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Where did you find us?

Discussion in 'Introductions' started by Michele, Jun 7, 2007.

  1. How I found the forum

    I was searching online at lost and found sites to see if anyone was looking for the Pip Puppy I found and saw the forum.
  2. tacomacon

    tacomacon Puppy

    Was searching for a correct way to chain up my rottie. Due to cable/chain being twisted and break. Found the thread and it was an eye opener. Also found Stillwater. Great working with Shane for my custom collars.
  3. Hi All!! I found your forum as I was searching for help in changing my Staffy's behavior...I learned about the NILIF training method here and I intend to use it....
  4. jlaing2607

    jlaing2607 Puppy

    Google search
  5. I was researching food for my fawn colored eddington and saw a few threads and liked them, so I joined up.
  6. Gypsy&Juno

    Gypsy&Juno Puppy


    Found you on Facebook. Can't wait to post pics of my girls.
  7. FredMG

    FredMG Puppy

    Searching on Facebook and on the net generally. We have two Pit types, one possibly an AmStaff (mix maybe) and another who's more typical Pit. Cruz, our not quite 2 year old male, was a hurricane Sandy rescue. Gabby, our female Pit, is around 3 y.o. and was used for breeding in a not so nice area here on Long Island, then tied to a fence and abandoned. The Town of Hempstead found her and put her into the shelter in Wantagh (it's mainly no kill, with some dogs there 2 years), where we found her. My wife really wanted to give her a home and frankly I thought she'd be good too! Cruz is light brown/goldish in color, while Gabby is a gorgeous light chocolatey brown with white highlights, a more boxy head than Cruz, and as sweet and friendly a dog as you'd find anywhere. She also is the "social director" who just got our other male dog, a Newfoundland mix who was abused in his old home, Ralph (5 y.o. and solid black with some white feathering on his legs) to finally play!
  8. Lithianna

    Lithianna Puppy

    Hello, I found you guys via google search, I'm a first time Pit bull owner and I wanted to know more about this breed, I have a 5 month old pit mix named Miura and she is by far the most amazing dog I've ever had. Its surprising how many negative things you hear about this breed when in reality, they are loving, caring, kindhearted, and loyal
  9. AkaKawaX2

    AkaKawaX2 Puppy

    I was looking up weight pulling competitions and happened to find one that was posted about in Adel, Iowa. Sadly, it was from 2009.
  10. DanDavis

    DanDavis Esquire

  11. I was looking for a positive forum where I could find advice on my newly adopted Pit Bull-mix and I found Pit Bull Chat!
  12. RobR73

    RobR73 Puppy

    Google search, amazing how the times have changed since I last owned one.
  13. adriannv

    adriannv Puppy

    I did a search on Bing. You guys were actually he 3rd on the list. :)
  14. leonardo

    leonardo Puppy

  15. kolasx

    kolasx Puppy

    google searches on puppy advice

    DDAISYY Puppy

    I found this forum through a Google search for Pit Bull allergies.
  17. orlandosn

    orlandosn Puppy

    I found this foorum while cruisin' through Tapatalk forums.
    As a 1st time owner of a APBT, I need to find more info about the breed and it seems a good place to start. So... here I am!
  18. Rissy

    Rissy Puppy

    I was searching for help for a friend with two pit mixes having food aggression issues with eachother, and found one of this forum's topics. It was helpful and I decided to join.

    Sent from my SPH-L720 using Tapatalk
  19. Chevy's dad

    Chevy's dad Puppy

    Was goggling pit bull sunscreen and found this site with a lot of info on sunscreen
  20. Vlishka

    Vlishka Puppy

    There are soooo many many more dog breeds out there that cause more problems then any other breed i dont understand why people like to sit here and prejudice an entire breed of canine based on the actions of a few of this breed, If they are so adamant against violince from y
    hid breedd i suggesst they get rid of the entire dog small pop since that is where the most attacks come from.

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