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Who would you want to see roll?

Discussion in 'Controversial Topic Discussion' started by XXX, Dec 1, 2008.

  1. Rainey

    Rainey Puppy

    Chinaman was said to fight some harsh punishers. Jeep was no punisher. He had average mouth and...WHEW BOY GAMENESS. From what I remember some head dog from "R. Jackson" pushed chinaman to 38 mins or so. He also took some beatings earlier in his career. I don't doubt jeep didn't either, but chinaman in my opinion was too clever, althetic and blessed with a dangerous mouth. I just can't imagine jeep getting past the mouth. That is probably what it all comes down to. I mean, God knows how many gamedogs were ruined by hard curs with mouth.
  2. XXX

    XXX Good Dog

    I completely agree Rainey... but that Jeep x Homer match was ridiculous from what I was told. And I was told by an old man that James Crenshaw told him he never liked the way Jeep fought... that Jeep enjoyed the fight so much that he wouldn't finish when he could have.. he'd work one thing for a while then move to another after a scratch. Said Crenshaw would get mad at Jeep for playing too much..and extending the match longer than he needed to.... said Jeep had Homer whipped by 30 mins...and started playing with him.

    but as for Chinaman's opponents I'd like to see a list.... I can't think of any hard punishers that pop to mind that Chinaman went into... but I dunno.
    Last edited: Mar 27, 2009
  3. bstmafia

    bstmafia Puppy

    Here is a nice one ncpg Abrahams Queen of hearts vs Allens Tornado two exceptional bitches in the pit....I believe this would have been a ice breaker for years
  4. XXX

    XXX Good Dog

    BST... I think Tornado was probably the baddest bitch on 4 legs.
  5. willdabeast

    willdabeast Puppy

    I'd like to see Chinaman v. Santa's Mongoose.
  6. Lassic

    Lassic Big Dog

    To bad theye didint have video recorders back then a lot of you would have some answers or at least a look at what might have happend.
  7. Axiom

    Axiom Puppy

  8. latinox3

    latinox3 Puppy

  9. bstmafia

    bstmafia Puppy

    Bring da Pains Gr Ch Firecracker vs Evolution Kennels Macho Buck
  10. Papa Action

    Papa Action Puppy

    I think the greatest one would have been Barracuda against Chinaman.

    if the kg was the same .
  11. HazardJoe

    HazardJoe Puppy

    Indian Bolio vs. anything
  12. woody d

    woody d Big Dog

    ok, since my little guy is 18.75% Denny & Dixie line connections Gr Ch "Bo", id like to have seen him roll w/ anything worthy at his weight. ive been told a couple times by folks who saw him that he MIGHT have been the baddest at his weight ever.
  13. 3 J " jigger" & " midnight cowboy, hands crackerjack & sport dog as well as "nelson" bottle neck & family's "outlaw". & the SHOWSTOPERS "Bb" ch "dip spit" in to chinaman that would be one hell of a BBQ
  14. PitDogz

    PitDogz Puppy

    The baddest dogs of all time, Tudor's Black Jack and BlackJack Jr. Vs. Colby's Pinscher/Mayday

    Any one of Black Jack and Black Jack Jr.'s Matches since they've been matched with the greatest and beaten the greatest dogs of all time.
  15. JMO not for nothing but blackjack/ pinsher/ mayday they were good dogs not the greatest of all time. E.T was known to be a good cheat, & pinsher was a local dog he never went in to the best comp, mayday was in a week WT class. i know guys that saw mayday when he was working they all say over rated.
  16. PitDogz

    PitDogz Puppy

    Yeah I heard that about Earl. Supposedly Earl would lift his dogs up and then drop them down giving them extra momentum. However, the man did have some great dogs. Also I am not sure if this is true but, unlike other dogmen of his time, he never culled any dogs from his litter. Rather, he would condition and work each dog and the dogs that weren't game, he'd develop their fighting abilities. He was also Don Mayfield's Mentor and taught him most of what Don knew in the dog game. Irregardless, Earl is still one of my favorite dogmen. Despite the rumors about him cheating, it is undeniable that he had produced some top dogs and his dogs were fought at any weight with bigger,smaller, and equal sized dogs and have won.
  17. E.T was for sure one of the G.O.A.T thats a fact. no i dont see him culling anything he made his money off dogs & never got rich. no mater how good a handler you are you cant give a dog ability. it would be nice to see E.T go into Joe .C
  18. woody d

    woody d Big Dog

    whats always made me wonder, was the that BlackJack was open to ANY weight dog. he had to be a bad dog
  19. PitDogz

    PitDogz Puppy

    He wasn't the only dog owned by Earl that was opened at any weight. Black Demon, Jack II, and Black Jack Jr were also opened at any weight. Though Black Jack was most definitely one of the baddest dogs of all time. It is said that anyone that ever saw him proclaimed him the best. Black Jack Jr. is also one of the best as well and rumor has it that he wasn't even that fond of fighting. He was never the first to make a move, but every dog that went up against him has never left alive!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  20. OTW just means lets deal. don't mean you will except the turms. think about this why don't you here about any matches/ rolls between ET & JW , they were only a few mi apart ?

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