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What’s your opinion on my 5 month old bully

Discussion in 'American Bully' started by Mozzy tha bull, Dec 15, 2019.

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  1. ello I have a 5 month old bully that weighs 45 lbs his brother weighs 75 his dad is 130 mom is 70 and his moms dad is 1 of 6 grand champions in the world techno. What do you think of mozzy I am worried he will end up being small. He has the bloodline he’s fully registered in ABKC I have 4 generations of big bully’s behind him but he was the 3 pick male in his liter. Is it possible he will be smaller then his mother? What do you think he will end up looking like? The last picture is of his dad sugar free.

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  2. Ray Gross

    Ray Gross Puppy

    Your pup is only 3 lbs less than mine was at 5 months old. Now at 6.5 months mine is 66.5 lbs. Best calculation for our style BULLY is to take the body weigjt at 6 months old . Divide this number in half and add that number to his 6 month old body weigjt. So my dog being 65 lbs would have a adult weihjt of 97.5 lbs. That's super super close to the XL Billy's and XL APBT dogs I've seen grow to adult weigjt. Your pup looks alot like mine ! Good looking dog
  3. I like that dawg man

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