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NC: Waynesville: 2018 ADBA World Nationals

Discussion in 'Southeast' started by Vicki, Jan 30, 2018.

Added to Calendar: 10-05-18
  1. Vicki

    Vicki Administrator Administrator

    Southeastern North Carolina Pit bull

    We are super excited to announce the judge for the first ever
    Oct 5-7 ‘18
    Haywood Co Fairgrounds
    Waynesville, NC US

    My name is Noel Carrion. I fell in love with the breed back in 1992 when l purchased a puppy out of the newspaper. I named him Enoch. After that one I purchased another one out of the newspaper, I named her Coco. She was a very special dog and the foundation for Tee & Cee Kennels. A friend asked me if I could look at a computer for a friend so I called and came by to check the system out and that is when I met Fred Roman (aka Gator Boy Fred) and family, we quickly hit it off started talking a lot and he became my mentor. I remember those days like they were yesterday, we spoke about life in general but we always turned to the dogs and the life of a dogman, I carry many great memories from those times for sure. Thanks to him and his willingness to help out a greenhorn I learned most of what I know about these dogs. He is responsible for this kennel’s success, he taught me what a real bulldog should be and much of what I know about conditioning one. I went to my first conformation show a few years after getting my footing and attended the Pennsylvania Bull and Terrier Club’s annual show thats where I immediately got the dog show bug. Not long after that I became part of the East Coast APBT Club when it was out of Long Island, New York. In 98 I started showing dogs and not long after that started weight pulling as well. I quickly became a dog show junkie and I’ve never looked back. My vacations, weekends and all my spare time became devoted to the dogs and the shows. I have bred and titled over 30+ dogs and helped numerous kennels get off the ground using my dogs as their foundation stock just as Mrs. Tanya Holland of Cold Steel Pits did for me, May she RIP. I became a member of Tri-state APBT Club after the former East Coast Club shut down. I still remain an officer for the Tri-State Club to this day. I got to work with some really great people mainly the Perez Family that took me in as one of there own, much thanks to them all. I have learned so from them about the shows and such, want to send a special thanks to my brother Frank Chico Perez who thru the years has always tried to keep me grounded and not let me fly off the handle too much. From him i have learned to be more patient with life and the things that happen. Thanks Bro much respect.
    I became an ADBA Judge in both Conformation and Weight Pull many many years ago, and this is something I have always taken very seriously. This has given me the opportunity to travel the world doing what I love and I’ve made countless friends and new Family members across many continents and also here at home it unbelievable. I met my fiancé because of this breed. I have to thank so many for their support and confidence in me through these years. I fear I would just not be able to name them all but you all know who you are. To my Kennels partners Sarah and Maritza who forever have had my back, to you guys there are no words just know that I have so much respect for you ladies. I would like to extend one more special heart felt thanks to the group of guys from the New England and South Eastern APBT Clubs that have made it possible for me to judge the 2018 World ADBA Nationals and also to the American Dog Breeder’s Association for their continued support through out the years.
    I would like to leave one more sentiment fresh in your minds as you prepare for this show year. I believe it’s important for the breed to stay true to it’s heritage without compromising their integrity and tenacity. I feel that there is nothing the American Pit Bull Terrier cannot achieve if given the right set of tools. It’s like there is no reverse embedded into their DNA. If there was one thing that I’d like to share with everyone it’s that when you have an APBT it’s like having a piece of rough clay in your hands for you to shape and mold as you so choose. If you choose to own this breed know that it comes with a price and you have an obligation to do right by this breed because you are holding a piece of history in your hands. It’s Not a Hobby It’s a Way of Life.
    My continued dedication to this breed is a tribute to my son Angel ‘Spit On Her NaNa’ Betancourt, “Gone But Never Forgotten”

    Last edited: Aug 7, 2018
  2. Vicki

    Vicki Administrator Administrator

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