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What breed???

Hello i would like the opinion of you guys on seeing if maybe my pit is purebred or maybe has some mix. Her mom (my cousins dog) is a American Pit bull american red coat and her dad (which my cousin and i think is the dad) is a bit taller and leaner about same coat color and red nose.

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Also i don't know if you guys can notice but her snout seems to be a bit longer than pit bulls I've seen but I've done some research on the internet and have seen a couple of APBT with same snout length same characteristics same coat colors and body type a you guys can see ive uploaded a few pictures of my pit she's seems to be a APBT red nose she is 1 year and 2 months now 3 first pictures are most recent!

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Right so I've been told before but would she fall on the APBT, staffybull or Amstaff you would say? And let me apologize about thread jacking its just that i cant find any options on this app im using tapatalk to make my own thread.

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Cow Dog
Go to whatever section you want to start a thread in and click new thread. The button is toward top left.

From tapatalk:

Go to proper section. Click ... On top right


<b><font color="green">Premium Member aka king_leo
Looks like an amstaff bro

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Am Staffs dont have red noses... at least its not common from what I understand...

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