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Villain in Oregon

Discussion in 'Rescue & Adoption' started by panda, Sep 18, 2007.

  1. panda

    panda Little Dog

    When I was at the shelter today I met "Villian", yes that is his given name. He was surrendered by his owner because they don't want to pay the fees to get him out. He is a big boy, well built, looks big & strong in the front like maybe he has done some weight pull. He is built yet trim overall. Unfortunately, my camera ran out of memory and I was only able to get one photo of him. I went inside his kennel with him and he is very sweet. He was shaking and still came over to me and was very friendly. Big tail wagger, nuzzling, etc.


    He has until tomorrow night to get out of the shelter or his time is up, I've been told. He has gotten a reprieve a few times already and space is running out. If you can help this sweet boy please contact Paula at

    Bonnie L. Hays Small Animal Shelter
    1901 SE 24th Avenue
    Hillsboro, OR 97123
    Phone: (503) 846-7041
    Administration Fax: (503) 846-7074
    E-Mail to: animal_services@co.washington.or.us
  2. panda

    panda Little Dog

    I don't know how to edit my post but the dog's name is correctly spelled VILLAIN
  3. jeoestreich

    jeoestreich GRCH Dog

    What a cute little boy!!
  4. panda

    panda Little Dog

    RIP big boy. I am sorry you didn't make it out of there.
  5. Vicki

    Vicki Administrator Administrator

    I'm so sorry, Christa.
  6. Michele

    Michele Chi Super Dog Administrator

    I'm sorry.
  7. panda

    panda Little Dog

    Thanks. You know, it is hard to go there week after week and see all these great dogs, take their pictures for the shelter and get them on Petfinder for them when I know there is always one or two Pit Bulls sitting in the back who won't make it out. Who don't even stand a chance................ I am thankful for the Pit Bulls that do make it out of there, though............ just wish it could be more. But there is no where for them to go :-(
  8. Palamino

    Palamino Little Dog

    Thats really sad - I salute you for doing what you do, thats got to be tough for a dog lover.

    How long does a dog get held before he is put down? Does youth, health, demeanour play a role in this decision? Interested to know........
  9. panda

    panda Little Dog

    The shelter has them on hold as a stray for 5 days after pick up so the owner has time to come in and get their dog. Sadly, many owners never come. After the 5 days if the dog has a good temperament (they have tested him/her there at the shelter) he/she is put up for adoption. Many are put up for adoption with health problems duly noted for potential adopters. Once the shelter gets over-crowded they are put in the position of having to euthanize dogs usually taking into account a number of factors; longest time there, lack of interest in adopting this dog, declining mental state, appearance of aggressive behaviors, and sadly sometimes breed and size come into play if the dog has been there a while with no interest in it. There are simply too many dogs and not enough room at the shelters so elimination must take place. The sad reality :(
  10. Galadriel

    Galadriel Good Dog

    It's also very sad to say some highly adoptable dogs never go up for adoption. Dekalb County, GA, for instance, will not adopt out "pit bulls", regardless of temperament. They're reasoning for this is "too many people use them to bait and to fight". I don't buy the we're doing it for the dog's own protection front for a second.

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