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Where did you find us?

Discussion in 'Introductions' started by Michele, Jun 7, 2007.

  1. Myszka

    Myszka Puppy

    Google of course!
  2. Piglet's Dad

    Piglet's Dad Puppy

    Hi my name is Khris and I am Piglet's dad... I found the group just by looking around on Google .... glad I joined!!!
  3. Google search lol. I knew I needed some advise and who better than a bunch of Pit owners.
  4. Bellaboo0512

    Bellaboo0512 Puppy

    Hi, found you on a search looking for info on bug bites.
  5. Hello everyone, names' Shannon. I'm Fubar's mommy. Well I found you guys last year but due to health problems I stopped coming here. Now I'm back and ready to learn for everyone here.

  6. On Facebook - I have many pit bull connections and tons of Facebook followers and when I enter 'Pit Bull' pages, yours don't come up on my searches. I recently had my business page American Soccer Terrier on Facebook, and I was making searches on pit bulls with that profile. Then your page came up. And going through your web page, I saw the chat. It was kind of a hidden gem for me. :D I think many pit bull lovers are not aware of this chat. I am glad to find this group. I feel like we are more contacted this way. FB doesn't allow us to see what we want to see, so this is really helpful. Thank you! Sev
  7. scoobs

    scoobs Puppy

    I found ya lookin on the chuhaua forum;)...lol
  8. gwtterry

    gwtterry Puppy

    Google searches for anything and everything. Been reading for awhile. Just finally joined.
  9. Mac's mom

    Mac's mom Puppy

    Google search read for a while and now have joined
  10. lilygirl

    lilygirl Puppy

    looking for a place to chat with people who actually LOVE this breed
  11. lilygirl

    lilygirl Puppy

    off to bed. Nosework class phase II at 8 am and have to drive 25 miles to get there.
  12. Elih

    Elih Puppy

    I found this forum through randomly asking google questions about my pitbull
  13. Graciraz

    Graciraz Puppy

    Found you guys on fb
  14. JankaV8

    JankaV8 Puppy

    I had tapachat for another forum and searched for pitbulls :)
  15. bluesue

    bluesue Puppy

    In a search for skin issues.
  16. Khussey49

    Khussey49 Puppy

  17. S0nshine

    S0nshine Puppy

    I was asking a question about the new red patches on my puppy's belly and it led me here.
  18. hi guys this is my first time to join this forum hope u can help me improve more about my dogs thank you :)
  19. Sylar

    Sylar Puppy


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