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What Is An American Bully?

Discussion in 'American Bully' started by Sagebrush, Sep 22, 2008.

  1. Sagebrush

    Sagebrush Good Dog

    All those other breeds are recognized breeds of their own.

    The bully dogs are not. Wish we could have waited til there was more organization and more of a registry where Bullies were being bred to bullies and CALLED American Bullies on their papers...like the other breeds.

    Here with this new section, they can hang onto the Pit Bull name they so desperately want AND call themselves American Bullies...they get the best of both worlds, more legitimacy -- and just what they want.

    This whole "pit bull breeds" term just drives me nuts. You might as well include any breed with short hair and a big head. Why not include Boxers, French Bulldogs, Bostons, etc as "pit bull breeds"? Shouldn't they get their own sections too?

    Pit Bull means ONE breed -- I don't care WHAT the media says and I don't care that so many of us go along with it by using this term "pit bull breed".

    No wonder we get these questions about - "what kind of pit bull do I have?"
    Or "I have a blue nose breed". It's the use of that term "pit bull breed" that has led to it...

  2. bahamutt99

    bahamutt99 Stealth ninja

    I guess my question is, what will qualify for American Bully discussion? Must it be about RE dogs? Is it about blue dogs? Is it only about the treestump dogs as I affectionally call them? Kinda confusing. But either way, I think it's a good idea. :)
  3. MR.Bonez

    MR.Bonez Little Dog

    the AM bully has its own registry and yes its official, its the American Bully Kennel Club, if you go to the new bully section i posted more info on it.
    There are a lot of good AmBully breeders out there now that have started just using the ABKC as their registry b/c they are trying to faze out the fact that these dogs started out registered as UKC APBTS.
    also "PIT BULL" does not mean one breed, all of those dogs i listed above are considered "pit bulls" but their is only 1 American Pit Bull Terrier. Besides you should care about the media and how they see things b/c they are the one trying to help ruin the name of all these "pit bull" breeds, BSL will affect them all, so you need to look at it as just having more people power behind our dogs so we can all fight against BSL together and guess what that means people with boxers and other bulldogs type breeds as well, they will all be affected.

  4. MR.Bonez

    MR.Bonez Little Dog

    no, Razors Edge is not the only bloodline of Ambully's their are many others and it should welcome all of them, and its def not jsut about blue dogs, i have seen pleanty of other colors of Bullies, including, chocolates, blacks, brindles, reds, ect ect. and of course if you look at the ABKC website it is not all about the short/compact ones, they have a standard for "normal/average" size, "pocket" size and XXL size. :)

  5. Sagebrush

    Sagebrush Good Dog

    THAT is what I don't get.
    So, what IS the standard for the "American Bully" as it's own breed? So all those sizes, looks, types are American Bullies? How does that work if they are supposed to be a breed?
    In other words, it sounds like, anything that registers with ABKC -- and that includes all "bully breeds" -- is an American Bully. I don't get it.

    Isn't the American Bully supposed to be the shorter, thicker, wider dogs? IF so, why have standard size? Standard-sized American Bullies (which are ?) or is standard-size the American Pit Bull Terrier?

    Last edited by a moderator: Sep 22, 2008
  6. MR.Bonez

    MR.Bonez Little Dog

    also look at it this way.....Poodles for instance have the Toy, Minature, and Standard but they are all poodles, they just use weird names for these AM bullies.
  7. CoolHandJean

    CoolHandJean Krypto Super Dog

  8. Sagebrush

    Sagebrush Good Dog

    How long are the stud books open to dogs that want to be American Bullies and what are the criteria for being allowed into the founding stock? Are pictures sent in? Who makes up the committee that decides whether the dogs meet the Standard as American Bullies?

  9. Sagebrush

    Sagebrush Good Dog

    I see the ABKC does register English Bulldogs and American Bulldogs.

    But these aren't American Bullies, correct? So they are not registerable as American Bullies?

    They have their own registry within ABKC and their own shows or ?

  10. I just want people to quit callling them AMerican Pitbull Terriers dont care if you call them pitbulls just for the love of god quit calling them American Pitbull Terriers call them American Bullies and make it a breed. It'll never be accepted if you keep calling them American Pitbull terriers. APBT owners will get upset and breed clubs will say they arent because they dont fit breed standards just give it time.. all breeds took time to fully develop into what they are today just as the American Bully will become more distint and once there is a breed standard and its own name it will start to become more and more accepted, for instance the AKC wouldnt accepth the APBT's but they accept them as American Staffordshire Terriers
  11. Sagebrush

    Sagebrush Good Dog

    Most the time, when a parent Club organizes to promote and organize a breed, they concentrate on THAT BREED , accepting only as founding dogs dogs that typify for them the type of dog they want to be known as American Bullies....so I don't get the part about registering, recognizing other breeds like English Bulldogs and American Bulldogs....I can understand about "varieties" (size differences)...

    It takes years to get founding stock together and breeding it for a while before you have a "breed" that breeds true from recognized parents....

  12. MR.Bonez

    MR.Bonez Little Dog

    i do not know the true answer to that question b/c i do not work for or am i affiliated with the abkc (besides having my bully registered with them) but i dont think they register the Eng. or the American Bulldogs as American Bullies, i am pretty sure they have their own registry and i am gonna go ahead and guess the reason why the ABKC recongnzes these breeds is b/c they are of "bulldog" decent and the main reason of course to bring in more money. i have been to some ABKC shows but never have i seen the Eng or Am Bulldogs compete, so i am not sure if they have their own seperate shows or what, the ABKC is still young so maybe they will explain things better when they get more stuff organized, if you ask me though even the ABKC shows where the Am bullies get to compete are not all that they are cracked up to be....its really lax and seems to be promoting towards a certain (i hate using this word) sterotype of people......?........and the judges are hopefully doing their job but i have seen (no lie) a radio DJ as a judge before (does not mean he does not know the breed and the standard) but he also let a dog with a sway back and loose eyelids take 2nd place. so go figure, like i said before hopefully they will tighten things up a bit and become more strcit, b/c i have been to UKC shows before too and they are always way more professional about things, but maybe thats just it, who knows, maybe the ABKC wants to make it a more "fun/relaxed" type of show which is ok they just dont need to be lax on these dogs that are not being bred correctly. IMO.

  13. MR.Bonez

    MR.Bonez Little Dog

    not sure the answer to that one either, b/c i again i dont work for them but i do know your bully can be registerd ABKC at a show or through their online website and all you need to do is send a copy of their UKC papers, and i think if you send it in through (mail/website) you may need to send pictures as well....i just hope they are doing their job like you said and really watching whats being registered especially if they are really serious about making this an Official breed for the world to recognize one day.
  14. RegginsMom

    RegginsMom Puppy

    I have a question about American Bully blood lines. Obviously Razors Edge is a bully line, but what are the others. I am curious because one breeder is claiming his dogs to be pure bred XXXL APBT, and states in his website that his dogs are NOT crossed with mastiffs. The lines he uses is greyline, watch dog, and another I cant remember. American Bully breeders use THOSE lines, dont they?

    ironcrosskennels.com is the website.

    Oh yeah and one of his males is 134 pounds with a 28 inch head.
  15. CoolHandJean

    CoolHandJean Krypto Super Dog

    Gotti is definitely one.

    Greyline and Gaff (though also still kind of Amstaff bloodlines) seems like they are coming more and more AmBully.
  16. MR.Bonez

    MR.Bonez Little Dog

    i agree with CHJ Gaff and Greyline have more dogs showing through with Ambully features which they used to carry more of the Amstaff look. Gotti is a Am Bully bloodline which i am not to fond of b/c most (not all) i have seen look like they def have some Eng or AM bulldog mixed in, and a lot carry health problems.
    A few more bloodlines have started their own branch which came off of RE dogs which include Knowlwood and RemyLine.
    Remy Line is supposed to be known as the "Bentleys" of the Ambullies. Most of those (not all) that i have seen are always breed very proper and have great structures and many have placed CH in the show ring. They have made a great name for their self in the bully world and are world wide, and every show they attend they are always very professional about things.

    I have heard of Iron Cross Kennels in CA and yes they do specialize in the XXL bullies but i am not sure why they still call their dogs APBTs b/c thats just not true, and i dont know if they cross breed their dogs with mastiffs or not, IMO i would think so if their stats on there dogs they are claiming are true, but i dont always beleive things these people post up about there dogs. I do also know that they still do have some RE blood in their dogs peds, but the rest of it i am not so sure.

    Mugglestons "pit bulls" LOL have some HUGE dogs that i would consider to be bullies as well but again IMO i am pretty sure they cross mastiffs in their dogs as well, some of them even carry strong looking Neo Mastiff triats. and i have seen them sell their dogs upwards of 10,000 and more.

    there are also Red Nose Bloodlines that i would consider to be AM Bullies but i know some of the kennels still refer them as APBTS and they are def of the XXL type, those bloodlines include Petersons, Camelot, and a few more that right now i cant remember the name of, but i am not a big fan of the XXL's or for that matter the reds. If i were to have a red i would rather have a real APBT of colby, or redboy decent.
  17. PNWPBR

    PNWPBR Good Dog

    muggleston. *barf*

    LOL sorry.
  18. MR.Bonez

    MR.Bonez Little Dog

    LOL its ok i am right there with ya, i dunno why they just dont breed mastiffs?
  19. ChicagoBullyBreed

    ChicagoBullyBreed Little Dog

    I'm getting the first pick american bully female from .:: Great Lakes Bullyz ::.
    And the bloodline consists of Grayline,watchdog and IronCross.

    They do specialize in the XXXL "bully type Pits" but i think they are a very reputable kennel. They have only a few breedings per year, and do a lot of Showing, competitions and other activities to promote their lines. I personally prefur the XXL bullies. But NOT the over done, steroid looking dogs...like mugleston...yuck! Great Lakes Bullyz are very good looking..no crooked, bowing legs, crooked tails, buldging eyes, etc. They're very beautiful. Just LARGE.. I personally have not found any other kennel as nice as Great Lakes.
    Any opinions?
  20. xgarrettxvx

    xgarrettxvx Big Dog

    ICK is a joke. I looked into their dogs because i was excited about that. guess what? most of their dogs either have gott(bulldog crossed) or Ghehgis kon (they spell it all stupid, idk why.) which is a mastiff mixed line. So yeah, he doesn't breed any of his dogs with mastiffs or bulldogs, but a lot, if not all of his dogs have the mixed dogs in their ped. Also the entire bully world is turning on ICK for their sketchy practices. Roman, the head honcho, sold a bunch of dogs claiming they had a different, more sought after sire. ICK is bad news. If you want big apbts, look into Dagger pitbulls. eddington is crossed, GK, RE (post knuckles), gotti, Iron (because it has gk/gotti in it) and so on. I'd stick to watchdog/dagger if you want a bigger PUREBRED apbt.

    ---------- Post added at 12:11 AM ---------- Previous post was at 12:09 AM ----------

    Some of their dogs are pretty bowed. And how many Xs are people going to be putting in front of L. XL, reasonable, XXL, get it, but XXXL??? commmmmme onnnn. haha. Good luck with your girl though, i wasn't trying to hate on your choice!

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