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What do you feed your dog?

Discussion in 'Health & Nutritional Care' started by Lillie May, May 10, 2014.

  1. pitbulldogs

    pitbulldogs OHMUHGERD Staff Member

    I will buddy, all is good so far!
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  2. Mr maverick

    Mr maverick Puppy

    Raw diet ground turkey with liver kidney hearts and bone kale green lentils red lentils yam made from a local butcher. For treats dehydrated turkey liver and coconut oil

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  3. ETRaven2

    ETRaven2 Big Dog

    Prey Model Raw here.
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  4. Jacob Bijl

    Jacob Bijl Puppy


    This is my first post here. I have the feeling that my pit is on the skinny side but I feel her very well (I think). So I would love some feedback from you guys about how she looks. I have had dogs my entire life (40 years at this point) but she is my first pitbull. I have had all terriers before her. She is doing great, she is healthy, very playful and sleeps like a champ.

    This is her food regimen for the morning:
    - 3.5 table spoon The Honest Kitchen dehydrated vegetable mix
    - 1.5 dehydrated burger paddy from Stella & Chewy's
    (I mix those with water until that becomes a wet pasty mix)
    - 1.5 cups of Raw coated kibble by Stella & Chewy's
    - 1 measuring cup of Meal Mixers by Stella & Chewy's

    She gets the same in the evening. So technically she is getting more food than what the bags recommend for a 42lbs dog. But you can definitely see her ribcage and despite the fact that she has good muscle tone and great endurance (she goes running with me for 12 miles every day while I am on the bike) she looks skinny to me.

    What do you guys think? IMG-20171101-WA0003.jpg IMG_20171101_1801218.jpg IMG-20171027-WA0002.jpg IMG_20171005_0955237.jpg
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  5. Mr maverick

    Mr maverick Puppy

    Looks healthy as s pitbull to me. She looks great very healthy looking. Pitbulls all have different body types and she looks prefect weight for hers.
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  6. Jacob Bijl

    Jacob Bijl Puppy

    Thank you for confirming what I was thinking. It's difficult not to doubt yourself when there are people at the park telling me I should feed my dog more because she is too skinny. And the fact that she always seems to want more food also did not help... I'll keep her on the current regimen and will report back in a few weeks to show how she is doing.

    One other question. As you can see from the pictures she has a white and tan coat. Her coat however is not shiny like I have seen with other pitbulls with darker coats. Is that a sign of a potential problem or can it be that that is just how her coat looks?
  7. Mr maverick

    Mr maverick Puppy

    I personally think she looks great. I think it's just how her coat looks. I give my pups coconut oil orally and daily and apply it on there coats(rub it in well) once a month somtimes twice. Also fish oils in food can bring out a great shine on the coat.

    Also people are very judgemental people i think your dog will do great with your best judgment and prior experiences
    People thought Mr Maverick was overweight Screenshot_20171125-111751.png
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  8. Mr maverick

    Mr maverick Puppy

    Wink if your happy IMG_20171101_1801218.jpg
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  9. ETRaven2

    ETRaven2 Big Dog

    She looks perfect to me. Remember, most of Joe Public is used to seeing overweight dogs. So, your dog who is of adequate weight, looks thin to them.
    I like a dog with a good tuck and a little rib showing. Most of us on the forum like a very lean dog.
    As for coat, I find that feeding a high quality kibble or PMR helps with sheen. However, the darker the coat the more sheen you will be able to see. I'm not familiar with what you're feeding, but you can always search it.
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  10. Jacob Bijl

    Jacob Bijl Puppy

    Thank you for your response. I personally feel the same way about having a more "lean" dog. But at some point even strangers can get you to question yourself...

    As for her food, I give her the Stella & Chewy's food (dehydrated paddy's, kibble and booster), and I supplement with the Bully Max and Gorilla Max products.

    Thanks again.
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  11. Jacob Bijl

    Jacob Bijl Puppy

    Wow, overweight??? He looks great in the picture. People are judgmental, especially when they actually do not know what they are talking about. I used to give Sophie coconut oil in her food but that kinda disappeared to the background. Maybe I will start doing that again.

    Thanks for the advice!
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  12. Worg

    Worg Big Dog

    There's a difference between over weight and obese, just as there is a difference between thin and emaciated. No one said his dog was obese, just said the pup could lose a couple pounds for a better tuck and less stress on the joints. When you come to a forum and ask questions, people are going to give answers, those answers are a judgement, so yes people are judgmental, that's kind of the point...
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  13. Fromm gold and raw meats when I buy it for em. Hes also great out clam digging when you break a clam and drop it because you didnt think you got it and he eats em. Nasty farts all night tho. I get people telling me my dogs to skinny to. By fat people and I'm like your to fat!

    Attached Files:

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  14. cloutlord

    cloutlord Puppy

    Beautiful dog! I was thinking my pup was under weight, especially since his brother is quite a bit bigger than he is. I have a feeling he will be similar to size & stature of your dog as an adult. 93E89CA3-7122-455F-922E-AF18462FC8AE.jpeg
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  15. Good looking puppy. How old is he?
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  16. cloutlord

    cloutlord Puppy

    Thank you & 12 weeks.
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  17. Ted pitbull

    Ted pitbull Puppy

    Special for pitbull pup. And RAW meat.

  18. Personally I think a variety of foods is best instead of relying on just one specific kind of food. I don't think the basic dog food is enough especially not for a pit bull, they certainly enjoy raw meat, but they also need to get enough nutrients and vitamins. Which is where supplements come in so along with kibble and meat there are things like flax seed oil and cottage cheese. This combination is ideal as it promotes a dog's health starting at the cells that make up the organism. Buddy Custard is a trusted company that specializes in this formula which is based on the Budwig diet. They even have a peanut butter flavor that dogs love. A wellness protocol like that combined with raw meat and kibble makes for a good diet for any dog and of course you can't forget the occasional treats!
  19. AGK

    AGK Scratch Kingz Staff Member

    Supplements are only needed when the food being fed is lacking something. Otherwise they just piss them right back out therefore most of the time they are simply a waste of money. A decent Raw diet would be complete and balanced as are most commercial dog kibbles. I feed primarily Sportsmans Mix Wholesomes Chicken and rice 90% of the time. I'll feed raw in cycles. I never use supplements and the only thing my dogs lack is patience. I'm not saying don't give your dogs supplements, but for the general dog owner who just has a pet that lays around the house all day, they are not necessary. With a decent to good feed, they are definitely not needed. Only time I'd say they will benefit from it is if they are actually working dogs of some sort.
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  20. I have to admit I love the added supplementation

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