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What do YOU look like?

Capt. Roxy

Good Dog
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Japanese tourists were fascinated with Tonka. They kept asking if they could take her picture. There was even a photo journalist who took her picture. I'm pretty sure she was in an edition of some Japanese magazine. Lol
I've NEVER seen a dog who has Tonka's markings over there. Obviously they are huge into the Shiba Inu, Shikoku Inu, Akita types but there are lots of bully breeds there. I don't think most are kept as pets though... It's very common to see a dog fight. It's not illegal there or at least when I went it wasn't. They make it a family outing and take bets, it's all sorts of crazy. I've never been a part of it but my dad who I get my half asian blood (South Korean/Japanese) from took me to this messed up gangster's paradise type of ghetto scary place to show me ALL OF JAPAN. UGH- I would NEVER go back there, sorry. Nope, not for me... OMG, then the meat market in KOrea I saw- Don't even get me started on that! I haven't been back there in over 15 yrs and I don't plan on ever going back there. My mother who is Russian, Italian, and Columbian went crazy in the middle of the meat market, lol. Fun times-


Not the best pic of me but I wanted a photo with Zeus. His momma is next to me and his aunt is behind us. And I wish I know how to make the photos I post appear correctly oriented. Any suggestions?


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