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When should I breed my dog?

Discussion in 'Breeder Discussion' started by Dillsterr, Mar 18, 2010.

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  1. Jim

    Jim Good Dog

    What you want to do is buy one of those tests for women that tells them the best 2 days to conceive. Works the same way as a pregnancy test Get the dog to piss on it and it will either say that she is not ready to be bred or that it is one the best days. Good thing is the procedure can be repeated frequently as thetests are cheap. Out here they are called Clear blue or something like that.You can get them in any pharmacy.Good luck.
  2. Elvia

    Elvia Little Dog

    Scratch that, All we need is more UNWANTED PUPPIES/DOGS in Shelters trying to find a home and being put down for not being adopted out. Not trying to be mean here but screw you if you want to breed your dog:no2:
  3. skinny

    skinny Little Dog

    If you count the first day you saw blood the tenth day breed skip a day the breed again the bitch should be flagging the male and the discharge should be a real light pink..........
  4. damianleigh

    damianleigh Little Dog

    Anyone giving proper advice to this person is just adding to PROBLEM.
  5. DeeDirtyDawg

    DeeDirtyDawg Good Dog

    i think it would be better to BREAD her than to BREED her.

    personally, i like panko better than euthanasia.
  6. DoomsDayPits

    DoomsDayPits Little Dog

    Why would anyone on here be giving him advice when he doesnt even know what breed it is?
    OMG i am not even doin such a thing and i am according to some on here selfish and irrisponsible!!!
  7. APBTlover09

    APBTlover09 GRCH Dog

    NO REASON AT ALL TO BREED A PET. (mix/mutt) :no2:

    ---------- Post added at 12:35 PM ---------- Previous post was at 12:34 PM ----------

    i'm so sick and tired of people breeding their PET QUALITY DOGS and MIXES/MUTTS :(:mad::no2:
  8. DoomsDayPits

    DoomsDayPits Little Dog

    Totally agree. Shame on the people telling him what to do:mad:
  9. DeeDirtyDawg

    DeeDirtyDawg Good Dog

    "what kind of dog do i have?"

    if you don't know WHO bred the dog, WHAT LINES she is, the MEDICAL HISTORY of her ancestors, and EVERYTHING ELSE
    there is no reason to breed her.
    having a pretty coat or being a "nice dog" doesn't make her breeding stock.

    if you want to breed dogs, get yourself a mentor. you will learn breeding from the ground up, including bloodlines and PROVING your breeding stock prior to breeding.

    in this day and age, to have a worthy dog, you need a lot. there are enough pet quality puppies out there- and lots of them end up in shelters. sure, you might say "my pups won't end up in shelters"
    but HOW DO YOU KNOW? even BYB's that sign return contracts rarely get the dogs back, because after purchasing, the new owner of the pup realizes how clueless the "breeder" really is.

    seriously- if you don't know WHEN to breed, that is the LEAST of your worries. there are SO MANY OTHER THINGS involved in breeding that you need to know first.

    do you know whether your dog is purebred, and even CORRECT for her breed?
    can you pick out her faults, and pick out the faults of the potential stud?
    have you OFA and CERF?
    do you know what diseases your breed is prone to, and how to screen for them?
    have you ever had your hand up the hind end of a dog? i bet not.
    have you ever heard of pyometra? how about mastitis?

    looking this information up in google does NOT qualify you to breed- the only thing that would is hands on experience from a mentor.

    so... if you REALLY love the breed, spay your female. make friends with an experienced working or show dog breeder. learn EVERYTHING. then you'll be able to apply your knowledge to properly choosing breeding stock, proving them, and all the rest of the things that makes a breeder GREAT. breeding your bitch of unknown origin would just make you an irresponsible BYB... and those are the worst kinds.

    trust me- in the world of dogs, it's better to be admired, and have your dogs be highly sought after than for everyone to look down on you as being an irresponsible pet owner who needs to spay their dog.
  10. Alma

    Alma GRCH Dog

    Keep it civil.. Everyone is entitled to their opinion, whether someone agrees with it or not. This is a diverse forum with diverse opinions and I wouldnt have it any other way. :grin:

    To the O.P.

    Just say no and spay. ;)
  11. hogar

    hogar Good Dog

    Is the OP even reading the forum any more ???
    Most likely is gone
  12. DeeDirtyDawg

    DeeDirtyDawg Good Dog

    hopefully to the vet.
    more likely to yahoo answers or something like that
  13. Zoe

    Zoe GRCH Dog

    Another fine example of why our breed is in the crapper. :no2:
  14. APBTlover09

    APBTlover09 GRCH Dog

    my thoughts exactly^^^^ :no2::(
  15. RealDawgs

    RealDawgs Big Dog

    ok, so I noticed everyone telling her she shouldn't breed her dog basedon these facts: she has no papers, unknown heritage, possible mutt. Now let me play devil's advocate here :P Now I highly believe that "pet quality" dogs and dogs that are not exemplary of the breed should not be bred. However, to my knowledge, dogs with papers, known heritages, and known to be purebred are still many times deemed as a "pet quality" dog. However, when did papers and known heritage (bloodline) made the dog worthy, or for that matter, even considered? Dogmen of the past didn't care of papers, bloodlines, etc. In fact, two of the best bulldogs of yesteryear were dogs lacking papers. The two dogs I'm referring to are none other then Rushin Bill's (R.I.P. Bill, you made an amazing mark in the bulldog world and your contributions will never be forgoten) Ch. 35 and Adam's Gr. Ch. Zebo Rom. Ch. 35 was bought for 35 dollars by Rushin Bill, lacking papers and heritage. He went on to become Rushin Bill's Ace dog. Zebo was also bought without papers and it is speculated that Zebo was just a regular stray dog that was sold and paper hanged. Others believe he was the belly mate to the bullyson and eli jr. However, many speculate his pedigree has been forged since both his listed parents were rednose dogs and all his littermates were rednose. However, he is known as one of the world's greatest bulldogs and made ROM status. Others say Vindicator (rednose and supposed brother) was better, but then again Vindicator lost 1 to a relatively unknown dog while Zebo lost none and was a straight 4x killer. He won a total of 7.
  16. DeeDirtyDawg

    DeeDirtyDawg Good Dog

    Realdawgs, this isn't a question of experienced dogmen knowing a great prospect when they see one. This is a person who doesn't even know WHEN to breed the dog... so I'm guessing expertise factor is ZERO.
  17. RealDawgs

    RealDawgs Big Dog

    mmhmm, I know that. I actually encourage this person to learn more about the breed before even attempting to breed (that is if the dog is a breeding prospect). I just like to point that out. I believe, in the long run, it comes to the dogs. But then again, I come from a hog dog background where pedigrees, conformation, heritage, etc. comes second towards their ability for catch work :) However, I can and would wager that most if not all are pure since the breeders that I know of still contains the pedigree papers of their original foundation dogs that their hog dog program is based off of, even though they didn't register the subsequent litters since they didn't care to waste money on some pretty papers LOL.
  18. ColbyDogs

    ColbyDogs Big Dog

    And can you list any offspring that "35" produced that was worth its feed ? You see, without that road map ( papers and bloodlines) it was nearly impossible to know what direction to breed him in therefore he had no offspring worthy of carrying on those genes for future Aces.

    And your wrong, oldtime Dogmen DID care about bloodlines and pedigrees, its the blueprint to thier program. Without it not many would/could have a successful breeding program worth mentioning.
  19. mr.clueless

    mr.clueless Good Dog

    taking a chance on breeding a dog with unknown heritage is a chance you should only take on an outstanding individual.....you have no idea what direction to breed you are just hoping the dog is such an outstanding specimen that he is pre potent and produces himself.....that is rarely the case as the above post explains....
    now thats a whole different ball game to breeding a dog with unknown heritage just because it has pretty eyes or you need money !!.....and if you dont even understand the fundamental basics of breeding dogs it suggests you would need a few more years experience before deciding any dog is worthy of breeding let alone one with no history.......
    its worth remembering,a dog can only be what he is genetically capable of being.......a pedigree doesnt make a dog but its a great indicator of what the dog has to live up to and whether he is a good representative of his make up.
  20. APBTlover09

    APBTlover09 GRCH Dog

    where did you get the dog from? shelter? rescue? (<<<if its either of those two... the shelter/rescue is seriously IRRESPONSIBLE for NOT spaying the dog) BYB? Puppy mill? what if the stud you picked is tempermentally unstable/unsound, towards HUMANS... there are alot of tempermentally unsound/unstable "pitbulls" and "pitbull mixes" out there thanks to the stupid idiot, asshole BYBs and puppy mills.

    if he is.. you'll be passing his shitty temperment onto the puppies. :mad::(

    the last thing we need is more human aggressive "pitbull" mixes. :(
    zoe's right.. no wonder why our bulldog breeds and mixes is down the shitter :(

    Last edited by a moderator: Mar 20, 2010
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