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Vintage Picture Slideshows

Discussion in 'History Pictures & Reports' started by screamin'eagle, Jan 5, 2008.

  1. screamin'eagle

    screamin'eagle Good Dog

    Last edited by a moderator: Jan 5, 2008
  2. Michele

    Michele Chi Super Dog Administrator

    Those are some great pictures:)
  3. First of all that was wonderful! second, with all the pictures of the kids and dogs, does that make you wonder why parents were not as afraid of APBT's and other bull breeds as now? Is that not a prime example of how people can abuse dogs and destroy the reputation of the breed? just my two cents!
  4. screamin'eagle

    screamin'eagle Good Dog

    The biggest changes that effected the reputation of the APBT were that they were a secretive breed prior to the 1970's. Not alot of peole knew alot about them, and then all of a sudden they were downloaded to the masses. Even up until the late 80's and early 90's this breed still wasn't the "bad" dog...that ignorance has proven detrimental. Secondly, the fact that there must be a scapegoat, and media sensationalism. Do dogs bite? yes. Are most dog bites misrepresented? yes. Does the media report it widely if it is a "pitbull" and ignore it if its another breed? yes. This fuels the misconceptions, and that ignorance is a cancer. Finally a shift in societal values in of note here. Basically, the people that fought WWI, went through the Great Depression, and fought WWII wanted a different mascot than the pampered and discontented public of today. The values that those aforementioned Americans wanted were loyalty, bravery, strength, power, courageousness, etc. Those are all embodied by the APBT, and today's public wants something else in a canine companion. Therefore, those values become "scary" and misunderstood. I think that most people are polar opposites when it comes to this breed. They either passionately hate them, or love them with a passion. It's hard to be lukewarm on them...the problem is that most people that hat them have little to no experience with them.
  5. Pit Bulldog

    Pit Bulldog Little Dog

    Awesome pictures. My wife's comment was "Isnt it sad what has happened to the breed."
  6. Boogieman

    Boogieman Guest

    Yeah it is sad! People get em a shiteater and then get on the internet on forums acting all tough like they got something special all the while everybody seeing through their lame attempts at acting cool and trying to pawn themselves off as a dog man. It is very sad what has happened to the breed!
  7. reynrock

    reynrock Puppy

    those are really cool pics where did you find all of them?
  8. screamin'eagle

    screamin'eagle Good Dog

    everywhere. I dont even remember most of them. Some I got in emails, some online, some in books/mags, etc.

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