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Which would you choose?

Discussion in 'Today's APBT' started by XXX, Aug 24, 2008.

  1. Super rough, hard mouthed dog

    27 vote(s)
  2. Deep game dog

    108 vote(s)
  1. TheVictor22

    TheVictor22 Little Dog

    Give me a hard mouth Destroyer anyday :cool:!... My understanding is they all quit, eventualy. So you really wanna bank on Gameness alone :rolleyes:?

    And we are talking a bout matching. the the point is to win :eek:. I would want a dog that is goin to get in there and wreck shit so we can bag the win and roll.

  2. mr.clueless

    mr.clueless Good Dog

    yes but you are only talking about from a dog matchers perspective.what about a breeder or a dogman who wants to do both ? that hardmouth destroyer is useless breeding material if he is not game.

    besides what if this hardmouth destroyer comes up against a real smart dog who can keep out of his way for 30 minutes.that destroyer is going to have blown right out physically and be mentally frustrated,what does he do at 30 minutes? chances are that bully will then become the bullied !
    a hardmouth is like a boxers hard punch it needs to land and if the opponent is slick defensively he will make the big bad bully look silly.....and if the bully does not have gameness to rely on ........

    give me an intelligent top conditioned game dog over a rough one who can close his mouth any day ;)
  3. John Stompanato

    John Stompanato Little Dog

    just that 2? lol

    i love long winded dogs with good stamina and endurance that will help alot because i heard here alot SUPER GAME or deep game lol to a dog

    if a dog doesnt have good stamina natural wind endurance will quit earlier..

    personally i breed to win in the box no matter how but i love winners thats what its all about down here
  4. TheVictor22

    TheVictor22 Little Dog

    I agree with you almost 100%. I thought it was stated for that the dog was for matching purposes ( I could be wrong, i usualy skim through the post maybe i missed something).... Now from a breeders prospective i would want the game dog. but for matching I would take the finisher.

  5. mr.clueless

    mr.clueless Good Dog

    oh ok my apologies you could be right i too skim through some posts :D

    anyway regardless give me a good hold out type ear dog in top shape to frustrate the hell out of that nasty bully and then outgame him :D
  6. megschristina

    megschristina Moderator

    Kinda makes you wonder. If a dog is a repetitive winner, and one day just stands the line, is it possible it is a form of negative conditiong?
  7. woody d

    woody d Big Dog

    Me and a buddy had this discussion once already...if a dog takes a beating, goes home and is put on a chain to heal, sit and thinks,...can they decide they ve had enough? That they dont want to "go" anymore? We all agree that the thought process exists, that they arent just instinctive animals, so can they decide? I say they can learn to "not go" it would explain alotta dogs in history that went for hours, and then were "curs"
    Last edited by a moderator: Aug 9, 2009
  8. megschristina

    megschristina Moderator

    Well, if you take a dog, and every time it goes into a certain room you beat it, it will probably stop going into said room, right? So could it be the same with crossing that line?

    Which brings the question, is gameness simply a total lack of self preservation?
  9. woody d

    woody d Big Dog

    Yes, IMO, gameness is a lack of self preservation, yet in the same breath i guess some found to be game can maybe learn to preserve themselves...total contradiction?:lol:
    Last edited by a moderator: Aug 9, 2009
  10. mr.clueless

    mr.clueless Good Dog

    yes but by those thoughts surely this dog that stands on his chain having a think and has decided that matching is no longer for him will stand the line as soon as he is released ? i dont buy that he will have a quick 45 minute scuffle and THEN remember what he decided on his chain !

    i believe that when a dog quits he does so in the pit nowhere else i dont believe dogs rationalise like people and make conscious decisions for their future.i get what your saying possibly they make a subconscious decision while on their chain but personally i dont agree i believe the reason a winning dog will quit next time out is because that dog was simply not a game dog in his heart....doesnt mean he cant or wont win matches though.
  11. Keeper

    Keeper Puppy

    I am new to this breed, but how do you determine an "intelligent" dog? I thought all they do is bite each other in there...can someone please explain this.
  12. Lowlife

    Lowlife Big Dog

    Does a boxer just get in the ring and punch randomly?
  13. ben brockton

    ben brockton Little Dog

    deadgame is just that dead. you can't do anything more with a DG dog then tell story's. the TRUTH is any (pre76) dog needed to have it all when in the box. if lacking in one area then the dog will be exposed & capitalized on.
  14. XXX

    XXX Good Dog

    There is alot more to it than just biting.... if you read the old reports... every dog has it's own style... some are wrestlers... some are ear dogs some are leg dogs.. some chest.. etc etc.... each dog learns ways to stay out of trouble and make good defensive moves.

  15. buddysmom

    buddysmom Good Dog

    (Sorry everyone you are just SEEING my name in this thread and cringing, but bear with me ... I just have a question :))

    You see, that this kind of thing reveals the side of matching that was NOT at all about bettering the breed, doesn't it?
  16. XXX

    XXX Good Dog

    Not exactly.... a hard mouth is part of making the best match dog. Again this breed is made for dog on dog combat... so having a super hard mouth has the ability to lead toward a quicker victory. Breeding to that dog you would hope to catch some of that mouth in your pups... making them a better all around match dog.

  17. buddysmom

    buddysmom Good Dog

    Understood, but doesn't that illustrate totally conflicting goals, so say there are those (even in the highly regarded circles) who are interested only in winning matches; doesn't that cripple not only their ability to ID and replicate gamness, but that of others who truly are interested in finding that trait and carrying it on?
  18. ben brockton

    ben brockton Little Dog

  19. buddysmom

    buddysmom Good Dog

    :lol: Another real good one there, ace.
  20. XXX

    XXX Good Dog

    There are two things in matching... it is a sport.. whether you like it or not it is a sport. The point of a sport is to win.... Gameness is what you wanted to breed for... but if you were matching dogs... and you wanted to win at the sport of dog matching.... then you've got to have a dog with ability and part of the ability is mouth.

    As a famous dogman said... "Breed your gamedogs and match your killers."


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