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Staff member
She is growing quickly. Looking great!
I know, it's awesome watching her grow, i notice it about every other day.
She really has grown. Wow those ears.
Dude, you have no idea! I used to think Broly's ears were all over the place but Voodoo's ears are super crazy! Her right one does this little pointy thing where it points straight over her head, it cracks me up! I was thinking about getting them cropped but i don't think i am going to now..
Her coat is so shiny!
Thanks Nat, her coat has been like that since i got her here, it looks really shiny in certain lighting and i also have noticed she is black, black, right now with very little "seal" in there at the moment.


Staff member
She looks great! Her eyes.....they really show her intensity, lol!
I love this damn dog, i had a few concerns at first, chewing on rocks, corners of cement steps, wild as all get out but she has seriously impressed me these last 2 weeks, i have been working really hard on getting my yard together so we been outside a lot and she literally copies everything little thing she sees Broly doing now, Broly poops? She poops, Broly pees? She pees, Broly gets excited for a walk? She gets excited for a walk, he hops off the spring pole? she starts trying to do exactly what he was doing to a T, it's funny watching her trying to grab the basketball and work it.

So i decided to test it, just to see how much she really watches him and how much she actually tries to copy him in hopes that she will over come a few small fears she had, like cars and loud things with engines, we already showed her cars are ok, she would lock up and not move or try and escape when cars would go by so Kenzie started taking her on short walks with us and now acts like a big dog on walks, she has pulled when on a lead since the day she came here and i put a collar and lead on her, which i adore btw, feeling her little 10 week old butt pulling like that put the biggest smile on my face!

Anyways, I head to the garage and grab the mower. Broly knew what i was doing, he sits by the door waiting and instantly starts barking trying to kill the tires, now mind you 2 weeks ago i cut the grass and peewee took off like a bat out of hell running up on the porch as soon as i pulled it out of the garage and watched from the porch, she was doing it every time i i went in the garage which is perfectly fine, i expected that, it's natural but i wanted to see what she would do after watching Broly... I'll be god damned if she didn't run down the yard, stop about 7 feet away and lock onto Broly. Needless to say, she will now stand right there barking at it instead of running up on the porch, i even started it to see if she would take off hightailing it, she didn't! She stood there watching Broly making sure that is what she is supposed to do!

She really is coming along nicely, crate trained,house broke, has a solid sit and stay, working on a recall still but she will do great here, she has drive, she is smart and i can already see she is going to be a hell of a worker and she has really good confirmation to boot! I am extremely happy with her Vicki, thanks for the opportunity even though i can see why you don't want another Boyles Eli puppy right now x'D I will say this, taking this type of dog and just leaving them on a chain or not devoting some time with them could be a disaster but you actually take that time, mold and shape them? They can be fantastic dogs!


Staff member
Dude she's getting so big so fast. Her ears are awesome!!!! She looks healthy. How they all getting along
Thanks and they are doing good, she isn't showing any signs yet of being any hotter than Broly at that age but it's something to keep an eye on for sure, they are still never left unattended or left out by themselves. First the most part, i will likely never have to worry about Broly, he just ain't a fight happy dog here at home, he knows when it's time to work and it's when it's not, Trin will always be a savage once she reaches that point so Trin and Voodoo will most certainly have to be completely separated eventually even though they get along good now... If they all wind up hating each other that is ok too, i am ready and prepared for it, nothing that can't be handled quite easily if you just watch what you are doing.


Staff member
Sound like you have a great one in her. It is cool that she is learning from Broly!
So far so good, i just always feel like a lot of the shaping and molding takes place at the very early puppy stages, sure you are always working with them but the biggest impacts come early and im glad she is learning from the boy, she will do just fine here.


Big Dog
Rocco used to chew the cement steps and rocks like you mentioned, I thought boy dog your a special case. It all just stopped and he smartened up. It was a huge relief I was like what am I gonna do with you he was a living breathing nightmare of a pup. Don't get me wrong we loved him and you could tell he loved all of us. But he was a real terror. A brutal mouth full of thumbtacks for months. Now he's almost as sweet as can be until we get playing.