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Why Breeders Lose Buyers


Big Dog
We had a good experience with our breeders...
Your breeder sounds like a very reasonable breeder that has taken into the account of the market/buyers he's offering his dogs to without compromising his rights/responsibility to his/her dogs.

This should be the basis of all breeders, not just bull breeds if we wish to eliminate puppy-mill mentality of a how-much-is-that-dog-in-the-window.

I'm sure he/she would have "pet" grade dogs available with less stringent stipulations and a clause for mandatory neutering and spaying of the pet dog. Just as well, he/she would have a requested the dog returned to them before any rehoming or shelters.



Big Dog
Some folks like to know what they are getting, considering the potential investment in time, also, there are different breeds.


Good Dog
I've gotten dogs from breeders and rescues..I think they both have good ones and bad ones. I do plan to buy from a breeder in a couple of years.
THIS, is something I brought up to several people when I went down to Silverwood, I mentioned to them how difficult it was for me, not being near shows or even the state breed club. and how the only connection was Via the internet and websites. I said " I don't see what the issue with advertising online is, advertising thru the local paper or craigslist, even Puppyfinder, because, ultimately it comes down to who the breeder chooses to sell to, its not like you are obligated to sell to the first person who comes calling for a puppy!" and I mean that! I breed rats, and ive had a couple rat breeders make snarky remarks to me about advertising on my local FB classifieds page-I have turned down buyers before who I don't think would be good owners, its not hard, say "no...CLICK". Going to Silverwood changed my entire opinion on breeders, NO ONE was rude or snobby at all! quite the opposite! people went out of their way to introduce themselves to me, and to introduce me to other people who lived nearest me, even when I talked about wanting to become a breeder and to show, they welcomed me in with open arms and encouraged me! Much different world in person then over the internet that is for sure!


I remember when I was younger my mother had really wanted to get a Main coon cat so she contacted a breeder that had really nice looking cats so after chit chatting a bit she asked "so what would it cost for a kitten?" The Breeder who I am guessing was already fairly dry to begin with said if you have to ask how much then its not the cat for you.
Very rude! That in no way shuold have implied we could not afford the cat! it's just the next logical question you would ask before you were to commit to a purchase I would think.