life .:sonn_u11: Bree is a American Pit Bull terrier and I'm a Lesbian, we both have strong stereotypes and people that dont know enough think certain things about us. Me and her are both on a journey together to break the stereotypes. We both have tough skin :)
  9. MJJean

    MJJean GRCH Dog

    It is truly amazing, Cezcal, how an APBT can change a mind in a short time. My husband was so very anti-APBT/Rottie/Dobe until he spent some time with my brothers APBT. Now, when he's on the phone while driving home after a bad day, he says things like "I just want to come home and cuddle the Pit Bulls." He is still anit-owning a Rott or Dobe, but not because he believes anything bad about the breeds anymore. He just doesn't like the way they all share the same markings. He prefers an individual look to dogs within a breed.
  10. cezcal20

    cezcal20 Little Dog

    Yes its not until i owned a APBT that i noticed that they all have different personalities then before i thought they were all the same (look , act, aggression ..etc) The APBT comes in so many different colors, shapes and sizes, and there are different bully types :APBT to Am Staff, to SBT to AmBullys....etc
  11. Nyli

    Nyli Little Dog

    I never really planned on owning one. My sister's "friend" had bred his bitch to a neighbor's dog but he was having trouble finding people to buy these 5-7 week old pitbull mixes for $250 without any shots or even deworming especially since there were 3 other litters in the same town. He ended up "giving" me Romeo when he was about 7 weeks. Romeo was the last of the litter. I considered rehoming him but by the time he was actually ready to be rehomed (8 weeks, dewormed and 1st set of shots) I was already attached and then when I looked into my options I realized it would be close to impossible to find him a GOOD home. I thought about it and considering I had already wanted a dog and he needed a home and I knew both the parents had amazing temperments I decided to keep him. There were times over the first couple months were I thought I had made a mistake. He was hard to train (although I think part of that was my inexperience training puppies), he had seperation anxiety and inherited his mother's allergies but now when he curls up next to me to sleep or when I watch him playing with my sisters' kids I'm glad I kept him. It never really mattered that he's an APBT mix, he's just my dog.

    Side note: The 30th will be exactly one year since this little worm infested, vomit covered puppy came into my life. :)

    Romeo-1 year Romeo-7 weeks
    blahblah.jpg Baby Romeo.jpg

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