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When Buying a Stafford

Beth L

Little Dog
If you plan to buy a Stafford from a "reputable breeder" please do some research and also read over the contract with a fine tooth comb.

I find many are requiring that the new owners show and also breed the dogs. And many will not take the dog back past a certain age or if they have been bred.

If you do sign the contract and do follow threw with the breeding then you as a breeder are responsible for those pups YOU produced for life. We do not want anymore pups ending up in rescue or the SPCA because the breeder will not take back the dogs they produced.

On 1 of the yahoo groups I belong to we had info on a beautiful dog going to rescue or looking for a foster home. Well the people who produced said dog will not take it back because they are not TECHNICALLY a breeder even though they did produce the litter this poor dog was from.
at least that is my opinion.

Also make sure both parents are at least L2 and HC tested and clear or clear from birth. If clear from birth ask to see the proof. I have heard of some breeders saying pups are clear from birth only to find out they where never tested or there is 1 dog in the pedigree that was not tested and affected.
HC http://www.aht.org.uk/genetics_staffcataracts.html
L2 http://www.aht.org.uk/genetics_l2hga.html

So if you are looking for a Stafford and do not plan to show PLEASE go to the SBTCA site 1st and take a look at the beautiful dogs in rescue.

OK rant is over.
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There are many many people these days just breeding for $ in the USA. We keep finding SBT at the SPCA which was unheard of in the USA just a few yrs ago.

The SBTCA is doing what they can to pull and foster these wonderful dogs when they can. So please go to:
to see who is available and or even to help out and become a foster home.

I fostered a SBT through them (well, not through them, but in concurrence with their standards and procedures, and they listed the dogs on their site). There are amazing SBTs in rescue. If you're just looking for a pet, there are plenty of awesome dogs in rescue, unfortunately.
Being as I work and volunteer in a dog shelter, ( not human society, there IS a difference ), please, don't buy your pets, dog, cat, bird, what have you. especially pits, staffys, etc. I just adopted my pureblood staffy Dozer, my second actually owned Staffy from this shelter recently because he was getting kennel depression and getting sick because he was there so long. Many of us, love this breed, arent fearful of them, and know their true temperments. However, so many people are, and they see a puppy and think its so cute then realize, NOTHING about the breed and guess where they end up. As many of you have already said, in foster and or shelters, humane societys etc. I see so many come in abused, neglected, starved and put down just because we cannot find homes, and its so sad, seeing so many of you buying from breeders etc when we need more people helping us find homes for the unfortunate ones who were ones probably bought from so called reputable breeders. Just think before you buy. I have a Staffy laying on my couch right now, perfect with cats, children and the best family dog you could ask for, 80$ from a shelter. No breeder required! Thanks


Any breeder that makes you sign a contract making you breed more dogs is an irresponsible breeder (IMO). I also fully agree if you do breed your dog then the pups are also in effect your responsibility. But, if a person does buy said pup the only responsibility of the breeder from that point is
#1 that pup goes to a caring and responsible owner
#2 before leaving the breeders house said breeder must have all vet checks, at least 1 months free pet insurance, microchip tag to new owners and a sturdy lead and collar. (Most vets offer jabs,insurance,MCs as a puppy pack sometimes with free treats :) ).

Once these issues have been addressed by the breeder then and only then does the breeder have the right to "cut ties"

That just my opinion though, I may be wrong in some parts for some people but hey.

I would always consider a rescue first.