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What is a bloodline

Discussion in 'Today's APBT' started by GotPepsi, Dec 16, 2009.

  1. GotPepsi

    GotPepsi Little Dog

    Hello, new to the forum. Im glad to be here, hence this site seems the most knowledgeable about APBT's. Im looking forward to interesting discussions.

    Anyways to clear up some confusion that i have, what is a bloodline? My APBT is registered to ADBA and under the breed it says American Pitbull Terrier. The man that i bought him from said that he comes from a "watchdog" blood line. If the watchdog blood line makes up an american bully, why is this dog registered as an APBT? im stumbled on bloodlines, how are they created, and what do they mean?
  2. ColbyDogs

    ColbyDogs Big Dog

    Bloodlines are from either a certain family of dogs or an individual dog who contributes a high percentage of the genetic make-up of the dog in question.
  3. CoolHandJean

    CoolHandJean Krypto Super Dog

    From my understanding there are still some Watchdog APBTs, but the Ambully world has taken over that bloodline, as well as some other APBT or Amstaff bloodlines.

    Many Ambullies are registered still as APBTs, even though, hopefully more Ambully people are just registering with the ABKC and will eventually stop registering their dogs as APBTs.
  4. GotPepsi

    GotPepsi Little Dog

    Im not sure, how can i tell if my dog is a APBT or an AmBully? I just recieved my papers from ADBA. The sire was 85lbs, and the dam was around 50. How can you tell if a dog is purebred if like you said Ambullies are still registered as APBT
  5. CoolHandJean

    CoolHandJean Krypto Super Dog

    The only way to know for sure is to get your dog from a Reputable breeder.
  6. xgarrettxvx

    xgarrettxvx Big Dog

    My dog is primarily Watchdog. They aren't gamebred, they were bred for work in general really. There is suspicion that ambulldogs were used back then, as the owner of watchdog pitbulls also had watchdog ABs. If you have a pedigree and can tell me which watchdog's are in it (example: Watchdog's Beezlebub) i can tell you what generation of Watchdogs you have..more likely to be bully or not. Welcome to the forum!
  7. GotPepsi

    GotPepsi Little Dog

    oh okay yeah i have the pedigree! but i dont know how to read it. It goes back 4 generations. I actually dont know how to read this! i actully dont see any watchdog in there. how can i show it to you?

    ---------- Post added at 10:04 PM ---------- Previous post was at 09:41 PM ----------

    Well i think found it. (Wright's "grapevine chance" 1500-10) great great grandparents of my dog. that's the only blood line i found that is part of the name on the pedigree. I have to search the rest but i dont wanna pay a subscribtion fee.. lol and yup, not a gamebred. very high prey drive though! :)
  8. xgarrettxvx

    xgarrettxvx Big Dog

    My boy also has a grapevine dog and high prey drive! lol. Grapevine definately went for bigger dogs. We both have the bully side of Watchdog technically. But you need to seem them to understand they aren't like the bullies you see today. They were just big, in height, head, and weight. But not short and fat dogs. They were utility farm dogs and catchdogs. You can take a pic of the ped and and post it.
    Watchdog has faded out so it's true that your dog is probably primarily watchdog you just don't see it in the ped because WD's Beezlebub x WD's Zulu could become Smith's Johnboy..and johnboy would still be carrying the watchdog blood through the generations up to your pups. Hope that wasn't too confusing.

    ---------- Post added at 11:47 PM ---------- Previous post was at 11:46 PM ----------

    There are also online ped-generators that let you fill in the info as it is on the papers, tehn you can link us to that.
  9. GotPepsi

    GotPepsi Little Dog

    lol yes its a little confusing. Ill post the picture up soon as well as pictures of my dog. they have silly names. (WRIGHT'S "Grapevine chance" 1500Z-10) ill take the pic soon!
  10. xgarrettxvx

    xgarrettxvx Big Dog

    excited to see them
  11. GotPepsi

    GotPepsi Little Dog

    The Sire
    six months
  12. Laced Wit Game

    Laced Wit Game Good Dog

    id lose the chain collar

    ---------- Post added at 10:30 PM ---------- Previous post was at 10:29 PM ----------

    other than that the dogs looks good
  13. GotPepsi

    GotPepsi Little Dog

    Yeah.. i would lose it too, but that's not my dog. I'd took my dog to see if he caught up to the sire "Diseal" the owner of him keeps him on that chain collar night and day. If not on that, then in a small kennel..:\
  14. xgarrettxvx

    xgarrettxvx Big Dog

    Sucks such a nice looking dog doesn't have more to do. Good looking dog though. Yours and the sire. :)
  15. raoh

    raoh Puppy

    I'm no expert but:
    Bloodline=breeders taking credit for dog's they produced, usually because they claim their dogs have this or that trait. Kind of like a BRAND within a breed. I don't consider bloodlines too official because there are so many breeders wanting to claim what they "created". When you order a BK Whopper it's a Whopper, but with dog bloodlines you are usually guaranteed a certain look because of the tight breeding but I wouldn't count too much on non-physical traits. Just ask yourself, how similar are you to your parents? Some traits you indeed genetically inherited but there's things you can't inherit and some breeders will claim their bloodline all share this trait.

    APBT then, is an officially recognized dog breed under UKC and ADBA. Because a lot of bullies were bred from APBT, as long as breeders have the papers stating they are APBT all their pups may be registered as APBT even if they are watered down or poorly bred.

    I grew up wanting a "game"-line dog so I went ahead and snatched a puppy with Colby in it for $300 (a "good'' deal I guess). But after awhile you don't care for that crap too much, you just care that it's your lil friend and your pet. I have his ADBA papers but I never requested for his pedigree for this reason, he's cool whether or not he's a Colby. But as I said maybe, just maybe, due to his Colby line, he does have an amazing mouth (hard bite) and very small size as I had expected (mother 35 lb, father 50 lbs). Compared to my sister's street/backyard pitbull who is over 60 lbs and won't bite onto a rag for his life, but he's extremely athletic elsewhere.
  16. 444

    444 Big Dog Premium Member

    Comparing canine genetics to human genetics is not a fair comparison.Humans don't/can't successfully inbreed and line breed like canines can.Not all dogs will share all traits in this type of breeding but you certainly increase the probability of them being passed on.

    We can use the Colby family of dogs as an example since you brought that name up.The dogs produced by the Colby's for 100+ years are similar in looks and attributes.Long credited for having athletic ability and lots of wind.

    Not to be an ass but if the dog you're speaking of being a Colby dog is the one in your avatar...definitely not a pure Colby dog as he looks to be a white/rednose dog which the Colby line does not produce.

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