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Why are people so afraid of putbulls

Discussion in 'Dog Debates' started by Luna61316, Sep 29, 2017.

  1. Luna61316

    Luna61316 Puppy

    I just joined this forum today, I have a question. Why do people say pitbulls are aggressive towards humans? I own a full bred APBT, I've had her a little over a year now and not once has she shown any aggression, towards humans or animals. I understand that as this breed matures they can be aggressive towards other animals, but usually not humans. But yet you see it in media all the time that putbulls attack and in some instances kill humans, even their owners. I could never imagine her turning on me I clean her ears all the time, and go right up to her face for kisses, and nothing. I never heard her so much as growl, ever. Every pitbull I've ever encountered has been nothing but a sweet lovable baby, so I'm not understanding where the aggression could possibly come from with this breed.
  2. Nat Ursula

    Nat Ursula Good Dog

    My neighbor told me, "They turn on their owners."
  3. leavesofjoy

    leavesofjoy Big Dog Premium Member

    My neighbour said that "well sure, they might be ok in a home, but when they're running feral in packs, they get dangerous". Ummmm, okay. Maybe not a problem specific to pit bulls? To his credit, he has changed his mind about them since meeting the ever-charming Griffin, who adores him.

    They are imposing dogs, strong and tenacious, and that can be used by bad owners in bad ways. If people have only been exposed to those kinds of "pit bulls" through the sensationalist media, that's what they think they are like. When I was little and we had a German Shepherd, it was the same story with him- everyone yelling at my parents for our vicious dog (secret lover of kittens). It's pits now, it will be some other dog later.

  4. Worg

    Worg Big Dog

    Because one breed gets blamed for all attacks from any Bully breed and many mutts, which means that bite statistics are inflated for this breed. When attacks happen there's also no proof requested for the breed of the dog, the media will call the dog whatever the victim or dog owner calls it, and many people think Pit Bull describes any and all bully breeds or dog that looks like it has bully in it. I honestly believe most dogs called Pit Bulls are likely Staffies and AmBulldogs, probably around 20% or less of 'pit bulls' are actually American Pit Bull Terriers.
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  5. Worg

    Worg Big Dog

    It's still Shepherds to a degree, same story with Rotties and somewhat with Dobes. With my last dog the combination of him being a German Shepherd as well as a black dog made people afraid of him and he was often criticized. I wasn't even aware people didn't like Shepherds or black dogs until I got him, then I found out the public finds them dangerous and people seldom adopt black dogs (called black dog syndrome in shelters) because people don't like the way they look. The criticism I receive with my Bully breed is harsher and more frequent, but to be fair I lived in a typically 'aggressive' breed friendly area when I had a shepherd, now I live in an area with few Bullies and close to a county with a breed ban.
  6. _unoriginal

    _unoriginal Cow Dog

    Because people who have no business owning a fish much less a dog are going out in droves to buy "pit bulls" that are more likely to be poorly bred bully mutts. Calling them "pit bulls" even though the only true pit bull is an American Pit Bull Terrier. Then letting these poorly bred mutts run amock. Then breeding them to death with other poorly bred dogs.

    Then you also have the Animal Rescue "save them all" nutters that insist that all dogs are only a product of their environment. They can all be rehabilitated to be nice family pets. So they perpetuate stereotypes about how "it's all how their raised" and don't agree with putting an animal down because he's aggressive and wired wrong.

    THEN there's the other group who refuses to believe that dog aggression and animal aggression are instinctual traits among all terriers. So they insist that all dogs want to live in a harmonious multi dog lifestyle so the dogs suffer when one attacks another for no reason other than existing. Idiot force dogs to "be friends" and "work it out" and the dogs attack each other. That feeds the false idea that a dog that will attack another dog will also attack humans. Which couldn't be further from the truth.

    Really, there's not a single reason that stands alone for why the APBT and other bull breeds are in such bad shape. Ultimately, the only way to fix it is to get them out of the public eye altogether.
  7. Luna61316

    Luna61316 Puppy

    I've owned a lab before and a shiba inu. My pit has been the gentilest dog by far, even more gentle than the lab. The shiba inu has been the most aggressive towards humans. However the pit has the meanest bark but she only barks when she's behind the fence I try to dress her up in silly cute bandannas to make her look less intimidating and not scare the neighbors lol
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  8. AGK

    AGK Scratch Kingz Staff Member

    Simply put, ignorance by the masses.

    I would never imply that one of these dogs, a real APBT''s that is, should be around other dogs. I feel it's setting the dog up to fail if the dog is truly what it's supposed to be. Its always the same excuse after an incident ends up happening, "They never did it before". Lol as they never do until they do!

    As far as humans go, I've been around so many on so many different yards I couldn't even give you a number but I've never once felt threatened by one of these dogs. It's not normal for the breed as a whole. Don't confuse protectiveness with human aggression either. One is a natural behavior in most any breed of dog and the other is severely looked down upon in the APBT due to the breeds original purpose. You have to handle them and they can't be wanting to bite you, the opponent's handler or the ref. 9 out of 10 so called Pit Bull attacks on humans is more of a case of mistaken identity. The other 1 is owned by a irresponsible owner that shouldn't have owned the dog to begin with.

    Ignorance is bliss they say.
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  9. LeighAnn

    LeighAnn Little Dog Premium Member

    Like most individuals.. we tend to focus on the 'negative' experiences more so than 'positive' ones.. lets say someone goes to a restaurant and has a bad experience but a hundred customers have had a positive one.. it will not change that individuals mind about the business. So, negative always trumps the positive.. although, I am a firm believer that the majority of individuals out there have had more positive experiences with PITS than not.. but those individuals who may have never personally experienced this breed will always listen to the negative.. as it seems people as a whole tend to remember that one time when someone hurt their feelings but forgot all the good that individual has done..

    So.. it is up to all PIT owners to educate the ignorant, discipline their pets and show the masses that these dogs can be beautiful and lovable for those who doubted the breed... but like everything else.. there is that one dog that people will revert to over the hundreds of other dogs because people are naturally negative and pessimist.

    That's why I love dogs and working on loving people.
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  10. EstyEsty

    EstyEsty Little Dog

    Those replies were so good!! We really do have some educated people here at PBC.
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  11. Nigayias

    Nigayias Puppy

    Because most people are brainwashed by the main news media outlets and believe whatever they read on it.

    that is one of the most honest clips in a movie that had me laughing my ass off. LMAO
    pitbulldogs likes this.
  12. pitbulldogs

    pitbulldogs OHMUHGERD Staff Member

    @Nigayias wtf is going on here? Is Piccolo trying to kill Jay and Silent Bob? x'D I'm fucking done :'(:'(:'(

  13. oldman

    oldman Little Dog

    There used to be a time when the pit bull was not known for the same thing they are known for today. There was not any attacks on people by pit bulls. That was long before people decided they wanted a pit bull that didn't act like a pit bull. Around the time when people thought that if you raised a pit bull the same as any other dog they would act the same as other dogs. Some people still think the same thing. Most of the time when a pit bull attacks a person the first thing the pit bull owner says is their dog has never attacked anything and is very gentle. Most of the time they have no knowledge about the history of the breed. Most of the time it is not a real pit bull but a pit bull cross.
    A pit bull has amazing strength. In the hands of someone who does not know how to handle such a dog it can become a dangerous weapon. They are usually very stable dogs. Years ago people decided they wanted a pit bull of a certain color that was larger, the larger the better, with a large head short body and lots of muscles. That is not what a pit bull looks like so people crossed other breeds with pit bulls to sell dogs to these people. The results was a dog with a size, build, and disposition that was unstable.
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