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We had a bad day today.


Premium Member
I remember being "in shock" too. pretty soon you don't even think about it. The dog I was referring to of mine is like the biggest weird dorky dog out of all of them, and he's still that same dog, even if he isn't trustworthy around the others.

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Little Dog
I'm sorry to hear this. I think that liability-wise, you are pretty safe, both dogs were leashed and both owners agreed to let the dogs meet. I muzzle Raven. We worked slowly and she associates muzzle with positive stuff, like car rides and going to see Grammy. It's just something we have to do because of her reactivity. I do agree that it shouldn't be the first line of defense and you keep her leashed and away from strange dogs at all times.


Cow Dog
Hopefully it continues to go well. Although, if he ends up taking the dog in later and something is wrong, one could argue it's not your fault because he waited too long to administer proper medical care.