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What an eventful week end.(LONG)

Discussion in 'Health & Nutritional Care' started by xchairity_casex, Feb 15, 2016.

  1. xchairity_casex

    xchairity_casex Good Dog

    This has been on helluva week end that is for sure!
    Thursday night hubby had off, we were at home, I was dying my hair (manic panic, blue,turquoise and purple) and put some on Cesar for fun.
    was letting the dye dry and playing video games when I grabbed an apple to eat, Cesar loves apples so I gave him a big hunk
    and immediatly began to choke.

    he tensed up, started gagging, vomited up some apple and froth, more tensing, gasping and more apple vomit.
    but he was moving around, trying to wag his tail, I tried to give him the doggy hiemlich but he was breathing, weird but breathing none the less.

    after only a few short minutes his tongue was turning pruple and he was struggling to bring air in but still wagging his tail and moving around etc.
    I called the E vet who asked me if he was coughing, no he was not coughing. vet tells me to give him some bread to push it down if it gets worse, call back.

    gave him some bread, he ate happily but I could hear weird gurgling in his stomach, like trapped air, he tensed up and stopped moving closing his eyes and then panting heavily again and refusing any more bread or water.

    he was drooling all over and his stomach was hard. I began to suspect possibly bloat since the last vet said it did not sound like he choking.
    so, I called a closer E vet who said it did in fact sound like possible bloat, to give him a bit f bread and see if he could keep it down for 10 minutes. if he could then she said it was unlikely blat- if not it could be bloat and bring him in right away.
    he ate the bread and 2 minutes later vomited it back up in a froth.

    We rushed him up 45 minutes and a white out away at 1am.

    while in the car he kept putting his front half on the floor with his but on the seat. he would stop panting in that position so I let him be figuring it must be more comfortable.
    about 10 minutes from the vets office he let out a VERY loud burp and a whole lot of apple/bread vomit, climbed back onto the seat and was no longer panting or drooling really.

    the vet took an x ray of his stomach. Cesar at this point was moving around slow, but comfortably it seemed. no panting no drooling and all color had returned to his tongue.
    vet seen no signs of a stomach twist or bloat and said it could have been the beginning of a partial twist that his burping expelled and it went back to normal.
    she gave us some anti-nausea pills for him and a bill of about 500$ for x ray, consult and 2 anti nausea pills.

    head home and Cesar is tired (it was 5am Friday morning by the time we got home) put him to bed and happy the scare was over.

    He slept in in his crate till about 3pm (not unusual for him, he is used to going to bed at 11pm)
    i woke him up and he seemed stiff, sore, unresponsive. I would call he would stand there, head hanging in obvious pain unable to move more then a few steps without stopping.

    but he was not panting or having trouble breathing, I thought "maybe his back is out of place" since, he has the same symptoms.
    I offered him water, an ice pack for his back and a massage.
    We sat together on the floor for several hours, me going back and forth between hot pack and ice pack and massage for his back.

    The vet had told me to give him a bland meal of boiled chicken, so I boiled some up and minced it to offer. he wolfed it down and suddenly it all came back up within 10 seconds in a froth. he tried to drink water and it also came up.

    I thought "maybe if he can keep one of the anti-nausea pills down he will feel better.
    so I gave him a pill in a bit of bread and he seemed to be able to be keeping it down. he layed down to sleep on my lap till around 7 at night before I decided to offer him some bland chicken bone broth (no bones- just the broth) he gulped it down, but this time it all came out his nose and mouth in a thick clear/brown mucus, his lungs sounded filled with water, he was breathing it all in!

    I grabbed a bulb syringe and suctioned whatever I could out of his nose to help, but it just poured out. I called my husband since he has the car and was at work that something was NOT right and Cesar was not doing well. he told me to call the E vet again.

    I tried you see but, up here we do not have a REAL 24 hour vet, only vets who are some nights on call.
    I tried to wait, offering Cesar water only to have the same- it coming out his nose in thick frothy mucus that had gone from clearish to yellowish to brown to pink.

    My husband was at work till 7am and I kept calling him, the vet would not be open till 9am but I kept trying to call them as well to get someone on the phone.

    sitting with Cesar I began to notice a very large (about golf ball sized lump) in his throat.
    I were so sure we had been correct in assuming the apple stuck in his throat was the cause.
    Would explain the inability to keep food or water down and his aspirating the broth and water.

    Got a hold of the vet at 5am whom I told her what was happening and her response was
    "I am not equipped to do that kind of procedure here, im sorry, don't bring him to me"

    I called my husband who told me to call the vet farther away who was open(2 hours away)
    I was met with the same
    "We are not equipped, you can bring him here to be diagnosed, but if the cause is what you are saying-we cannot treat him, the nearest vet able to treat is in WI 4 hours away and will run about 2500$+ "

    it was Saturday morning, I grabbed all my cash on hand, husband grabbed all of his, we ran to the ATM and emptied his bank account and mine and headed for the vet for a diagnosis.

    we got to the vets office at 10 where we had to wait for about an hour before being seen, he got his x-rays and was such a sweet heart. he was walking and moving around the office, trying to meet the other dogs there very nicely.
    the vet took the x rays and pointed out a bone in his stomach and the apple in his throat.
    "that is a raw chicken drumstick from his last meal on Thursday afternoon" I told her I was not worried about it.

    she said yes, he did in fact need to have an endoscopy to have the apple removed or die, we had to get him taken care of ASAP, it was already Saturday. She consulted with the vet in WI and let them know we were on our way from MI-4 hours away.
    She faxed his x-rays to her and sent us off.
    200$ for x-ray and consult.

    My sisters boyfriend drove us up. Poor Cesar was so thirsty he was licking the windows of the car and trying to lick my soda bottle.
    I felt so awful for him but I could not offer him water or else risk more going into his lungs and his lungs were sounding good and pretty clear since I had stopped offering him water several hours before.

    About 45 minutes away we got a call from my husband who said the vet in WI called him to tell us she was leaving at 4 and if we were not there in 30 minutes-she was leaving.
    We were so upset we had to call her back and BEG her to stay, this was an EMERGENCY!
    She said
    "You have 45 minutes and then I am going home.'

    We got there with 5 minutes to spare and ran him in and got a lecture from the woman at the front desk
    "The vet leaves at 4!'
    "We were unable to leave the vets office in MI till little before 1pm! our driver was in dialysis all morning due to failing kidneys! we stopped to get drinks and drove straight here!"

    I was still in my PJ's from Thursday night!

    We got Cesar in and the vet assistant came back to take information about what was going on.
    I told her the entire story "apple, thought it was bloat, got worse, lump,took him to vets in MI"

    she asked me his diet and I told her
    "He is raw fed, he has a chicken drum stick in his stomach from Thursday afternoon, so long as it is not caught leave it alone it will pass"

    My sister was witness.

    next the vet comes telling me about the procedure and her plans.
    go in through his throat with the camera and endoscopy to pull out the apple.
    she says
    "I noticed a bone that had moved from your vet (MI vet) x-ray and in my x ray it has moved farther along the stomach and I worry about it.
    I said
    "He is raw fed, has been his whole life, it is a raw chicken drumstick, so long as it is not in his esophogas, leave it only, dont touch it unless it is causing a blockage."

    she tells us she will give us a call at our hotel when she is done or if there is a problem/complication.
    paid 2,000$ up front to even have him seen.

    we go out to dinner, I cant eat, too nervous.
    head back to our hotel.

    8:30 Saturday night in the hotel the vet calls me

    "We got the apple out alright it was a big piece but we got it all out"
    I was so relieved!

    "BUT...i am a little embarressed to admit, this has never happened before I went to remove the bone from his stomach and my tool is caught around the piece of bone inside his stomach.
    I need to know if you want me to do a much more risky and invasive surgery to remove the tool, that will cost an extra 2500$+ dollars to start but might end up 3500$+ and you will need to have it here within the morning

    or, do you want to make the call to euthinize?
    I need a decision in about 10 minutes, he is still on the table now."

    we hung up and I was in shock. I was angry,she had NO reason to go in after that bone, it had been moving along fine, she told me, it had moved into his stomach safely, no blockage, no tears.
    the apple had already been removed!

    The longest and yet shortest 10 minutes of my entire life.
    Our bank accounts were cleaned out for at least another week.
    we do not have credit cards.
    we dont know anyone who we could get that amount of money from in that short amount of time.

    I was angry, I was shocked, I was in tears. I didn't know what to do.
    I just kept thinking
    "This isn't fair to Cesar! It's not FAIR! 3 vets and not a single person could do anything but gush about how he was the perfect patient. not even a struggle with temp taking, blood taking, he wagged his tail and licked everyone's faces. he took this all in stride! he was perfect, always has been and this is what he gets for it? A vet who is forcing me to make the choice for her mistake? for her not listening to me in the first place?

    Im not sure how long it was that I sat there, I didn't know what choice was right, what if I said "yes- do the surgery" and then couldn't come up with the money in time and I was forced to surrender him?"

    What if I said "NO no surgery" and he was killed there on the table, without even getting to give him a proper goodbye?

    I don't know how long it was, but I got a call from the vet

    "I got the tool and the bone out....BUT there WAS one more piece of bone I would like to remove in his stomach..."


    'Alright, I will leave it" she said, but she was obviously angry with me and began to give me a lecture about feeding raw bones and how leaving it behind could cause problems.

    I said
    "I know what to watch out for, bloody/watery poops, constipation, lack of appetite, stomach pain, drooling, lethargy, I will watch him and if there are any issues I will take him to my own vet as soon as possible just LEAVE IT!"

    she said
    "I guess I will wake him up then, you can get him in the morning"...click

    I about puked just due to my nerves.

    I had been awake since Friday morning...and have still been awake (1am Monday morning)

    the next morning we called to find out when I could pick him up the surgeon, again lectured me about raw feeding and bones
    but told me she did another x ray to check the piece left behind...it was moving along normally.

    Cesar was awake and ate all his food and was happy too be petted by everyone. No whimpering, no crying, no fear or nervousness.

    BUT, due to being on the table longer- I owed more money but could pick him up at 9Am Sunday morning- Valentines day.

    Waiting till 9 we went to eat, again, I couldn't eat. too nervous about what the price would be.

    went to pick him up, couldn't even SEE him till I paid another 400$

    They gave me the apple piece, some medication to take home and the bone pieces she removed from his stomach, which were already smoothed from his stomach acid and breaking down, no sharp edges, and not a single one was any larger then a quarter.

    At that point I was pretty angry.
    She nearly KILLED Cesar...for some bone pieces that were no bigger then a quarter...

    The assistant asked if I wanted to talk to the doctor I said NO. I told her to thank her for me, hugged Cesar for the millionth time and we left, headed straight for home hugging him on my lap the entire 4 hour car trip home.

    I wish I could say I am not angry, but...I am.
    Cesar is irreplaceble and I told them he was raw fed and that any bone NOT trapped in his esophogas was to be left alone.

    They had no caused any obstruction or puncture and where not at any real risk too either.

    After coming home, he pooped the remaining bone piece out no blood, no jagged bits, smooth as a pebble and the size of a dime.

    As upset as I am, I am more happy and more blessed to have him SAFE and home and I am just so happy he is okay.

    He is the best Valentines day gift i could ever ask for his surviving and coming home made it the best valentines day I could ask for too.
    I have been in this same pair of PJ's for 5 days, no shower, and no food.
    Cesar is sleeping soundly in his crate and I will be camped out beside him since, he doesn't like to share the bed with me and likes his crate best now days, though, not sure how much actual SLEEP I will get since I am still worried!

    But, I find it all very ironic, I have always been told
    "Dont give your dog raw bones! it will kill them! trust your vets! they know what is best!"

    But, here it was, an apple and a vet who almost killed Cesar
    not the raw bones.

    Here is the apple piece that was lodged in his throat from Thursday night till Saturday morning:


    and these are the bone pieces she removed, because she was sure would not be passed and would pierce the stomach:
    the biggest piece is not even bigger then a quarter, the rest are about nickle sized.

    Cesar is home, he is safe, he is almost back to his old self. he was tired but happy and everyone was happy to have him home and to see him.
    Last edited by a moderator: Feb 15, 2016
  2. dogeatdog

    dogeatdog Good Dog

    OH my gosh that is awful, I would be furious. I can't believe they wanted to charge you more for their mistake it seems so wrong. But.......
    I am so happy for you guys that Cesar is ok.
  3. BCdogs

    BCdogs Good Dog Staff Member Super Moderator

    Wow, that is so incredibly scary. I'm SO glad he's okay.

    I would absolutely report that vet. They have no right to perform a surgical procedure without consent, let alone with you explicitly telling them NOT to. You should not have had to go through that or paid for it. I'm honestly shocked.
  4. Lillie May

    Lillie May Good Dog

    You wrote this so well, it was horrifying to read. I'm so glad he's ok. On the other hand, you have every right to be pissed! How dare she do a procedure without consent. And make you pay for it too boot!? It's downright wrong, as well as unethical.

    Now that things are ok, are you going to look for other options available regarding a closer 24 hour E vet? Which I truly hope you never need. It's something I'd want to know beforehand.

    On a lighter note, it was funny after finding out everything turned out well. I pictured you with your tie dyed hair, jammies, fur dyed dog, showing up at the E vet. They probably concluded you were nuts and didn't know Jack about feeding raw. That still doesn't give her the right to do what she did! But you painted a funny image in my mind.
  5. xchairity_casex

    xchairity_casex Good Dog

    Thanks, it was a very scary ordeal to all of us, well everyone except Cesar who seems like it was just a bit different kind of a day, nothing big or overly exciting other then he got fed a can of dog food at the vets as oppose to his normal raw food, which, according to the assistant he was very excited about.

    This morning he is still obviously tired but wagging his tail and moving around and stealing our shoes to carry like normal, though he is not at all pleased with his medicine he doesn't make a fuss and lets me squirt it into his mouth but gives me the saddest look afterward.

    The unfortunate part is this was really the only option otherwise we would have been driving for 6+ hours to get to a vet.
    Upper MI just has very limit options for E-vets, though while I was down in WI with Cesar my husband gathered up all the vets numbers including some home numbers he was able to get.
    I am also looking at pet insurance, I had ironically enough been looking into different companies about 2 weeks ago trying to decide which one I wanted to go with.

    But yeah, I did get quite a few stares from people a the hotel and when we went out to eat.
    I was still wearing my ratty old shirt I had dyed my hair in covered in blue and purple splotches(along with some crusty dog puke stains) and my ratty slip on boots that had dog puke on them Lol
    Too bad I didn't go into Wal-mart, i could have ended up as a famous Wal-mart Meme.
  6. steve07

    steve07 Good Dog Premium Member

    I'm very happy to hear everything worked out!!!! I can't believe that vet did that without your concent. But at least it worked out and Cesar is doing good!!!!
  7. Leslie H

    Leslie H Good Dog

    I'm so sorry. I had been following this on Facebook, but didn't realize it was your Cesar. I can't even imagine how you must have felt.
  8. brindle

    brindle Little Dog

    Oh my what an awful and scary time. I am glad Cesar is ok. I'd be pissed about how the vet treated him with that extra surgery, that is wrong. I've been in upper MI often in summer and I can see where you would not have many options...

    But you have Cesar alive and home, and that is the important thing!
  9. Cofla

    Cofla Big Dog

    What an ordeal!!!
    The good news is Cesar is doing well and at home, but that Vet piss me off like crazy, he (or she) would have hear from me and very loud.
    Kudos for you effort and perseverance to get the little guy back on his feet.

  10. CrazyK9

    CrazyK9 Good Dog

    Same here. Before reading on I was thinking, "geez, this is the second dog in the last few days I've heard of choking on an apple piece."

    It's one thing if she had gone in and decided to remove the bone as a just to be safe sort of thing but the fact that you guys discussed it beforehand and you told her not to touch it but she did anyway.... ugh. I seriously don't understand how a vet can charge for their own mistake. Her tool got stuck. It was her fault and yet she has the nerve to tell you to fork over a ton of money or she's going to put him down?! Just insane. I'm glad he's ok though.
  11. ETRaven

    ETRaven Little Dog

    Wow, I'm so glad to hear Cesar is fine, but furious at that vet.
  12. xchairity_casex

    xchairity_casex Good Dog

    Thanks everyone, he is doing really good, I can tell his poor throat is sore and a hoarse. Normally when he begs for food he makes this "hun, hun, hun" sound by sucking air in, he hasn't been doing it very much and when he does it sounds so hoarse.

    Ive been giving him ice cold water and snow to help soothe his throat (sort of like kids who get ice cream after getting tonsils removed)

    and for his meals he gets raw ground beef, raw egg and some chicken broth(homemade so no salt)
    soft foods for a least 2 weeks.
  13. GoingPostal

    GoingPostal Good Dog

    Wow what an ordeal-I would be absolutely furious at that vet. Very glad every vet and e-vet we have had to see has been ok with raw, that would be so frustrating.
  14. Lillie May

    Lillie May Good Dog

    How about freezing some broth in ice cube trays or some other small container making an icy treat for his throat? Or frozen yogurt? Along the same line of thought of what feels good with a sore throat.

    I'm really sorry your location puts you so far away from an E vet. It's great to have a rural, or small town place to live, but limited vet services certainly sucks. He's going to be a pampered pooch for the next few weeks, as he should be. All of us would be doing the same thing. Keep us posted on his recovery, ok?
  15. Nat Ursula

    Nat Ursula Good Dog

    Wow! I'm also glad he is okay.

    We should all write that Vet. a letter and tell her how wrong that was to do additional procedures without your permission.
  16. fandt94

    fandt94 Little Dog Premium Member

    Wow!!! First, so glad he is ok and acting like it was just all part of normal life lol....secondly though, not sure who mentioned it but I would definitely report the vet/clinic....and if by chance they have a website, write a review of your experience....hell post it on Facebook too! That's insanity....that's the equivalent of a surgeon doing something you did not sign any documentation on doing! Ugh....so glad he is on the mend....phew.

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