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Why do so many hate the HSUS?

Discussion in 'Dog Debates' started by buddysmom, Feb 29, 2008.

  1. amanda214

    amanda214 Good Dog

    All very interesting points. Thank you again, for this thread! :D
  2. 4Pits&aDane

    4Pits&aDane Little Dog

    I have several reasons. First & foremost, I have watched small private rescues beg, plead, borrow, etc. for donations to save dogs. I have never seen HSUS part with even a speck of their millions to help any of them. Also, do you realize how many kill shelters could become non-kill if HSUS donated money for expansion & upkeep ? Where are HSUS's shelters ? There aren't any.

    Finally, the dogfighting witch hunt. HSUS gave everyone the "info" to use to find dogfights don't you know ? Treadmill ? Dogfighter ! Springpole ? Dogfighter ! Tire or rope hanging from a tree ? Dogfighter !
    I also think they basically put out a "how to" class for all the back alley wannabe fighters with their propaganda. JMO.
  3. Shes Got Heart

    Shes Got Heart Little Dog

    This is a really good thread. It has been a very eye opening read. I have learned a lot and hope people keep posting in this thread about the fraudulence of these organizations. So let me get this straight the ASPCA is not the same thing as local SPCA's? And the HSUS is not directly affiliated with my local humane society? I always thought that they were the same thing...... Wow learn something new every day. 4Pits&aDane you were saying how the HSUS basically had a how to dog fighting class with their propaganda. I have heard that Peta started the idea of bait dogs. I heard that original dog fighters never used bait dogs in their training. So if Peta put that idea out there a lot of ameture dogfighters thought it was a good idea as well.
  4. 4Pits&aDane

    4Pits&aDane Little Dog

    These groups also "taught" the wannabes how to throw cats & kittens & puppies in with their pits to "train " them. Just sickening. I'm in no way shape or form a dogfighting advocate but the old dogmen didn't do this garbage either. BTW, PETA has killed far more animals than slimeball Michael Vick but they had the nerve to speak out against him & recommend the dogs be destroyed. When they saw that people wanted to help the dogs they proceeded to campaign for funds supposedly to help the Vick dogs. HSUS did the exact same thing. They are both so 2-faced.
  5. Rai_77

    Rai_77 Good Dog

    I don't know that I believe that the sickos that do that kind of thing were taught to do so by PETA and the HSUS, although I don't think either organization did the breed any favors by publicizing the acts.
  6. 4Pits&aDane

    4Pits&aDane Little Dog

    What I meant was that they basically helped spread the word. Sorry if I wasn't clear.
  7. Rai_77

    Rai_77 Good Dog

    Ah, hence the quotes around the word 'taught'. :blush: I get it now, thx!:)
  8. 4Pits&aDane

    4Pits&aDane Little Dog

    No problem :) .
  9. Aloha_girls

    Aloha_girls Little Dog

    Are you kidding? Don't you people research? I hate HSUS they are domestic terrorist, and they slaughter thousands of dogs. In my opinion HSUS is the number one enemy of The American Pit Bull Terrier and their owners. They would rather focus on killing/abolishing this breed, more so than persuing air tight convictions of animal abusers. If they were so concerned with animal welfare, they wouldnt euthanize dogs before their owners were found guilty of wrong doing. Thus confirming their main objective is to rid the planet of these animals, regardless of possible safe placement of GOOD animals in PROPER homes. This breed can be successfully be rehabilitated no matter how they have been treated. It's their NEED for love and approval from their owners that drive them to do what they do, positive or negative. I haven't ever encountered a more forgiving soul in my lifetime. I aspire to be more like the American Pit Bull Terrier, every day of my life. I can only wish that more humans, would prove to be as loyal, loving, and "game". Then perhaps my dogs and I could sleep better at night!
  10. No one

    No one Big Dog

    Some research I was doing for another forum I'll share it with you here...















    This was the Idea...

    What do you think?
  11. Pennsooner

    Pennsooner Little Dog

    If you could come up with a list of reporters around the country and do a mass e-mailing, then that would be a good idea. I'd cut the number of links down to the best 2 or 3 for the HSUS.

    Almost everyone knows PETA is nuts, but the HSUS is as radical and are thought of as much more mainstream.
  12. No one

    No one Big Dog

    This was just a list to get it started, I told them to go through them (links) and to join this site for help on the subject ;)
  13. IronChef

    IronChef Big Dog

    I hate 'em because I love my dogs.
    End of story!
  14. GingerGirl

    GingerGirl Big Dog

    There still seems to be some confusion in regards to ASPCA/HSUS/local SPCA & humane societies. They are all independent and unrelated. If you donate to ASPCA or HSUS, that money is not going to animals in your local community. The national organizations are not umbrella organizations and have no bearing on the actions and/or policies of your local SPCA or humane society. Each groups should get looked at individually. An SPCA in Texas may euthanize any sort of "pit" whereas one in California has a shelter full of them for adoption...

    If your are interested in the financial situation of various groups you can visit
    www.charitynavigator.org or www.guidestar.org Hope this helps! I work for an SPCA that does great work and it is constant education of the public because people lump us in with other groups or assume their donation to ASPCA is helping us.

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