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What are some exellent Bandoge crosses and bloodlines?

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Hello everyone I am new here... I am well familiar The ABT, Bulldog breeds,and Bandoges...

I am familiar with several Bandogg crosses but I just want to know some exellent crosses and bloodlines and some uncomon/least popular crosses yet still good crosses, I am intrested in some starting a kennel but not anytime soon but I want a bandogge pup so any can anybody suggest any?


Little Dog
Go to the bandog banter message you will learn lots there about the Bandog.Be forewarned though do not go on there saying you want to start a new kennel when you do not have very much exp with the breed.They will eat you up.Alot of exp bandog folks there though.Good luck.

Lee D

Good Dog
excellent crosses? try a HEALTHY mastiff bitch with the proper attitude and back her into a very drivey serious APBT male. that seems to work


Good Dog
You have a lot to learn before you can even think about breeding.

triple x bandogges are a joke, the guy breeds extreme American bullies to neos . He doesn't health test shit and even produced dysplastic dogs and doesnt care. He doesn't compete in anything with them, he is just breeding orthopedic messes for the look .
Davidfitness- CLUELESS MORON! You know nothing about my breed and yet my name falls from your mouth?!!!
You have a lot of balls lying out to the people!!
If my line doesn't work then what is this amongst many other YouTube videos and why do I sell out of pups first?
Then why do people feel A need to steal the breed standard in which I have now wrote for three leagues?!
And more importantly what do you have to show for because I would say my male is probably in the top 10 of the country right now, shall we compare?!!!

google me!



Good Dog
Bla bla even your puppies come out with hip dysplasia, you don't health taste you have no working titles. I told you to join the working dog forum but you won't because you'll embarrass your self.
First off I don't even know who you are because you're afraid to reveal your true self, and if not then you can post your information here and I will call you or PM me!.
Second off I've only had two cases of hip dysplasia in all the years that I have bread Bandogs pitbull or Bullies and each case I came forward and homed the dog for free so you have no clue what you're talking about, And how can you admit you told me about a forum if I don't even know who you are?! Lame ass. The reason you're not telling me shit is because you're not doing shit and you're wrong about titles because I'll be going for my ACAL1 soon with Gryphon and beginning NADF with a team I do French ring with called extreme ringers. Nice attempt to slander me but like they say you're not doing big things until people are talking behind your back brave guy.lol. Go to sleep sweetheart
Bla bla even your puppies come out with hip dysplasia, you don't health taste you have no working titles. I told you to join the working dog forum but you won't because you'll embarrass your self.

Bla bla bla = I have nothing to show for, Talk before I think, need attention, cant think up an excuse or reason for why you have nothing to compare,..... Need i cont'??!!! Lolllll


Little Dog
i love the look of the dogs from chimara kennels and mind changing kennels, no offence XXXbandogge, i just prefer the english mastiff mix over the neo but thats just my personal prefrence
I have no problem with that K Bell, diff floats for different boats. To me as long as it works is great. i wanted to do something original and got some very unique working dogs. What most don't know is that I have an English and went through an extreme tragedy with the loss of my game Bred pitbull that I had from 1996 right before I transitioned to the neo.
Lee is highly respected in my book and we are good friends, as far as Justin, well he doesn't work his dogs nor believes in that, so I hesitate to call them Bandogge's,...


Good Dog
13th legion is the forum, anyone crossing breeds for looks is called a designer dog.breeder. as I said before you have no titles and you don't health test.

It's not rocket science when you can show titles or ofa scores we will talk.
Well first off dumb-dick, Don't tell me what my goals are and have been because you don't know shit, and that's obvious because if you talk to people like Lee, even he can tell you that I can care less about looks....
Second off you're still hiding behind a screen name in which I will seek- That spells coward. Titles are being worked on and even if they werent I could care less because I've told everyone ( obviously you don't listen) that my breed is for home protection and they will do just that and you can get the invite if you don't think so! Meanwhile I still hear nothing about any of your dogs including titles or pictures or even hearsay, nevermind YouTube footage!. And why don't we look at who is more successful the last six years.... Hmmm, NOW THAT IS ROCKET SCIENCE! (i won't expect you to understand, lol). As far as health testing, I told you back in the day I did and you will be the last person who receives proof because you are a nobody and I could give a shit about you so go crawl back in your hole and fail like you do so well including debate. Lol.
I bet your Chihuahua has more balls than you and if you think all my dog does is hang then why don't you come hop the fence and I'll have 911 piece you back together again Like humpty k. LOLLLL


Lol nobody knows who you are :)
Actually XXXBandogge is very well known! If you like I can provide you with names of ppl who know him personally. Not to mention, the many VERY satisfied ppl who have purchased puppies from him.
XXXBandogge is well respected in the bandogge & bully world. Hence why the 3 leagues came to him to write the breed standard. I know this to be fact since I was there when he was asked. He is an exceptional breeder, this is what separates him from others. He in fact does health test his line.......And yes, I do know this since I'm the one who has been there for it all......And as for your hip displasia comment, I can attest to him ONLY having two cases of this, which by the way, were placed in family homes.
Everything that XXXbandogge has stated in this thread he can back up, as well as others.
Everyone is entitled to their opinion and has every right to voice it, but there no need to disrespect, talk trash or put down someone else's line simply kuz they dont like it. I don't know why you felt the need to do so, but honestly, in my opinion, it just makes you look like an ass.
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