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Weight Pull Events in Europe

Discussion in 'International' started by EWPF, Jul 5, 2007.

  1. EWPF

    EWPF Puppy

    Upcoming Official Weight Pulling Events in EUROPE
    More infomation http://www.ewpf.org/events.php


    Summerday, Finland
    Address: Otalampi. Finland.

    Weight Pulling and other sports.
    In WP we have several weight classes, all with prices and official WP-results. Also Best In Show.

    Note! This date might change to some other weekend in july.

    Contact: info@sathy.fi, web page www.sathy.fi
    Check www.ewpf.org

    Working dog's Belgium Weight Pulling, Belgium
    Address: Belgium,Antwerp,Hoogstraat 200, 2580 Beerzel. Belgium.

    Weight Pulling fun for everybody
    saturday 11/08/07 sprint race + BBQ
    Sunday 12/08/07 Weightpulling
    All winners in each class will have good prices!
    Best in Show will have extra prices!
    Participation fee 10 euro/1dog
    Entry fee: Free for Working dogs members. 2 euro for non-Working dog's-memebers.
    Dogs have to be proven weightpullers, for more info contact me

    There will be food and drinks

    Contact: v_s_nic@telenet.be, web page www.bulliepower.be/working.html
    Check www.ewpf.org

    Super Game Day, Finland
    Address: Tampere. Finland.

    Weight Pulling and other sports.
    Very high level competition, tough dogs, best of the best.

    Official sponsor EUKANUBA DOG FOOD and KOIRATUOTE dog supplies.

    More info from SATHY web pages, www.sathy.fi

    NOTE! This date may still change to some other weekend in august.

    Contact: info@sathy.fi, web page www.sathy.fi
    Check www.ewpf.org

    PIT BULL SHOW, Poland
    Address: Zbroslawice. Poland.

    The biggest WP Show in Middle and Eastern EUROPE - PIT BULL SHOW in Zbroslawice POLAND

    Weight Pulling, High Jumping and many other sports.

    All dog lovers of the world are welcome to Zbroslawice where the biggest PIT BULL SHOW in POLAND takes place every year. Come and meet the best dogs and the best handlers of :

    weight pulling & high jump

    Note! Two days happening, whole weekend.
    Note! The date may still change. Probably in first weekend of September

    Contact: gamedog@kosakennel.com, web page www.idba.cc/?newlang=eng
    Check www.ewpf.org

    SUPER EXPO 2007, Finland
    Address: Helsinki. Finland.

    The 10th annual SATHY Expo is now SUPER Expo.
    Super Expo 2007 is Weight Pulling and many other sports.
    Only performance, no conformation!

    Contact: info@sathy.fi, web page www.sathy.fi/expo2007/englishinfo.php
    Check www.ewpf.org

    Weight Pulling Competition Day, Finland
    Address: Vantaa. Finland.

    Tight Weight Pulling Competition, with the official title of Finnish Championship!
    Several weight classes with each one winner plus the Best in Show!

    Extra good prices, definetly the biggest audience ever (last year over 10 000 visitors with +2 000 viewers for Weight Pulling).

    Contact: info@sathy.fi, web page www.sathy.fi
    Check www.ewpf.org

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