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~~~~ where it all began~~~~

Discussion in 'American Bully' started by ILL LINE INC, Mar 31, 2009.


    ILL LINE INC Banned


    Here's the story behind Razors Edge...
    I mixed Pits and Staffs...took me about 7 years to get it right.
    If you see them as seperate breeds, then I mixed breeds.
    If your like me and see them as being Pits, because that's what Staffs stem 100% from, then I created a Pit.
    I wouldnt have wasted 7 years if I wanted a shortcut.
    And if you were around back then, you have seen that the Staffs were big ass dogs.
    And sadly carried alot of the flaws we see today.​

    But... had to be a Presa, or Bulldog, or Mastiff... LOL​

    Nah, it was just Pits, sorry to disapoint anyone!​

    But... Honestly I don't care cause Im rolling with the American Bully name anyway.
    So in actuality the rumor don't mean shit anyway cause were doing our own breed.
    Unfortunately its just a wack ass rumor, and hate it or not, Razors Edge comes from 100% Pit Bull blood! But that's our secret...don't tell anyone!​

    Wow, never ends... Maybe Ill just tell the Razors Edge story as, it was just immaculate conception, to cut out all the idiotic rumors...
    Nah, I'll still tell the truth and whole story, even if people add BS to it.
    Im proud of what was created, and proud to call them American Bullies, and still proud to say they come from 100% Pure Pit blood, because its all true!
    Sorry to disapoint you...lol​

    RAZORS EDGE - The Bloodline
    " Where it all Began "

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  2. Truk

    Truk Little Dog

  3. Boogieman

    Boogieman Guest

    How bout move this to the bully section. This dude is desparate for people to see his "interview".

    ILL LINE INC Banned

    Naw ppl ingeneral need to see it lol u looked

    ILL LINE INC Banned

    Last edited by a moderator: Mar 31, 2009

    ILL LINE INC Banned

    People in the game world dont like what we got. We dont go there and bash them though?
    Alot of show AKC and UKC people dont really like us and our dogs either, but still we dont go there and bash them.
    We aren't bothering anyone?
    We dont waste time on hating on people because they have different views than us.
    We dont go around talking about dogs outside our Bully World.
    We are changing the public perception and rmeoving negative stereotypes.
    But... should we really allow people here in our forum to harass us? Especially if we dont go to their forums and harass them?
    Read all the comments here and look for real please.
    RAZORS EDGE - The Bloodline
    " Where it all Began "

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    ILL LINE INC Banned

    Southern California APBT Club
    October 1st, 2004 • SHOW 1
    Judge: Cecil "Skip" Miller
    American Pit Bull Terriers ~ 76 entries
    Male Puppy Gemstone Bounty Hunter Gameovr
    Junior Male 'PR' Larum's Colt 45 Cody
    Senior Male Gaff's Legacy Smokey The Bar
    Adult Male Razors Edge Bullseye Most Wntd
    Breeder/Handler Male Sierras Primetime
    Best Male 'PR' Larum's Colt 45 Cody
    Reserve Best Male Sierras Primetime
    Puppy Female 'PR' Blue Pride's Maya
    Junior Female 'PR' Luna's Baby Yougotit of Southtown
    Senior Female UAGI Duvall's Sureshot Kamakazi
    Adult Female no entry
    Breeder/Handler Female Socal Banks' Have Faith In God
    Best Female 'PR' Luna's Baby Yougotit of Southtown
    Reserve Best Female Infamous Socal Big Blue Beretta
    Best Of Winners 'PR' Luna's Baby Yougotit of Southtown
    Champion CH Razors Edge Taking a Gamble
    Reserve Champion CH Lunas Eclipse Over the Strip
    Grand Champion GRCH Razor's Edge Premiers Sasha
    Best Of Breed GRCH Razor's Edge Premiers Sasha​

    Sasha was beautiful! ​

    I handled her at the California Classics

    She won the Grand class
    Best in Breed...
    Best in Group...
    Then Best in Show...​

    Then the exact same thing in the second show that day, Sasha went on to win Best in Show again.​

    I still love the original RE, got it tatted on my arm!​

    Sasha was beautiful, thank you to Premier for sending her with me to handle that weekend.​


    RAZORS EDGE - The Bloodline

    " Where it all Began "

    Last edited by a moderator: Mar 31, 2009

    ILL LINE INC Banned

    Last edited by a moderator: Mar 31, 2009
  9. CoolHandJean

    CoolHandJean Krypto Super Dog

    As I have said before, Dave Wilson may have only added Amstaff to the APBT. I don't know him, so, I don't know how trustworthy he is, so, he might be being honest.

    However, other people have added other blood to the Ambully.
  10. andy88

    andy88 Puppy

    i love my edge dogs. So does my family, thank you dave wilson

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