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what wild food?

Discussion in 'Raw Food Diets' started by Kalai, Aug 14, 2015.

  1. Kalai

    Kalai Puppy

    So I'm thinking of cost effective ways for me to feed my amstaff boy raw food in addition to his Taste of the Wild food.

    It's not realistic, money-wise, for me to feed him, or myself for that matter, steaks every day but I do have access to wild game animals, jack rabbits, pheasant, sage grouse, chukkars, elk, deer. Are these wild animals considered edible items for our dogs?

    I'm assuming yes to all except maybe the rabbits? If yes, how do I feed? Just skin them out and feed him er what?

    I'm not a big hunter but if it means free, extreme quality, dog food I might become one. There are A lot of rabbits and pheasant on my land, I used to rabbit blast in my younger days but I've gained a bit of reverence over the years and I can't justify killin jacks for fun, as nasty as they may be. But if Prince Leroy can eat them, I could justify their harvest.

    Plus it seems like something my pup might want to do with me.
  2. Kalai

    Kalai Puppy

    aw nobody?
  3. NobodyHere

    NobodyHere Guest

    Are you being sarcastic, or are you under the impression that raw feeding = expensive, human-grade steaks? Can you explain why you might assume that rabbits wouldn't be edible for dogs?
  4. _unoriginal

    _unoriginal Cow Dog

    We'll start with "I don't believe that supplementing raw is the same as actually feeding raw".

    All wild game animals are edible. If you get them from the wild. Please freeze them for 3-4 weeks to kill parasites.
  5. Vicki

    Vicki Administrator Administrator

    Mine catch a bunny or squirrel here and there, they prefer the warmness and freshness over previously frozen.

    Did I say frozen? Let it go, let it gooo....:grin:
  6. _unoriginal

    _unoriginal Cow Dog

    Yea I'm super anal about wild caught anything. There are some wild caught animals that shouldn't be fed like coyotes and raccoons though.
  7. Vicki

    Vicki Administrator Administrator

    By the time I catch them with whatever it was, it's usually over except for the fur.
  8. _unoriginal

    _unoriginal Cow Dog

    My brother's dog caught, killed, and ate 2 rabbits before he was a year old. My dog doesn't have the luxury to even try since I don't have a fence up yet. I'm sure it'll happen as some point. But if one is hunted (by humans), I'd prefer to err on the side of caution and freeze it all first.
  9. xchairity_casex

    xchairity_casex Good Dog

    I was feeding 3 dogs Prey Model Raw for right around 20$ a month.

    We are scared half to death about bacteria,germs and parasites so much so, that many people see a huge disconnect between meat at the grocery store and wild caught meat.

    I suggest taking some time and learning a bit more about raw feeding as I think you will totally change your mind.

    You can get GOOD raw meat from many places.

    How I get my dog food:

    -Local butcher, I ask for them to save me the throw-aways and get it for free. I normally get anything from whole chickens to beef spine sections.
    -Local processors during hunting season. again, I ask for the throw aways and normally get enough venison to last 3 dogs for 4 months or one dog for 6-8 months!
    -Friends and family, who throw out old freezer burned meat or hunter friends who clear out there freezers every year to re-fill them.
    -Local farmers who have extras and throw aways, farmers do not use legs, heads,or many organs like hearts,kidneys,livers,sex organs,etc.
    -Road kill, either that you hit yourself or that you see others hit(winter time only!) NEVER take road kill in the warm months that is not fresh.

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