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What are the Most Impressive AmBullies You Know Of?


Knuckles was no more an APBT than my OEB was. He was an overbuilt AST and from what I've seen (& heard from those who met him firsthand), not only did he have a propensity to growl at folks but his offspring don't have the most lovely of temperaments ever. I met several directs sons/daughters and granddaughters/grandsons off of him at some AmBully shows and UKC events and I didn't get to pet one due to their wariness and issues with strangers. But considering how much he's been bred, that's just a dot on the map in terms of offspring produced.

I'm curious to know if others have had similar or opposite experiences with him and/or his offspring.
mine has knuckles on fourth line, she's leary of the occasional light pole or fire hydrant. she barks at people she don't know. pretty sure she learned this from hanging out with my mom's rat terrier though. she was happy to meet everyone until we all loaded up in a car and went to sturgis and back she was about two months then so i'm not sure if she learned or inherited the behavior.
He's an deff an american bully, they have xl's as well, and bully doesn't HAVE to be short, it's just prefered.

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Never seen an am bully that looks like that... looks more like an APBT...

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Lol I'm not sure what it is, but I definitely don't think an APBT. Maybe a APBT/ amstaff?? Beautiful dog though! and I have seen bullies that look like that, they aren't very common.


Little Dog
I know Dave-and his sister, where I got Dixie from. I know his sister-and have met Dave. Knuckles is old now lol:( There was talk 5 years ago about line breeding Dixie to Knuckles-but it never happened.
Dave doesnt have a sister or were you refering to the dog? :)
The most impressive bullies I have seen are King Kamali, Pokemon, Fonzi, Rizzy. I know there are so many more just cant think right now. I will tell you I love to see a really correct bully.


Good Dog
Dave doesnt have a sister or were you refering to the dog? :)
The most impressive bullies I have seen are King Kamali, Pokemon, Fonzi, Rizzy. I know there are so many more just cant think right now. I will tell you I love to see a really correct bully.
I corrected what I said like a page and a half ago....


Big Dog
Yet according to him, his dogs are APBTs:

And with a litter on the ground at almost all times, it can't be too hard to get a pup from them.

You are unbelievably rude. LGK is a member of this forum if your gonna talk so much trash keep it out of the bully section take it to the debate forum where people want to argue


Big Dog
Stating an opinion about another members kennel and dogs is rude and im pretty sure is against terms of use ;)

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Good Dog
Stating an opinion is what the thread is about and it doesn't violate any rules. She wasn't bashing his dogs in any way.

It's time get this thread back on topic.
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All I said is that an AmBully owner/breeder refers to his dogs as APBTs and not AmBullies. So again it just adds to the confusion for people.

I did not say one negative word about his dogs in this forum.
I have to say

" LOR'S BLUE TERMINATOR"from Extreme Bully Pitbulls because he is the the grandfather to my pup .My pup is 2X comet 2X Felony (Icon's Dame ) still have 2 weeks to go before I get him .He should be a big Bully


Little Dog
Hey Jimmy! how is the puppy? i just saw Comet, from extreme pitbulls(on the site) and he he looks real good! One of my personal favorites is samurai Paco..i like alot of the bullies Suarez kennels has.


Good Dog
Mr Gucciano, DonMega, not a Bully but a monster Amstaff Matteo out of Cornerstone Kennels, BabyBoy out GK James dogs.. Knuckles one of the cleanest XXls I have seen. A lot more that I cannot remember at this moment.

There are some gorgeous dogs out there, they are hidiing behind all the crappy BYBs. The true AmBully wonders are always hiding but trust me they are there and they are amazing :)