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Which agencies actually collect and study bite stats?

Lillie May

Good Dog
I read something yesterday in an article written by the guy who operates Bikers Against BSL. He listed mistakes of breed advocates that he hears all the time. I agreed with most of them, but others I question.

One of them was his answer about inflating bite stats. He says the only people who collect them are the owner of " that site" & by extension her flunky guy who won't show anyone his data. According to him CDC all other reputable agencies no longer do. Is this true or false?

Lillie May

Good Dog
Good idea! I know they do study dog bite fatalities, but don't know if they study bite stats. If you're on Facebook you can read the article on the Bikers Against BSL. It was on Huff Post.....I know, lol! Don't shoot the messenger.


Cow Dog
They would at least be able to tell you where they get their information and possibly where the info comes from that drives BSL. I'm assuming police reports and hospital records. Obviously false identification of breeds also hinders correct information.

Lillie May

Good Dog
Yep, as far as I know dog bite records are kept by your city, county, etc. And yes they were just used recently in Reynoldsville, OH to keep BSL in place. That was the other part of the statement, he believes in using pit bull as a blanket term. He compares it to Kleenex vs. tissue, getting people to correctly identify breeds is never going to happen. He said if by some miracle people started calling their dogs mutts, then politicians will start banning mutts. Well, they already do. In my city a "pit bull" is an APBT, AST, SBT, and any mix there of.


Premium Member
I have read multiple times that the CDC stopped collecting dog bite info by breed a few years ago. Couldn't tell you where off the top of my head.

Lillie May

Good Dog
Yes, I've read that many times as well. I'm also wondering if people are confusing bite stats with dog bite reports?