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Vegasironpitbulls is not ironcrosskennels!!!

Hello all....i am new to this forum but i have seen some talk regarding my kennel...i am not roman...my name is mike kastan and i am the only owner of vegasironpitbulls..i am in no way associated with iron cross kennels nor is roman vaughn in any way associated with vegasironpitbulls...thank you i just wanted to get that situated


Why do you breed for 120 'blue nosed' mastiffs?
Just wonderin'.

I had to go look for myself. THE " Here at V.I.P our goal is to produce the largest Blue Nose APBT while maintaining that SUPERMODEL look. What do we consider a SUPERMODEL? Clean Face, perfect
conformation, correct and consistant structures, muscle that would make a Greek god jealous, chizzled wide chests, block heads and most importantly DRIVE and TEMPERAMENT! "



Good Dog
This is what I say to that


Little Dog
Mike your website is a perfect example of everything that is wrong with the byb blue hippo fad. Your dogs are Ambullies not (XXL supermodel pitbulls) and you're trying to charge $ 1000+shipping for a pup. Call them what they are; Ambullies.



I do have to wonder why you have their dogs then. Osiris, Stalefish, Morran, Disciple, Prodigy, Luxor - I mean, they are even the same pics from the ICK site.
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