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Discussion in 'General Dog Discussions' started by pitbulldogs, Nov 20, 2017.

  1. brindle

    brindle Little Dog

    I have tried to stay with the 3 yr protocol with vaccines for a grown dog, pups should have a series of vaccines, I'd not want to risk a pup getting parvo. I got the 3 yr rabies vaccination for my dog at a clinic in FL, but I wish it said it was a 3 yr vaccine on the tag for her collar.

    I am on the fence about many of the other vaccines. I don't feel all of them are needed and/or effective, and yet they insist on 10 way combo shots and other combinations of multiple vaccines in one shot. From my reading, it was recommended to give vaccines at different times, i.e. do the rabies vaccine, then wait a few weeks or a month and do the distemper/parvo shot. This is for a grown dog but I would still not give all shots together in one day to a puppy.

    But try finding just a distemper/parvo vaccine. The vets all seem to offer only those multiple combo shots and it is when those are given that problems can arise. Plus the lepto vaccine is the one that is most likely to cause a bad reaction. So is it worth it to give lepto? And how effective is it? From my reading there are many strains of lepto and it is tough to get the right vaccine to guard against it.

    Benadryl is supposed to be helpful to lessen vaccine reactions if given a few hrs before the vaccine (or after it). And I did not give any vaccines to my old dog once she was 9 yrs old, except for rabies by law, as she had been vaccinated every 3 yrs since she was a pup.

    To give the same amount of rabies vaccine to a chihuahua as to a lab seems way off to me. Shouldn't the dose be by the weight of the dog? You dose a wormer by weight, why not a vaccine?

    I hope more interest can be generated and thus more awareness about the negative effects of over vaccination. Vaccines can protect but over use can be harmful.
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  2. Nat Ursula

    Nat Ursula Good Dog

    I get really sick from my RA medications and often it is the same dose for a 200+ person as it is for me at 115 lbs.

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