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Walk around lens


Big Dog
Nikkor 28-200mm 3.5-5.6G ED IF 62mm front of lens threading (about $300-$400 used in exc. condition...if you can find one)
My incognito setup...walk around/location and light scouting lens.
Why this is my go-to lens: Light-weight, good focal range, good colors & contrast, 2/3-stop darker than my 24-70 and 1/2 to 1-stop darker than my 70-200 at full zoom. I can use this w/good predictability for color and light source for my fast glasses, and know that the better lens will give me a shade better lighting in the shadow details. I go back and analyze the details in the shadows and highlight w/time of day picture was taken to understand the impact of the light source/s. Knowing full well that the dark details can be pulled out with my better lens and blown highlights will recover better. now for the test picts "Industrial Park" straight from the camera, no post-prod or editing

Fast action/focus…..dodging traffic and focusing/metering as he rides towards me.

28mm (ultra) wide angle, some barrel distortion.

Dynamic range under the light of a cloudless noon sun and in the shadows of the vendors cart.

200mm full zoom and bokeh, fully Program (auto) mode on this pict-no post prod./no exposure comp for lights, no sharpening. note: every picture should be sharpened for the AA filter covering the sensor in the camera.

100% crop (previous image) image at actual size pixel for pixel (1080x1080), cropped at focus point. Hand held, full zoom, no VR (stabilization), hanging off the side of a building after a large cup of coffee, no post prod or sharpening. Critics say that the d800 would multiply the negatives of a less expensive lens. My f2.8 zooms are not that much better (24-70...does not have VR) …as good as it gets.

Made a friend and a photog convert. Nikkor 28-200mm f3.5-5.6G on Nikon d800 wearing a traditional sa-long, male version of the sari



Big Dog
Forgot to mention the vignetting when zoomed at 200mm and low light. upper right corner dark spot.
Entering the mountain range toward TaunGyi, the Road to Mandalay


Road Trip...Brahmin cows old and new transport

Another gratuitous botany shot, anyone know what this tree is (w/this flower)?
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