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What are some exellent Bandoge crosses and bloodlines?

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Actually XXXBandogge is very well known! If you like I can provide you with names of ppl who know him personally. Not to mention, the many VERY satisfied ppl who have purchased puppies from him.
XXXBandogge is well respected in the bandogge & bully world. Hence why the 3 leagues came to him to write the breed standard. I know this to be fact since I was there when he was asked. He is an exceptional breeder, this is what separates him from others. He in fact does health test his line.......And yes, I do know this since I'm the one who has been there for it all......And as for your hip displasia comment, I can attest to him ONLY having two cases of this, which by the way, were placed in family homes.
Everything that XXXbandogge has stated in this thread he can back up, as well as others.
Everyone is entitled to their opinion and has every right to voice it, but there no need to disrespect, talk trash or put down someone else's line simply kuz they dont like it. I don't know why you felt the need to do so, but honestly, in my opinion, it just makes you look like an ass.

Which health tests are done?
Bing, U STILL TALKING?! Didnt i tell you to go get your shine box?!!. I scratched you off my balls like a flea, what are you still doing here? When you catch up to half of my achievements then I will waste my time responding to your nobody self. The amount of views on gryphons YouTube video definitely says otherwise as far as people knowing who I am, LOL. Go back to your hole in NJ little mouse


Cow Dog
Everyone is entitled to their opinion and has every right to voice it, but there no need to disrespect, talk trash or put down someone else's line simply kuz they dont like it. I don't know why you felt the need to do so, but honestly, in my opinion, it just makes you look like an ass.
Funny you say that considering your boyfriend came here slinging insults and calling people names. Still hasn't stopped in any of his posts. Maybe you should keep your preaching to the homestead rather than online.


You have a lot to learn before you can even think about breeding.

triple x bandogges are a joke, the guy breeds extreme American bullies to neos . He doesn't health test shit and even produced dysplastic dogs and doesnt care. He doesn't compete in anything with them, he is just breeding orthopedic messes for the look .

Hahahahaha!!!! He came on here slinging insults?!?! Actually sweetheart, if read the beginning of the thread he came on here after someone insulted him and his line.........and they still CONTINUE TO DO IT!!!!!!


Cow Dog
Expressing an opinion about a kennel and breeder is quite different than outright calling other members names. Perhaps you are the one that needs to learn to read considering you will be BANNED for name calling.


Good Dog
I just viewed the video, the decoy is offering zero pressure. The dog has no obedience, he is just playing tug with the bite suit.like I said, I'll video my chihuahua tugging Lolol also you shot that video with some stupid fish eye lens up close to make the dog look bigger. Just a silly ass marketing campaign. I didn't even bother to keep watching to see if your dog can even out of that tug game.
And again I'm still waiting for your achievements...... I'll keep waiting...

Do you think I give two craps about being banned from the board? LOL

You're an obvious moron and my success will continue to shine like my dogs do. I won't bother to show you all the other footage because a loser like you will somehow find a way to pick it apart as you continue to impress no one with your nothingness. Ask around, from OJ Knighten to level 3 FR, mondio & schutzhund clubs approve him as proven. And if you think that's a fisheye lens projecting a larger dog then he is then you're a moron and obviously haven't talked to anyone who has seen him or worked with him because he's over 140 with a 28 inch head. Regardless of what you say, He may very well go down in history as one of the best working Neapolitan hybrids ever and he's dying to grip you so please put on your big boy panties and come decoy him so we can laugh as we watch him also not out as limbs start flying LOL. Will you please go GET a dog to train or get a job BING, What's wrong did your mother not hug you enough? You must feel big after getting so much of my time seeing is that I've got so little of it and gave a peon like you more than most. Now please entertain me and tell me who's dog you do find impressive lollll.
Southern girl- Not until dumb dicks like this David fake comes along and starts talking shit about things they don't have a clue about.

Why am I here? - To defend my name as I heard this piece of crap slandering me through another board member, and to as well network.

i know because head size would never have anything to do with gripping power would it u effing moron!!? God your stupid, and no it's not my first focus, making sure the dog has drive and will to do the job comes first but stop acting like it plays no role!.

I seen good and bad in Manson dogs and they have nothing on a size level, I made my breed for home protection not running a 30 minute agility course! Lol. Why are you still talking and not over here taking a hit from my dogs? God I can't stand socializing with such a cur!!!. Please go find a hobby because if you think I'm going to fold to your small PC gangster wannabes dog having ass, you're wrong!. For people or anyone to question my actions should first look at how this discussion started when Mr. asshole started spewing from the mouth... About lies I can prove otherwise. Let's start with this one, find me someone who payed for a dog that I produced in which had hip dysplasia, you won't because there were only two in 17 years of breeding and they were homed for free.

David please go be a loser somewhere else, please, I'm new here and already have three people asking why you're such a piece of crap. Do you care to answer that? Ha ha
I don't care about if you health test your dogs, but I care about endurance. I've seen some bandogges that filled that department in size and athletic ability. Truthfully your looks like its only good for the short haul.
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