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What Kind of Vehicle do you drive

Discussion in 'Chit Chat' started by Jcarter, Oct 13, 2009.

  1. PitBullHappeningsRescue

    PitBullHappeningsRescue Rescue Moderator Premium Member

    well, in this case...my sister does have a Ford Escape. Although she only has a permit so she can't legally drive it alone yet :lol:

    Not sure of the year but it is fairly new.
  2. Lowlife

    Lowlife Big Dog

    I am far from "green", what color would the total opposite of green be? Even though I am not exactly sure what the effect of methanol are on the environment, never really cared.
  3. CoolHandJean

    CoolHandJean Krypto Super Dog

    Every time I hear anything about the Green movement it makes me was to just turn my truck on and let it run for no reason. lol. Also, makes me what to spray hairspray into the atmosphere. lol.
  4. Tiffseagles

    Tiffseagles GRCH Dog Premium Member

    It's public transportation for me:(
  5. Jcarter

    Jcarter Puppy

    Haha! I'm right there with ya
  6. Debbie

    Debbie Good Dog

    I'm one of the biggest offenders of putting holes in the Ozone layer....:lol:
  7. ZoeyBear

    ZoeyBear Good Dog

    Awww I am pretty close to green - I drive a 95 Honda Del Sol - I can drive to West Palm Beach (2.5 hours each way) and back on $20.00 worth of gas. If not for that, I'd consider something new.

    We just bought a "dog car" for my husband (something about 120 pounds of dog in the back seat of the Mustang that wasn't working out for us). He got an 08 Nissan Xterra.
  8. alaskapit

    alaskapit Little Dog

    i drive an 04 Jeep Liberty, this is the only pic i have of it...
  9. Arrowhead

    Arrowhead Good Dog

    Lol! My hubby has an '02 PT Cruiser. I hate it...every time ya turn around there's something wrong with it! I don't know if it's just ours or if it's common for them. All I know is that we'll never own another.

    I've got an '01 Ford Taurus. It may be older, but it runs like a charm and I've had very few problems with it (knock on wood).

    Don't have any pics of the cars...not much to look at anyway though.
  10. The Riddler

    The Riddler Little Dog

    Ha! i drive a hybrid daily. I used to have a lifted Tundra, super charged and all. My 10 yr old son told me that I was making a bigger hole in the ozone! That weekend Tundra gone Camry Hybrid here. I miss my truck. so I take it out on the world with my bikes:eek:

    ---------- Post
  11. Lowlife

    Lowlife Big Dog

    Usually during most days I am driving a big nasty smokey Peterbuilt or Mack dump truck. They are GREAT for the environment! :D
  12. The Riddler

    The Riddler Little Dog


    my latest build
  13. RobinZ

    RobinZ Puppy

    We share a 2007 Subaru Forester. First new car in like...my whole life. Love it. Haven't ever had it in the shop except for maintenance.

    Otto loves it too b/c it has a moonroof. We can take him with us in the summer, as long as we find shade, we can open up the moonroof a bit and he's comfy!

    During the day, I usually run my errands on my bike. Have a basket in the back, makes it convenient. Nothing greener than that! (Plus I get to continue my ice cream addiction).
  14. Lowlife

    Lowlife Big Dog

    Do you have any larger pictures? I can't hardly see anything in those.
  15. Lovethypitbull

    Lovethypitbull Big Dog

    I drive a Silver 2007 Chevy Cobalt LT
  16. Wyldmoonwoman

    Wyldmoonwoman Little Dog

  17. lvedtch

    lvedtch Big Dog

    I still have my Saab Aero.....I HATE this car!! What a lemon!!
    Then we have an Acura SLX, I think about a 99 and this has been the best car!
    [​IMG]Hey, what does everyone think of my Summer home? It's just one of the places I like to go and unwind:lol:
  18. maui's moku

    maui's moku Little Dog

    my bronco on 38's dunno what kind :D the kind that roll??

    Attached Files:

  19. maui's moku

    maui's moku Little Dog

    my bf's yoda
    my daily driver mazda , his weekend racer hehe
    my boys chevy

    Attached Files:

  20. jmmorgan82

    jmmorgan82 Little Dog

    The "whip" as some of my more ghetto friends like to call their vehicles. '07 F150.



    Aftermarket anti-theft

    Last edited by a moderator: Oct 16, 2009

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