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Where did you get your dog(s) ?

Lillie May

Good Dog
CasperWorldPeace's thread about adopting got me thinking about this. I'm curious how you came to own your dog(s), purchase, adopt, stray? All 4 of our current dogs were strays and we were unable to locate their owners.


Big Dog
1 - craigslist rehomed
2- animal control pull/owner surrender
3- same as dog 2
4- same as dog 3
5- accidental litter. Small donation to person who whelped litter
6- breeder purchase


Big Dog
1) got from the county shelter, but was my nephew's dog. However he was ummmm detained for several years, so ours by default
2) Valentine's present from hubby (to help me stop missing my son's bully mix)
3) rescued off the E-list from country shelter


Krypto Super Dog
Piper: Craigslist from a nasty BYB situation
Sako: Breeder, Kayo Kennel
Barrett: Breeder, Liberty Amstaffs


Cow Dog
Bentley: owner rehome from a coworker

Carter: technically owner rehome from my older brother

Arnold: technically owner rehome from my younger brother


Chi Super Dog
I got JC from a pet store before I knew what pet stores were really about.


Little Dog
Gage, free to good home dog from a local forum
Bristol, accidental litter, a friend rescued a dog from a persons back yard, she had no name, had never been groomed and had been dropped there, they got her bwck hear and discovered she was pregnant, small fee to offset vet bills
Diesel, free to good home from a friend
Hettie, breeder purchase


Good Dog
Bailey showed up at a house of a friend of my BIL. She was there with what they assumed to be her sister, because they were about the same age and size. The lady whose house they showed up to took them in. She tried to find out who they belonged to and when she realized that wasn't going to happened started trying to find them homes. Another friend had already taken Bailey's sister (Tiki).

Austin was living with his brother at the time while I was finishing my enlistment. BIL asked if Austin wanted a dog, which he did, but he hadn't originally said anything when they talked about the dogs because he wasn't in his own place. So, after BIL asked, Austin went and picked her up.

The lady who found her had two yappy whippets. When Austin got there, Bailey walked right up to him, let him pick her up and never protested. And the rest is history-she is his sweet!

Looking back. It was a bad idea. It was quite a while (almost 2 years) before we had our own place...and he didn't really have a great job at the time-he worked for Two Men and a Truck.

When we finally moved into our house, I'd started reading up on PBs...learning things here and there...and I'm sure most of it was wrong, but I felt like we were responsible pet owners, we had the room for a second dog. And in my mind, that would be one less PB like dog in a bad home. Husband was a little less sure, but didn't really stop/prevent me. I found Trooper on PBRC. He had a $50 rehoming fee (for gas money). We talked with his owner back and forth a couple times and then decided to make a trip up to see him (they lived in Gainesville-3 hours away). The first time we met him I'm not going to lie-I was a little intimidated. He had no problem making eye contact...and holding it. I knew he was ours when I said to his owner, we're very interested but we don't want to take him home today-we want some time to let it sink in...and she said, oh don't worry I wouldn't have let him go home with you on the first meeting anyway. I felt like we were on the same page, and this was as serious to her as it was to us. She came down to our house two more times after that (the second to drop him off).

It was SO awfully sad. I cried liked I was losing a dog. She told us that she adopted him shortly before she'd gotten divorced (and it was a difficult one). He was what got her through it.

She was rehoming him because she was moving (out of state) and she knew it'd be difficult to find a place with him. Also, she had another older (10 year old, I think) dog that either needed or recently had knee surgery...Trooper was too much for the old guy. She knew she had a better chance of rehoming him because he was younger.

We kept his name because we thought it was cool. I'm friends with her on facebook and she always loves the pictures I put up of him.


Good Dog
First dog as a child from my dad's co worker who had a oops litter (in a tiny town called squamish, between Vancouver and whisler) got Milo for a 40 pound bag of dog food.

Current dog and am staff Remy from cimar kennels. Super happy with how he turned out.


Good Dog
We adopted Albert through Twenty Paws Rescue based out of Brooklyn, NY, he was being fostered in Freehold, NJ. The approval process was very long and thorough, one of my non related references said after her 45 minute phone interview she felt like she had answered enough questions to get us approved to adopt a baby! I am really happy with this rescue, they have offered so much support, they have a private facebook group for all of their adopters, and I am on it daily. I couldn't ask for more if we had gotten him from a really good breeder. When we were looking on Petfinder I was interested in 3 dogs, 2 young guys both with Twenty Paws, and a 5 year old named Sebastian who I really thought was going to be the one. His description was of my ideal dog and he was beautiful, black, one ear up one ear down, just very appealing to me.
I sent inquiries for Albert or Moses to twenty paws and one to another rescue for Sebastian. After two long phone calls I had to decline Sebastian, who they were all too eager to give to me. They had neglected to mention his "guardiness" and need to be introduced to all new people multiple times outside before he would accept them in the house! When that caused me to hesitate, she immediately tried to downplay it and offered to approve us without a home visit "for our convenience" because I "sounded like I knew what I was talking about" I was taking notes during this interview and they are covered in these quotes, exclamation points, and frowny faces, lol.
My experience with the directors of Twenty Paws was so good that had neither Albert nor Moses been a good match for us I would have waited until they had a dog that was. They were so helpful with that decision also, although I think we would have been happy either way, Moses is still available, if anyone is looking for a great boy in the NYC area ;)


Good Dog

Sebastian, who could actually be a good dog for someone I think, if he were presented honestly and not described as basically a bunny rabbit in dog clothes. He loves all children and all people when out in public, he just isn't a dog for a home like ours with lots of friends and family coming and going.

And Moses, who I still think about all the time, he was found tied to a radiator in an abandoned apartment, he is perfect with all people and likes cats.

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Good Dog
Super Moderator
Squirt came from a reservation an hour or so away. Saw an ad on our local online classifieds. As far as coming from a BYB situation goes, he was in great shape and they weren't in it for the money. I think it's just pretty common in those places for nobody to alter their dogs...

Piggy came from a true piece of shit BYB. The guy was carrying the puppies around in a garbage can in his trunk, covered in their own waste. I picked her out as she was the smallest and most pathetic looking and took her straight to the vet. She was only 3 or 4 lbs and full of worms.

Before I got Piggy, I tried to adopt from the SPCA, but we were deemed "unfit to adopt" because Squirt is an intact male and we had no plans to alter him. That honestly really turned me off of the shelter system for a while. Now I do understand why that's a rule, but it still bugs me that I can't adopt unless I'm willing to do the surgery.

My next dog will be from an ethical breeder for many reasons.

My rottie/terrier mix Wendey came from a nice country girl, her dad didn't want her to have a rottweiler so I got my Wendey almost two years ago.

My blue pit Lily came from someone I used to be friends with. Lily came to us underweight and abused but living here she's been taken care of and got her first real vet visit and lives in a home full of love.


Premium Member
Otis: Breeder, vom Bauerhaus kennels
Abby: Rescue, breeder surrender
Ian (foster dog): Rescue, found as stray

Next foster: Rescue
Next puppy: Breeder, kennel undetermined
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Good Dog
Premium Member
Current dogs : Jack, GSD adopted foster fail. I volunteered to rehab him after his FHO Sx. He was brought into the clinic I worked for at the time time. He was brought in by AC as s 4month old pup with blunt force trauma to his head , ribs and hip. The law in our state states you must wait 10 days for an owner to claim. So he was kept comfortable during that time. After that time he was then turned over to GSD rescue, they unfortunately did not have the funds or resources to rehab him and we're going to euthanize unless someone stepped up. My husband and I paid his surgical fees as a donation to the rescue. We agreed to foster and rehab him. We fostered and failed, he never left our home.
Faith, bull breed mutt, is from the local AC. Adopted at 12 weeks.


Good Dog
Beki, is Jack standard for his breed? He seems like a pretty big boy...but maybe that's cause he's always next to dainty Faith?


Good Dog
Premium Member
Beki, is Jack standard for his breed? He seems like a pretty big boy...but maybe that's cause he's always next to dainty Faith?

Jack is 100 lbs even. He would not be considered a working GSD with his build. Faith's weight as of this morning at the DVM is 43.5 and she stands 18" at the withers.